An additional cause I came to Brazil was for the Planet Cup. In 2014, Brazil hosted the FIFA Planet Cup and increasing up playing football, I knew at 1 point that it will be exciting to go to an actual Planet Cup. That period of Brazil was so unique for me – all the costs of hotels, meals, and even beers have been double than the usual. Brazil thrives in tourism and events like this are possibilities for tourism to boom, therefore the value rise. You will also really feel this value modify when you attend Rio de Janeiro’s carnival, a yearly occasion taking place in February.

According to a study, Brazil, although a huge nation, ranks amongst the world’s highest nations in the Gini coefficient index of inequality assessment. A study on the topic shows that the poor segment constitutes roughly 1 third of the population, and the very poor make out 13% (2005 figures). In Rio, you can really feel the percentage of the poor to the wealthy as it is really clear in the favelas. If you search for Rio neighborhood drone footage, you will see the fantastic divide. The favelas of Rio is now a tourist website in Brazil and there are tour groups to join for a particular value. A lot of backpackers do it by themselves but I heard horrific stories of men and women becoming robbed at gunpoint although in the favelas – anything that didn’t take place to me. In truth, I had lunch with a stranger in the favelas when I lost my wallet. I was not harmed but felt the tension. The favelas actually have a unique culture.

top reasons to visit brazil

Thais, my Couchsurfing host in Rio de Janeiro. We became actually close I ended up staying with her for two months!

Of course, people’s experiences are not the exact same and I am actually content that I in no way had poor experiences in Brazil otherwise, I will not inform absolutely everyone it is my favourite nation. It also has anything to do with the way I appear or the way I carry myself, I guess. Filipinos can appear like Brazilians (without having thinking of our lean physique form) as there are a lot of Japanese immigrants in Brazil who initial began coming in the early 1900s. According to the IBGE, as of 2009 there have been about 1.six million men and women of Japanese descent in Brazil and estimated at just below 1.five million as of 2014. Mainly in Sao Paulo, I was talked to in Portuguese and frequently didn’t get interest mainly because they believed I’m Brazilian Japanese (Brapanese). This created me comfy throughout the my keep. It actually felt like I belong although it is a unique culture from what I am employed to.

Solo female travel in Brazil is also one more challenge. Brazil’s security for travelers has a tainted reputation due to the higher crime prices in cities like Rio. I went to Brazil at a really young age and it wasn’t my point to analysis ahead of time but I am thankful that I did not have these pre-conceived notions about Brazil just before coming. If I did, I will definitely be paranoid wherever I go and will limit myself into performing stuff. I was constantly with locals anyway so even if I was alone, I in no way actually was. I’ve also been told that Brazil does not scare me mainly because I am from a notorious nation with a poor rep with security as effectively. In Sao Paulo, I’d stroll the streets at 2am (when alone, mainly accompanied by locals) – anything that most Brazilians will advise you not to do as a foreigner. My Brazilian pals I am an exemption to that rule: “if you created it in Manila, you will somehow make it right here,” they statedI do not suggest for you to stroll alone in Brazil if you are not comforable. I stayed there for months so there was a crash course on how to act and stroll on the streets. I also was really familiar with exactly where I was going and can speak the language so scenarios could be really unique for you and me. Personally, instincts worked very best when I was traveling Brazil for myself. If it felt suitable, then it fits. Familiarization in a location is constantly the answer to overcome fears. Make confident you know the region you are staying and that you have a neighborhood to rely on when push comes to shove. I do not imply to scare you, or to instill worry in you but I have come to a conclusion that Brazil is not for absolutely everyone.

top reasons to visit brazil

If you are reading this weblog for a although or have been following me on Instagram, you will see that I make a lot of meals content material but this is not my cause to check out Brazil. In truth, I had no concept what Brazilian meals is like. Primarily based on exactly where I was staying and who I was living with, Brazil has quite a few meals cultures, beginning with bread. My Couchsurfing host in Brazil ate a lot of bread and I do not imply just salty breakfast breads but all sorts of Brazilian breads. Pao de quiejo was the favourite – it was constantly on the table. Even if I was going out with pals, PDQ will constantly be present.

Churrascaria is one more meals culture that I discovered to adore. The Brazilians adore their meat so limitless meat buffet was a point. For each friend’s birthday, I obtain myself feasting with endless meat, all for $25 USD. Via this, I discovered how voracious meat eaters the Brazilians are. They are also really heavy on beans so feijoada was also present in each Brazilian property I visited. It reminded me a lot of Panama and Mexico, two of the heaviest bean eaters in Latin America.

Lastly, the sights. Most of us travel to see popular tourist spots and Brazil is not behind in terms of lovely areas to check out. I did not do all of them as this trip was a cultural trip focused on staying with neighborhood households and studying how the Brazilians consume, sleep, cook, and speak. I was traveling for an indefinite time when I went to Brazil – which means, I didn’t have a date to leave or a flight ticket to one more location. The a lot more I stayed, the a lot more I got hungry to know about the culture. I constantly stated the sights can wait so I didn’t go about Brazil to take images of the most iconic sights. I only realized this when my visa ran out and it was time to go. On the other hand, I will not trade my experiences for the mandatory circuit of sights. I am so content with what I was capable to achieve (and understand) in these months I was traveling in Brazil. We all travel differently and this is mine.

In the starting of this post, I wrote I went to Brazil to make up with my ex but along the way, I suppose that cause to check out Brazil has transformed into a fantastic new chance of studying a culture that is far away from mine. I gained a lot of pals and up till currently, we are nevertheless in speak to. Numerous men and women asked me if I will go to Brazil once again and I honestly do not know if I will. I had a lot of very good memories in this nation and provided the endless evolution of travel, I am afraid to come back mainly because I am confident some issues have changed. I do not want to replace my very good old memories with shitty new ones although it is really unlikely mainly because I have a lot of pals in Brazil who will certainly give me a fantastic time if I come back.

So these are the causes why I visited Brazil and I will be forever grateful that I took the leap of seeing it in my personal eyes and obtaining my personal opinions about it.