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Hello from London, jetsetters.

I’m pretty amused to announce that I am, in truth, not a jet-setter. We avoided air travel to get to London, and I found that trains, vehicles and ferries are definitely much more romantic. My traumatized ear was also delighted to remain on earth.

For these who are not following the journey on social media, by no means fly with a cold or it could lead to a serious kind of a situation known as Barotrauma. It is now the explanation I’ll remain firmly planted in Europe for the rest of the year. My American chapter is inadvertently more than faster than anticipated. I’m sipping a pumpkin spice latte from Pret in Central London, attempting to gradually taper off that life.

A handful of updates are in order. I’ve been purposefully mum (everywhere) as we arranged our frantic, wild ducks in order for the major life transitions underway.

Greece, Turkey, Austria, Germany, France and other random European nations

The areas we had the chance to get pleasure from on the lengthy, plane-significantly less road to London. We spent time with dear good friends in each Greece and Turkey (you can study a handful of impressions on Athens right here). As normally, Istanbul was magic and even much more unique so mainly because my brilliant buddy Paisley joined. Austria is Austria, normally. We had the possibility to pay a visit to loved ones in Germany. And France consisted of driving via the countryside seeking for croissants (we failed miserably, so “settled” on baguettes).

On Leaving America…

Shortly just after Donald Trump was elected, we decided to give that lingering American dream a fair shot. The morning just after the election (which we watched from London, ironically. The quantity of pizza boxes was practically proportionate to the quantity of tears), I was naively shellshocked that American politics could dim so starkly overnight. I wanted to go back, to resist, to fight for the nostalgic America I spoke so very of wherever I traveled in the globe. So we jumped via all the hoops for Daniel’s green card, and charged forth to that American dream.

In attempting to maintain that crumbling perfect in my hands, in our life, I was only resisting our personal path. I think in the guarantee of America and I know it will stand firmly once again upon the values of diversity, freedom and equality, but I’ve come to comprehend, that is a story for Americans (each in passport and entire heart) to fight for. I really feel peace stepping away from my life and identity as an American, and creating our life, loved ones and careers exactly where are our hearts have selected. Daniel and I chased our tails from New York to Charleston attempting to fill the bottomless holes of homesickness. Till we hit the challenging, inevitable, reality wall: we are and normally will be Europeans.

You can make a property anyplace in the globe, but do not dare ever convince to reside any other story but your personal. I’m immensely grateful for our time in America — what a chapter of lessons, really like, memories, development, entertaining, adventure, reinvention, and becoming a new level of robust collectively. It was a really like story, and we’ll normally hold it close to our hearts.

A Busy Week in London…

There are a handful of suitable immigration measures to take in the coming weeks but we decided to take care of all specifics ahead of Brexit to assure we have a pathway to British citizenship in case of a No Deal Brexit (even though it seems UK democracy is functioning adequate to block that). Daniel is officially operating out of his London workplace and we are setting up our life ⁠— from flat and telephone to physicians and banking — this week. All suggestions in the Hampstead location of London are welcome.

Frankfurt Book Fair & Austria Trip…

I’ll invest a handful of weeks in Austria in October / November just after the Frankfurt Book Fair whilst my official loved ones visa is processing (have to diligently do outdoors the UK). The time will consist of drinking hot chocolate, hiking and introducing Ami to an array of Austrian delicacies.

On Writing…

There is no far better location to create from than the second floor of my Pret in Victoria (till I uncover a much more “cosy” cafe). I’ll gracefully maintain mum on the novel till I can share news subsequent year. I’ve been brainstorming how to expend my inventive power in amongst novels, and I’m at the moment outlining other story sorts of the bookish nature, as properly as organizing content material for you all right here to honestly and vibrantly document our life in England.

Missing Our Mammals…

We can not wait to have our fur loved ones back in our arms. I’ve had a handful of reader inquiries on how to bring animals more than. That is an complete guide in the performs animals are loved ones and I’m disappointed with the lack of clear info for these settling in England.


I must forever swap fall for autumn, but pleased autumn y’all does not precisely have a ring for me but. This is my second favored season. Due to the fact of the enchantment of reinvention, crisp mornings, sweater climate, falling leaves, and the vibrant colors…but also, mainly because it implies my beloved winter is practically right here. Obtaining a fall-scented candle for our new flat is upmost priority.

What I’m Reading & What I’m Excited For

I’m basically without having book for more than a week and it is maddening. When Daniel is off operate currently, we are going to go for a lengthy stroll to a bookshop (will update) and do our 1st grocery run in our new property. I really like English grocery shops for the pure sake of their meals descriptions (as an alternative of “pulp” they create “juicy bits”). We are so quite elated for the smallest adventures, as it must normally be xx


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