Seeking for an sincere Delta Airlines assessment? Study on for extra about my experiences with this airline. 

I’d like to preface this assessment by saying that I’m a longtime Delta SkyMiles member and Delta American Express credit card holder. I have redeemed award flights with Delta and fly with them at least a dozen instances a year. 

That stated, I can not stand Delta Airlines. 

There is only one particular single competent individual functioning for them, and that individual is manning their Twitter account. I’d like to give a shout-out to that individual for becoming the voice of cause in a organization otherwise filled with useless babble and infuriating run-arounds.

I’m not one particular to bash airlines. In spite of a 24-hour delay in Venice and the calling of police to avoid a riot in the airport, I wrote a glowing assessment about Air Transat when their exceptional consumer service group acted swiftly to make amends following the truth.  

Frankly, I do not care substantially which airline I fly. My priority is to discover low cost flights. It does not matter to me if that flight is on Delta, Spirit or Alaska Air. I’m seeking for the most effective deal to get to exactly where I have to have to go. 

Exactly where the differentiators come in, on the other hand, and exactly where these evaluations are born are in the headaches typically triggered by travel. 

Let’s be sincere — in fact finding to a location is the least enjoyable aspect of a trip. The point in taking a flight is to decrease the quantity of time you invest in transit. If it weren’t for the ease of crossing thousands of miles in a matter of hours, most of us would opt out of the hostage scenario otherwise recognized as flying in the economy cabin. 

The scenario is so negative that the European Union has enacted strict guidelines about compensation in the occasion of flight delays, lost luggage or finding bumped off a flight. 


Regrettably, the U.S. has no such guidelines and U.S.-primarily based airlines like Delta are shameless in pushing the boundaries of what they can get away with. 

This post will involve 3 separate examples of challenges I’ve faced with Delta in the previous and clarify why, in spite of the (occasional) deal, they’re just not worth the headache. 

Delta Airlines Checked Baggage Incident

Empty baggage carousel at airport

I not too long ago took a trip to Central Asia. The route was straightforward — Rochester, JFK, Moscow, Almaty on the way there and Bishkek, Moscow, JFK and Rochester on the way back. 

On Each methods, my checked baggage was lost. 

Now, I’m certain I do not have to have to clarify to you the level of panic that comes with arriving in a new nation and realizing all the essentials you packed are nowhere to be located. I will not concentrate on this, on the other hand, considering that we’ll give Delta the advantage of the doubt and blame Moscow airport for the disappearance. 

It was a brief layover, Moscow airport is ridiculously huge and I barely created it on the plane myself although sprinting. I was nearly specific the baggage handlers casually moving my bag with no sense of urgency would not make it. 

But the route back was a various story. I knew my bag created it to JFK as I had to choose it up in customs. I anticipated anything would be smooth sailing considering that I had a five-hour connection. Certain, JFK is significant but it does not take five hours to move a bag from one particular terminal to yet another. 

I began to get nervous when I saw the bags becoming boarded on the plane as I waited by the gate. My bag is distinct, with a clearly identifiable pattern that is visible from afar. It was nowhere in sight. 

I suspected the bag wasn’t going to make it, but I didn’t want to think it. Certain sufficient, upon arrival in Rochester I waited till the carousel stopped, realizing that Delta had lost my baggage however once again. 

Seeing as how I’d currently braced myself, this wasn’t my greatest disappointment. I went to the lost bag center, filed a claim and was assured it would get sent on the subsequent plane the following morning. 

The following morning came and went. I didn’t get an update. I most surely didn’t get my bag. 

I then began the mission of attempting to speak to Delta and resolve this matter. I realized that I necessary a claim quantity, and that the representative I spoke with the evening prior to had failed to deliver one particular, so I named the Rochester Airport to speak with that individual and get the quantity. 

This is the kicker, people. When I spoke with the individual who I filed the claim with initially, she stated she only did a “paper claim” and no tracking quantity was generated. I had to in fact ask for her to file a genuine claim and create a tracking quantity nearly 24 hours later. So the complete day I spent waiting for my bag was a waste of time, considering that the approach didn’t even commence till that quantity was generated. 

I have by no means heard such idiocy in my life. WTF is a paper claim?? How a lot of claims do I have to file to get a tracking quantity and even get began on Delta discovering my bag? 

Like the quantity of licks it requires to get to the middle of a Tootsie Pop, the planet might by no means know.

When once again, shout-out to the Twitter agent who in fact tracked down my bag and got the matter resolved for me. Apparently the individual functioning at the lost baggage center did not get the exact same coaching as the social media manager. 

Delta Airlines Consumer Service Incident

Customer service agent at table

It is against the law to hold passengers on an aircraft that is sitting on a tarmac for extra than two hours without having meals and beverage, and for extra than three hours without having permitting clients to deplane. 

Lately, I was held on the tarmac for 4 hours. The entire time we had been prepared for take-off. I know this mainly because I attempted to rest my head on the tray table and get some sleep but was reprimanded by a flight attendant as tray tables and seat backs have to have to be up for takeoff and landing. 

So when I was woken up to sit upright and not take off, I went to function. I began Tweeting the representative, explaining my predicament. I took images of the plane,  was texting my loved ones all through the practical experience and have numerous time-stamped messages which show that for four hours, I was sitting on a tarmac illegally. 

The flight attendants and pilots had been all apologetic, insisting that we speak to Delta and complain mainly because the scenario was genuinely egregious. I did just that. 

Practically a month later I received a reply from the consumer service agent. The only cause I even got a reply inside that time was mainly because I simultaneously filed a Greater Business enterprise Bureau complaint. 

This is the response I got: 

Let me to summarize this e mail for you in a couple of words:” blah blah blah, we DGAF about you, we refuse to admit to violating the law considering that that carries a fine, as well negative so sad.”

Ms. Lisa Frank (I suspect this is a fake name as final I checked she was creating unicorn folders) straight up DENIED that we had been left on the tarmac for 4 hours. In her delirious tiny thoughts, we had been brought back to the terminal and obtaining a grand old time, consuming and utilizing the restroom like human beings. 

This could not have been additional from the truth. In this response, Delta not only negates the practical experience of an complete plane complete of people today but shirks its duty to deliver compensation following leaving passengers stranded on the tarmac for quite a few hours. 

Right here are text messages that I sent to my parents all through this ordeal, although sitting upright with my seatbelt fastened on the plane mid-runway. Excuse the language and sheer despair, Delta brings it out in me and this was following 20+ hours of travel currently. 

The flight was supposed to depart at three:59pm. As you can see, the initially message was sent at five:09pm, two minutes following the representative stated the plane was displaying as “IN.” Let me clarify what in fact occurred at five:07pm.

Just after currently becoming on the tarmac for extra than an hour we had been informed the runway was closing down mainly because of climate and that we weren’t going anyplace.

It was at that time that I began to assessment the law on tarmac delays and voice my displeasure via Twitter and desperate messages to my loved ones, who are obliged to really like me even in moments of airline-induced insanity. 

We had been supposed to take off at three:59pm. We had been held on the tarmac till eight:01pm. No meals. No water. Pretty restricted bathroom use.

When once again, shout-out to the Twitter agent who issued me $100 in a flight credit as compensation. Although minimal it at least showed an work to appropriate a incorrect and didn’t get in touch with a consumer a liar or fabricate instances of departure, as Ms. Frank did. 

Delta Airlines Carry-On Incident  

Man sitting on a plane

A couple of Christmases ago I received a beautiful Anne Klein carry-on bag as a present. I do not personal fancy luggage. As we’ve established, I’m a bare minimum to get by type of girl. I would invest in the least expensive luggage, generally a nondescript black roller bag from Walmart or T.J. Maxx. 

So obtaining a fancy silver embroidered carry-on bag was a significant deal for me. It was gorgeous. I wanted to make it final as lengthy as attainable. Being aware of this, I should’ve recognized much better than to fly Delta. 

I was going back to Florida following Christmas and had my roller bag in hand. At the gate they suspected the flight would be complete so they began asking for volunteers to gate verify their bags. I wasn’t going to do that. Annie (the name I gave my bag) was not about to be tossed recklessly into the cargo hold and squished by dozens of dirty heavy bags on best of her. I just got the bag and wanted to give it a couple of trips prior to permitting a person to treat it like crap. 

As I was in line to board, the announcement went off once again: “The overhead bin space is finding complete and we’re nevertheless seeking for people today to verify their bags.” A single second later I went to scan my boarding pass when the agent tells me the bin space is complete and I have no decision but to verify my bag. 

Among the announcement that the plane was “getting full” and the scanning of my boarding pass, not a single individual had boarded the plane. So naturally, I was flummoxed as to how we went from “getting full” to “full” in an immediate. I in fact argued with the gate agent. I didn’t want to let Annie out of my hands. I explained that it was a present and relayed my hesitations relating to cautious handling.

The agent did not care much less. Annie was taken to be gate checked, and I boarded the plane. 

I just about lost it when I boarded to discover no much less than 20 overhead bins nevertheless open with space. I in fact took a image of just about every single open bin I passed and tweeted Delta with the hashtag, #DeltaLies. This was back when tweeting wasn’t actually a significant point however so my homie who’s managing their account couldn’t come to my rescue. 

Annie created it out alive, although not unscathed, and that was the initially time I realized that Delta’s consumer service actually leaves some thing to be preferred. Considering that then, they’ve only outdone themselves in ineptitude. 

The Positives

Holding a granola bar

I do not want to be all unfavorable. I will say that the one particular optimistic point Delta has going for it is its collaboration with Sort bars, so that you get your decision of gingerbread cookies or a Sort bar when you are on board (sometimes they’ll throw in Cheez-its as well). I generally retain the bar with me as my go-to snack for anytime I land in a new location, considering that you by no means know what the meals scenario will appear like and I like to have backups.

Also, from time to time they have TV’s on the back of seats. At times. That is about all I can come up with.  

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The Negatives 

Angry woman making fists of frustration

The consumer service agents (except for that one particular lone twitter hero) are totally incompetent and do not care at all about what occurs to you. Lost luggage? Let’s fill out a piece of paper to make you really feel much better that has no actual impact. 

four-hour tarmac delay in violation of federal law? Let’s just straight up say that by no means occurred. 

Overhead bin space? Hah! Not on our watch. 

Lastly, I will note that I drafted this write-up a couple of weeks ago but didn’t hit publish. It is tough for me to create negatively about travel providers as I typically attempt to give them the advantage of the doubt. But as I’m sitting in Wisconsin, stranded however once again following a tarmac delay with a flight that was outright cancelled, I decided it is time to hit publish. 

The Verdict 

Chalkboard with "Just Say No" written

Steer clear. The superb point about flying is that is there is a lot of competitors. You have solutions when deciding upon who you fly and primarily based on my practical experience(s) I recommend that you fly with actually any one but Delta. 

If you are seeking for ideas, click beneath to download a master list of spending budget airlines about the planet. Let’s face it, you got solutions. Cease spending your dollars on a organization that does not care about your practical experience. 


Till subsequent time, secure travels!