All through my travels in Indonesia and East Java extra particularly, Komodo was hands down my favourite discovery. Somewhat isolated and reached only by a lengthy travel day, Komodo is created up of 3 most important islands to discover: Komodo Island, Rinca Island and Padar Island. Every single island has its personal draw cards and visited collectively, this is the best itinerary for adventure travellers.

In spite of the beauty of Komodo National Park and surrounding islands, this component of Indonesia remains somewhat off the beaten path. Without the need of a doubt this will not stay the case forever, so be positive to add Komodo to your list of destinations in Indonesia!

A Complete Guide to Komodo | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Get In: Labuan Bajo

Arriving in Komodo is a fairy straightforward journey regardless of it feeling a planet away from Bali. 1st you will be travelling by plane from Bali Denpasar airport (about 1 hour flight time). Labuan Bajo is the point of entry for your dragon-spotting and diving-filled adventure that lay ahead. The city is positioned on the island of Flores, which is the gateway to the paradise of Komodo and surrounding islands. Labuan Bajo is a wonderful location to base oneself for day trips to the outlying islands and there are a quantity of wonderful hotels and guest property stays right here with new developments in the pipeline.

A Complete Guide to Komodo | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Padar Island Viewpoint 

The very first quit on our adventure was to take a speedboat to Padar Island and hike the gruelling staircase to the peak for 1 of the ideal views in Indonesia. I had heard this was 1 of the most attractive lookouts in the nation, so naturally created it my very first quit while exploring the location. We took a speedboat for the reason that we have been so brief on time but if you have a handful of days in Labuan Bajo, the ideal solution is to take a complete day trip stopping at Padar Island, Pink Beach and Rinca Island or Komodo Island to see the Komodo dragons.

A Complete Guide to Komodo | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

The view at the major of the Padar Island viewpoint was completely breathtaking. I would propose producing the trek ahead of sunset to get the ideal of the golden light and at this time of day you have the location virtually completely to oneself. The trek to the major will take about 20 minutes with no stopping. The track itself is very very good although at occasions toward the peak you will will need to navigate some rocks and there are no barriers. Make positive you put on sneakers for a protected and enjoyable hike!

Pink Beach Indonesia | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Pink Beach

For our subsequent quit we created our way about the bay by boat to Pink Beach. As the name suggests, this is an idyllic oasis featuring pink sand, turquoise water and to our surprise, no other persons! This beach is isolated so the only way to attain it is by boat from Labuan Bajo. Most of the day tours arrive earlier in the day so when we arrived in the hour ahead of sunset, we had the beach completely to ourselves. This was the best time of day to take stock and reminisce more than our Indonesia adventures so far. We each agreed that this day (Padar Island and Pink Beach) was our favourite from the trip.

If you handle to take a look at in the hour ahead of sunset, you can appreciate Pink Beach completely to oneself. It is nonetheless an hour by speedy boat back to Labuan Bajo so be positive to leave as the sun starts to set if you would favor to be back ahead of dark. This was also a wonderful possibility to watch the sunset from the boat the whole way back to shore!

A Complete Guide to Komodo | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Komodo National Park

The subsequent day we have been eager to see the Komodo dragons, 1 of the most common activities in Komodo National Park and certainly 1 of the causes so lots of travellers make their way right here. The Komodo dragon is the biggest monitor lizard on the planet and can develop up to eight.five ft lengthy (in other words, they are large!) The park calls for you to have a ranger to show you about (extremely suggested, these issues are unsafe!)

The ranger will take you on a stroll about the National Park and clarify the terrain as properly as answer all your queries about these impressive reptiles. You will also be advised not to go to the toilet alone, never ever to appear a dragon in the eye and if you are a lady on your month-to-month cycle you have to take further caution as the dragons are extremely sensitive to the smell of blood (crazy, hey!?)

A Complete Guide to Komodo | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

We had the most outstanding time in Komodo National Park and surrounding islands. This was with no a doubt our favourite location so far in Indonesia. At the time of writing there are not so lots of travellers that it is unenjoyable and by all accounts the location nonetheless feels extremely genuine and organic.

Yet another most important activity in the location is diving although for the reason that we had currently been diving in Wakatobi, we chose to invest all of our time adventuring on land. This is 1 of the ideal regions in Indonesia for diving so be positive to take into consideration producing further time for this!

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