As my buddy and fellow travel blogger Shrinidhi Hande after mentioned, not all weblog posts need to have to be extended. 😀 Taking this cue, right here is a tiny piece on a lovely Devi aka Amman shrine situated in the middle of a tri-junction of extremely chaotic roads close to the Town Hall region of Coimbatore. By the time you attain this shrine you have currently gotten effectively into the chaotic portion of the city.

Devi Shrine, Coimbatore

This is the only image I have of it. I have noticed it twice now, the initially time it was open and the time I clicked this image, it was closed. Each instances, it drew my eyes amidst all the chaos. And but, I hardly registered the carvings and deities on it. So it was only when I searched on Google maps for the name and other specifics about it, I saw it referred to as “Amman Temple“. That is all. No evaluations. No extra specifics.

And then I looked at this photo once again and began registering the specifics.

The two lovely Lakshmi devis at the door. Generally, the dwaar paalikas (door guardians) are scary or weird. This is the initially time I recall seeing Lakshmi as the dwaar paalika.

And on major of the shrine, we have two path guardians with a scary type at the corners, and in the middle we see Ganesha and Kartikeya flanking the two sides with the Devi in the middle. So it is Parvati with her two sons.


This is one particular of the uncommon Amman or Devi temples I have noticed truly. I have been to the Devi shrine inside Shiva temples and Vishnu temples. But never ever actually been to several Devi temples.

Amidst all my temple associated posts on this weblog, the only other two that are Devi temples are the Kali temple of Kolkata and Hadimba & Ghatochkach temple of Manali.

Really, I have some clue-lessness when it comes to the Devi. I have been delving into it for a although now.

It is like a blind spot of some type.

Have you from time to time come across such a blind spot? One thing that you know, but fail to register. One thing like that.

Anyway, that is the brief post for you nowadays. 🙂

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