My very first taste of Greece was the island of Santorini. The abundance of postcard particulars, sweeping vistas and luxury odes are created for travelers of the social media age. In retrospect, I didn’t leave the island feeling culturally nourished. It felt like a tourist-groomed, quiet corner of a vast cultural dynasty to float into for a fast Pinterest moment. That is not my priority today. There is no shortage of dreamy Greek islands, and Santorini and Mykonos are probably the final ones a native Greek would advise. Plus, to travel Greece without having very first going to Athens is like attempting to study a book without having finding out the language.

In Athens, every single step taken is straight upon the uneven bones of Greece — her culture, her history, her feelings and the ruins of her life. Athens is exactly where all the feelings of Greece surface. That can be comfy, and it can be uncomfortable. Nonetheless, Greeks come across a way to anchor their lives in strength and beauty regardless of it this is probably what it implies to be Greek. They refuse to enable the core vibrancies of their life to be interrupted by time or circumstance, no doubt an endearing important to the culture’s iron-clad longevity.

The contrasts in between my two Greek experiences are all the symbolic of my life then, versus my life now. As a younger 20-some thing, I had no thought how to be uncomfortable. It was all about preparing my life to the hour. It was placing immense stress upon myself to bring every single final endeavor and connection to fruition, and the continual will need to handle the narrative of my reputation. There is no energy in that. The finest present 1 can have in their 20s is to go even though an occasion that wipes away the layers of accumulated distractions and be left with only the bones of your personal objective. There is longevity in getting focused only on what tends to make you really feel alive.

A handful of very first impressions of my very first nights in Athens:

The Athens Riviera

A sophisticated, secluded bay of modern day waterfront eateries, chic boutique hotels and beautiful beaches…The Athens Riviera has the air of a mini sea-level Miami. About a 30 minute commute to the city center, this sweet spot is excellent for any traveler who desires to be primarily based in a a lot more serene nook of Athens.

Swimming in the Sea

Greeks do not take a single crystalline, aquamarine azure drop of Aegean sea for granted. From sunrise till sunset, you can see Greeks descending habitually to their rocky slices of beach and swimming into the sun. Greeks are resourceful and turn to the sea for almost every single pleasure, like wellness.

Road Trip Dreams: Ruins, History and Sea

Although most of the time was spent in Athens, we did have a couple possibilities to escape into the Greek countryside to discover ruined limestone temples, hidden antique shops and modest farmers stands. Greece is a dream for an adventurer, and driving is the only imaginable way to get a correct taste of it. Our favored small town was the ancient capital of Greece prior to Athens: Nafplio.

The Mediterranean Life style

The Mediterranean life-style reminds you that the richness of life is identified in high-quality simplicity. When it comes to meals, it has a objective beyond pleasure it is medicine. Greece is 1 of these areas exactly where these with a distinctly western palate can consume to their heart’s content material and probably drop weight by the finish of a vacation. The devotion to fresh, basic, regional components is how consuming really should generally be. The identical worth of high-quality is applied to every single aspect of the Mediterranean life: passionate really like, enduring friendships, a welcoming property, appreciation of culture and generally nourishing one’s personal heart.