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Departing subsequent week to Berlin: 30th anniversary of the fall of the Wall and a fitting start out to my overland trip via (ex)Communist Eurasia. Beneath is a rough map I created in MS Paint of my planned route. Please no guidance on visas and safety – have performed tons of investigation and will adjust my travels as regional situations dictate.

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Nov-Feb in Eastern Europe, inc. living in most likely Kiev for a handful of weeks. Caucasus in Feb/March. Central Asia and Pakistan from March to July. China, N Korea. Mongolia and Trans-Siberian in August-September. The only fixed date is Pakistan in mid-May possibly for the Kalash spring festival.

Specifically interested in Communist architecture, space tech, visual arts, plus Soviet and post-Soviet kitsch – and modern artists and underground/activist scenes. Travelling solo and shoestring, so any social (but not celebration) hostel and guesthouse suggestions also appreciated.

I would adore for this thread to serve as a list of “will have to-sees” and particularly lesser-identified attractions and curiosities along the way. At some point I will repost all the ideas as an organised list with hyperlinks – there will have to be other people hunting to do a equivalent route or at least components of it and it could possibly prove valuable. Also if you have a weblog, fb web page or insta, please do share!


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