Let’s Be Frank Undesirable Warsaw Holidays and Polish Extremists


Polish extremists are not eye-catching to me, or any tourist, and have been the supply of my incorrect Warsaw vacation. I have to report some of the undesirable items seasoned occurred for the duration of a Undesirable Warsaw vacation, in Poland. Let’s be frank, I have to inform the truth about my undesirable Warsaw vacation. No one particular can have a great getaway, time or trip, if haters are marching in front of my hotel, it is not an enjoyable or exciting knowledge.

Polish extremists march each and every month in Warsaw’s Old Town. To get to your hotel, which surrounded by barricades, gives zero hospitality. How would it make you really feel to arrive on vacation to this? I felt scared and hassled on my time in Warsaw, Poland.

All about My Undesirable Warsaw Vacation

bad warsaw holiday

Undesirable Warsaw Vacation for the reason that of Undesirable Hotel – Castle Inn, Warsaw Poland

Castle Inn, Warsaw Poland is the crummiest hotel, which tries to play hip when they are not. The hotel employees is low-priced about every little thing. I produced my reservation months and months in advance. I explained I wanted a quiet space. For 5 days the hotel, but for me, in a space, exactly where drunks entered the bar below my space. It was a nightmare. Underneath my window, every single evening, drunks stumbled and screamed, crazy gypsies with little ones playing accordions off-essential played for hours. 5 days of this fried my nerves, my brain, and produced it the worse hotel I have ever seasoned. I didn’t have a moment of peace in my space each day or evening. I asked to please move me, and they refused. There have been no other accessible rooms, and Booking.com was not beneficial either. Booking has no genuine emergency solutions at all.


The hotel states it has an airport shuttle for an extra charge. I wrote emails ahead of my arrival about acquiring a shuttle to the airport, but they in no way responded. Rather, I hailed a taxi with the support of some celebration going gals on the street.

Study the Adverse Testimonials

The Castle Inn Hotel removed the unfavorable advertisements on Booking.com. My assessment removed tends to make me suspicious of Booking.com and all the other hotels on the internet site. It is only fair to inform persons about these details. True investigations are under.

  1. The bed was quite uncomfortable, and there was a smell omitted from the toilet plumbing program.
  2. The space decorated in low-priced, tacky art, quite loud and ugly colors, and the “fluffy blankets” have been childlike. Also, the space was not exceptionally properly wiped down.
  3. I in no way managed to have breakfast as the breakfast space was as well modest to accommodate any far more than about 16 guests at a time. Desires far more electrical energy sockets
  4. The bath facilities want renovation.
  5. Space was difficult to navigate about at evening – low beams and undesirable lighting.

Undesirable Warsaw Vacation – My Overview

Regrettably for me, my space was a noisy dive, ugly, no lights, no sockets for electrical energy, and the bathroom was falling apart. The hotel couldn’t come across a different spot for me. To remain in this hotel is like staying at a hostel for hotel costs. They do not do something they guarantee.

bad warsaw holiday

Do not remain right here, and it is the worse hotel I have been as well.

You may well ask,

“What demonstration?”

On the query of Polish extremist month-to-month demonstrations, I heard various factors. Right here is the complete short article about why they are marching below the Castle Inn window every single month.

Poland Marks the Anniversary of President’s Death every single month. Having said that, this does not clarify why the Polish persons protest every single month in Old Town Warsaw, below the windows of the Castle Inn.

Undesirable Warsaw Vacation – Month-to-month Demonstration

The month just after I left, the demonstration covered by the international press, reinforced my belief. Once again, this didn’t support my impression of Warsaw. Regrettably, it only confirmed the underlying hostility I felt when I was there. If all I had have been a lousy hotel, I wouldn’t place Warsaw on my do not go! But, the Polish extremists marching appears to be saying some thing else to me and produced my Warsaw vacation knowledge worse. Even the Warsaw Zoo produced me sad.


Barricades are not warm and inviting.

bad warsaw holiday

View from the center of the square

bad warsaw holiday

View from the column in the middle of the old town Warsaw Square

barricades surround Castle Inn Hotel

Travel Tips:

Warsaw’s Jewish Ghetto tour is worth seeing when in Warsaw. I suggest going to other regions of Poland as the nation has gorgeous historical web-sites and exceptionally very affordable. The persons are beautiful, hospitable, and generous.

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