Riding towards Savanadurga, Karnataka

It is viewed as to be 1 of the biggest monolith hills in Asia. It is 1 of the much more critical slab climbing routes in the planet. It is a hot favourite with rock climbers, cave explorers, trekkers and temple lovers. The fort on the top rated of this hill is referred to as the ‘fort of death’. I am speaking about Savanadurga hill that stands at 1226 m above MSL and that is just 60 kms from Bangalore city.

Savanadurga is a hot day trip location from Bangalore as it presents simple access from the city, a rustic route for a quick drive or ride, a lovely tract of forest, a couple of temples (1 a village temple and the other a hill temple) and a quick trek. And then there is rock climbing for the much more adventurous.

Old Temple structure at Savanadurga

Formed by two hills, Karigudda (black hill) and Biligudda (white hill), Savanadurga was when the secondary capital of the Magadi kingdom and it is believed that the fort on top rated of the hill was constructed by them and may possibly be fortified by the Mysore kingdom, Tipu Sultan and the Britishers thereafter. It is steep slippery rock surface was its security hallmark and which gave it strategic value to the then kings. Right now, the fort is mainly in ruins, but in its location lies a Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple and amazing views of the Magadi-Ramanagara-Mandya-Bangalore landscape. And then there is the major Veerabhadra swamy temple at the foot of the hill that holds religious significance for the persons living in this area.

Bikers and their beasts take a break in lovely rural setting

Much more than just the Savanadurga hill, I like the whole day trip package of going previous fairly tiny villages with lovely farm land, the beautiful Dodda Alada Mara tree just off Mysore road, the Manchinebele dam on the Arkavathy river, the tiny, however fairly green highways via the Savanadurga state forest, the Veerabhadra swamy temple, the megalithic burial web pages and of course the climb to the top rated of the hill. Add to it a rustic atmosphere, clean air and quiet atmosphere, you have a fantastic way to unwind on a Sunday. I assume it is the excellent rustic day trip getaway from Bangalore. Does not matter whether or not you are on a bicycle, motorcycle or in a vehicle, you are bound to have a excellent day out!

A lush green pit stop overlooking the famous rocks of Ramanagaram district of Karnataka

How to attain right here:

The finest and the most scenic route to Savanadurga is Bangalore –> Good road Mysore road exit –> Dodda Alada Mara –> Manchanebele Dam –> Savanadurga State Forest –> Savanadurga.
The total distance would be close to 50 kms and it should really take you about two hours if you drive non cease and a bit much more if you cease at the numerous lovely pit stops enroute. This route requires you via lovely villages, a amazing lake and a beautiful tract of green in Savanadurga state forest.
To attain the top rated of the rock, add at least two hours of trekking (much more for slightly slower folks) from the Veerabhadra temple at the base of the Savanadurga hill.

Veerabhadra Temple at the base of Savanadurga hill

Items to maintain in thoughts:

1) Savanadurga rock gets hot throughout the day. Either you should really program your trek early in the morning or prepare your self for the heat by carrying sun protection and water, and so on in case you are preparing to hike a bit later in the day.

two) Opt for a trusted rock climbing operator in case you want to do some rock climbing.

three) In the course of the rains, the trail gets incredibly slippery. Do program accordingly.

four) It is finest to put on a excellent pair of walking footwear or boots to climb this rock.

Riding through rural roads of Karnataka to reach Savanadurga

Exactly where to discover meals to consume:

The villages in the vicinity may possibly present you some thing to consume, but if you want some thing of a menu with decent washrooms, I would suggest hitting any of the decent joints on Mysore road. It is carry some water and rapid bites from property in case of any emergencies.

A motorcycle ride towards the hills of Savanadurga, Karnataka

Nearby tourist attractions:

1) Manchanabele Dam, a scenic, green and rustic place close to Bangalore

two) Adventure Sports at Dabbaguli, Manchanbele Dam – a fantastic weekend getaway from Bangalore

three) Dodda Alada Mara – Bangalore’s 400 year old banyan wonder

four) Rock climbing at Ramanagara, amongst the rocks exactly where the iconic film ‘Sholay’ was shot

five) The planet of toys at Channapatna, 1 of India’s regular handicrafts