And we’re off once more! This genuinely has been a crazy month for us in terms of travel – not that we’re complaining.

But with our quite current trip to South Africa only just more than and now our plane to LA just about to board, by the finish of the month we’ll have clocked up 13 flights. Fortunate for some!

This trip to the States has been on the cards for ages, so we’re excited to be lastly receiving back more than there. Our strategy is to see LA, check out Kansas City MO, discover Chicago once more then finish up with a beautiful bit of chill time in San Diego.

But initial up, that crazy city of mavericks and film stars. LA right here we come!

As we prepare to say farewell to Sydney, from our comfy seats in the New Zealand Business enterprise Lounge we admire our boarding passes. Of all our flights so far this month, this is a single that is set to be the most memorable.

We’re attempting out the new United Airlines Polaris Business enterprise Class!

That is correct, for after we’re turning left when we board and heading all the way up to the front. Row 1, child!

United Polaris Business Class

Not only are we about to get pleasure from 11 hours of airborne comfort United’s new Polaris programme delivers, we’re also on a single of the new Dreamliner planes. It is complete of cool attributes like the window blinds.

You may well notice there are none.

That is simply because you can dim them electronically. When you press the button, an electric existing runs by way of them steadily turning the glass dark. Really cool.

We’re welcomed to our seats with huge glasses of Champagne and a stack of stuff to hold us pleased on the flight.

A duvet, a memory foam lumbar cushion, a stunning blanket from Saks 5th Avenue, and a wonderfully soft pillow for us to sleep on when it is bed time. Oh, and yes, these seats recline all the way into beds. Best!

United Polaris Business Class

It is incredible how considerably legroom there is right here. And there’s practically sufficient storage space that we do not want to use the overhead bins. This is the way you want to turn up to LA. My goodness!

United Polaris Business Class

To get factors moving, we’re served a light meal – the most tough portion of this course of action is picking out from the menu.

It is really incredible the distinction among economy class meals and the stuff they give you in Polaris Business enterprise. This really tastes fantastic!

United Polaris Business Class

Oh, and yes please, I’ll have a small cheese following my meal. Thank you!

We arrive in LA feeling fresher than we ever have coming this far. It is like we’ve only been in the air a couple of hours.

I’m not wishing this trip away, but I’m genuinely hunting forward to our property-bound flight in a couple of weeks!

LA – as usual – is as warm, sophisticated and as strange as ever. There’s normally that feeling of a thing unexpected about to occur right here. You in no way know what you are going to see round the subsequent corner.

The Standard West Hollywood

We make our way to our hotel. We’re staying in the Typical in West Hollywood. It is a quite cool hotel that has the feeling of a single of the entertaining hotels we stayed in when we visited Palm Springs – a mix of super-cool interiors and vintage ’50s motels.

It is also a bit of a celebration spot. You do not have to verify out till midday right here, but you can only verify in following 4pm.

Our flight landed at 6am.

Appears like we’ve got some time to kill.

Pink's Hotdogs

Fortunately, our Uber driver right here was quite handy at being aware of some cool spots to hit in the neighbourhood, so we leave our bags at the hotel and mooch off in search of entertaining.

Entertaining, in this case, in the shape of a hotdog!

Pink’s Hotdogs has been right here for years. 79 years in truth. What began as a humble hotdog cart owner Paul Pink pushed about to stave off hunger in the Depression turned into the shop you see right here.

Pink's hotdogs, LA

Most renowned for its chilidogs, Pink’s has a cult following in LA. In truth celebrities come from far and wide to craft their personal crazy versions of Mr Pink’s original dawg. There’s typically a enormous queue right here, but we’re fortunate.

We’re also fortunate to come across a ‘faceout’! Quite pleased with this a single.

The Standard West Hollywood

Right after walking practically each street in West Hollywood (we’re up to about 22,000 actions by now) and the bliss of Business enterprise Class possessing worn off, we head back to the hotel to see if we can reach early verify-in.


So there’s only a single issue for it: back to the pool and crack a beer.

The Standard West Hollywood

The sun’s genuinely beginning to heat factors up by the pool, so we retire inside to the cooler (and quite cool) lounge location. The Typical genuinely is a beautiful hotel… I just want housekeeping could hurry up a bit.

We hold checking with reception, who look to only just care, but no luck on our area.

Lastly, with the assistance of our quite good barman, we get into our area and the luxury of a shower correct prior to the stroke of 4pm. Just like reception mentioned. Clever ol’ reception.

El Compadre, West Hollywood

Right after a bit of a rest, a considerably-required shower and a modify of clothing, we’re back on kind and hunting down our dinner. We stroll down Sunset to El Compadre, an absolute zinger of a Mexican restaurant.

We weren’t certain if it was open at initial and have been about to stroll away, but believed we’d attempt the door initial. Thank goodness we did!

We loosen up to a couple of flaming margaritas and some of the ideal chips and salsa we’ve had.

El Compadre, West Hollywood

We’ve ordered two of our favourites, which come out even much better than we have been expecting. I order ropa vieja – a type of pulled pork dish – and Christina gets carne con chilli.

She’s won this round, I should say. This dish is excellent. Rather than chilli con carne – that classic mince dish we’re all made use of to – carne con chilli is chunks of slow-cooked beef in a scrumptious chilli gravy. Yum!

El Compadre, West Hollywood

El Compadre has such an incredible atmosphere, and the tiled roof that covers the booths this side of the restaurant tends to make an practically streetside really feel to the dining encounter.

I do not know when this spot began up, but it is clear it is been right here a whilst. All the booths and furnishings has been custom constructed and upholstered, and the way it is decorated tends to make you specific this restaurant has survived the ages.

It is also busy right here. On a Tuesday evening!

El Compadre, West Hollywood

The 3-man mariachi band entertain the crowd drinking at the bar and their lilting songs drift by way of to the dining area also.

Their tip jar on your way out is challenging to miss. It is massive, but nonetheless overflowing. As it should really be.

Larchmont Sanctuary Spa, Larchmont

This morning, we’ve come to the quite city suburb of Larchmont Village for a bit of pampering. It couldn’t come at a much better time following all the walking we did yesterday!

Larchmont Sanctuary Spa is discreetly set back from the road and from the moment you stroll in tends to make you really feel relaxed.

Larchmont Sanctuary Spa, Larchmont

Right after receiving changed into the softest gowns, Christina and I reconvene in the lounge with its open fire, comfy chairs and recliners, and drinks table.

We’re right here for a couples therapy referred to as Rekindle Romance that promises to get us correct back on track.

Larchmont Sanctuary Spa, Larchmont

We get started off with a luxurious bath in the spa’s incredible giant copper tub. There’s sufficient area for each of us right here (Christina promised to move more than following the photo!) and the jets sooth our travel-weary muscle tissues and joints.

Quickly sufficient – just as the final couple of bubbles disappear – it is time for the subsequent portion of our therapy.

Larchmont Sanctuary Spa, Larchmont

In this area specially produced for couples massage, our therapists Lisa and Violetta pamper us initial with an remarkable sugar and herb skin polish that rejuvenates and refreshes our skin till it is softer than it is ever been.

Subsequent is a 60-minute complete-physique aromatherapy massage that re-centres us and de-stresses our bodies till we’re certainly relaxed. It is excellent.

In N Out Burger

Our time in LA has been all also brief, but even on this fast trip we’ve located time to get to our spiritual property! You genuinely cannot come to California and not have an In-N-Out.

Our favourite trick: order a double-double animal style – and then order animal style fries also!

We’ve come to the In-N-Out by LAX simply because it is also a single of the ideal areas in the city to see the planes come in to land. Appear how close that a single is!

As the planes fly in low, we make our way back to our hotel in preparation for the subsequent leg of our journey.

To Kansas City, Missouri – and all the barbecue the City of Fountains can throw at us!

Cheers – Jim & Christina xx