For the longest time, Aaron Rothe’s identity as a musician was linked to group just after group, mainly with his excellent buddies and Denver musicians Danny Stills and Danny Cooper. Now, just after leaving 888 in 2017, Rothe is seeking to start leaving his personal individual mark on the Denver music scene by way of his new project MOVES.

Lately, he released an emotional single, “Battles,” and is functioning on displaying Colorado even extra of what he’s got with new music on the way. Prior to playing his 1st solo show on September 15th, Rothe took some time to sit down with us to speak about his journey from band life to producing MOVES.

Photography by Nick Annis

303 Magazine: Can you inform me a small bit about the which means behind the name MOVES?

Aaron Rothe: Yes, so it is a name that I’ve been wanting to contact a project for a extended time. When I was beginning this project, it was at a time exactly where I just left a further band and was sort of altering items in my life to get to a happier, greater location. And I say I was producing moves. And so that is sort of exactly where it came from. It is not so a great deal dance moves, but existential. Get myself satisfied.

303: You have had a lot of encounter in so a lot of unique varieties of music, hardcore/screamo with Drop Dead Beautiful, playing keyboards with Sonny Moore (Skrillex), and then founding 888 with Danny Cooper and Danny Stills. Do you really feel like you have identified a musical household with MOVES?

AR: Yes. I imply, that is often evolving, but it is getting in a position to totally just get this music out of me that is been in me for so extended. So it feels like household proper now.

303: Have your previous musical experiences influenced your new sound with MOVES or do you really feel like it is sort of like a fresh starting?

AR: No, completely. I imply, anything that I’ve carried out is an influence in some way. So I listen to music like, I’ll listen to a Slipknot song and hear a rhythm or percussion and be like, that is amazing. And very same with Drop Dead. That was heavier stuff and I seriously loved that power. And I want to bring – I imply, I’m not gonna go hardcore with it, but some of that rock, thrilling power, specifically to a reside show. And yeah, with Skrillex, with Sonny, I discovered a lot functioning with him. And 888, as properly. With 888, I seriously discovered a lot about songwriting, collaboration, producers and had some seriously excellent experiences that I had not had just before with radio and stuff like that.

Photography by Nick Annis

303: So sort of going off of that, 888 identified a lot of good results seriously quick just after “Critical Mistakes” began obtaining airplay. What was that like to all of a sudden be signed to a record label and go on the road?

AR: It was wonderful. And it was definitely, incredibly unique situations, but comparable trajectory exactly where it was incredibly quick. A single day it was just everywhere. And we had been so busy and I enjoy it, I enjoy that life-style. I enjoy traveling. I enjoy playing shows, I enjoy meeting people today. Getting fortunate sufficient to have – to be in a position to do music complete time is a dream come correct. It is a ton of operate, but so worth it. Yeah, I would do it once more.

303: So you left 888 about 2017, that need to have been a fairly challenging choice.

AR: Yeah, of course.

303: But it sounds like you sort of really feel like you are on the proper track with MOVES for your profession and life proper now. Do you want to inform me a small bit about that choice to leave and what that was like?

AR: Yeah. It was not effortless. And you know, I’ve played music with Cooper and Stills because 2005, fairly a great deal. And so, I imply, leaving a band is by no means – I really feel like is by no means seriously a smooth factor. Feelings get hurt and there’s some tension, but we had been in a position to operate by way of that. I hang out with them all the time. We’re buddies and they’re rooting for me and I’m rooting for them. But yeah, it was not an effortless choice, specifically simply because there was some good results involved exactly where people today had been just about like, “Are you crazy? It is profitable. Why would you leave that, it is a after in a lifetime factor?” And, you know, it all came down to I had to do what was gonna make me satisfied and I wasn’t satisfied. It was just sort of exactly where I was in life. I had been feeling for a when that it was sort of time to move on and expand and go elsewhere and see what occurs. And I haven’t looked back because.

Photography by Nick Annis

303: How has it been adjusting from getting a portion of a group to carrying your personal music now?

AR: It is a lot really, yeah. And fronting is some thing as well, simply because I’ve often just sort of been – I’ve often place out solo songs because MySpace in higher college. But now that I’m seriously pursuing it, it is an completely unique function. Creatively, I have some people today, Chase Martinez, who goes by Lost Terra, produces my stuff. He’s also from right here. So I worked with him and I’ve got some other people today about town that I create with and bounce tips off of and buddies all more than the US really, that sort of guide me when I will need it. It is a relatively excellent set up, so I’m excited.

303: What has it been like re-getting into Denver’s music scene now as a solo act as an alternative of with 888?

AR: It is familiar and a small scary at the very same time. For the reason that there’s it is effortless to feel about or effortless to visualize people today paying all this interest to, “Oh, what’s he going to do? He left 888.” You can not spend interest to that. I’m excited. This is my household and I enjoy it right here. I grew up in this music scene. I have so a lot of buddies, it is such a cool neighborhood and supportive neighborhood. And yeah, I’m anxious in a incredibly excellent way.

303: So you have stated that you want to do a lot of musical collaborations with nearby musicians. Who would you most want to collaborate with?

AR: I’ve worked some, but just sort of casually with Nightlove. But I feel what he’s performing is amazing and I’d enjoy to collab extra with him. Iolite is a close pal. That is who I’m really playing with. And we’ve written songs collectively for other artists but I’d like to collab with her.

Photography by Nick Annis

303: Your music is fairly individual, specifically your most current single “Battles.” Can you inform me a small bit about the headspace that you had been in when you had been writing that song and exactly where you draw your inspiration from for your music?

AR: Yeah, I imply, it is fairly literal. It took a lot longer to transition away from 888 and that life and figure out this. And I had social alterations, buddies coming and going. There was just a lot going on. And I just kept obtaining myself in my apartment and actually just pacing about getting like, what am I supposed to do now? Like, what do I do? And there’s often items that I couldn’t rather determine that had been going on in my head. And I could sit there attempting to create them out, but that wasn’t functioning. So I wrote that extra as just sort of a confession and celebration that people today go by way of stuff and it is okay to let people today know. You know, you do not have to clarify oneself, but yeah. It felt excellent to just be like, “I’m not performing that wonderful proper now everyone.” It is scary, but, oh, it is the most rewarding factor ever.

303: Do you get a lot of listeners that come up to you and inform you, “Wow, that seriously resonated with me?”

AR: Yeah, yeah. For all the songs really.

303: What is that like to hear that influence you have on your listeners?

AR: That is the payoff. And that is the target. It is like, I want to connect with people today. I know everybody says that, but that seriously is when you create some thing and it indicates some thing to somebody. And I enjoy hearing the stories. For the reason that I could have written some song about some thing particular to me, but it meant some thing completely unique to an individual else and helped them by way of a time. Yeah, that is my favourite portion about it.

Photography by Nick Annis

303: Properly, it sounds like you have a excellent factor going for you right here with MOVES and we’re excited to see extra of what you are performing.

AR: Yeah, for certain. And then functioning right here, as well. I operate at this label as properly, Third & James. I’m heading up the artist improvement factor. So I’m performing a lot of songwriting and making and building these new artists. For the reason that I got signed when I was 18 and got thrown into it. And my complete factor is attempting to be the particular person I want I had about when I was 18 and just got signed. Now, I’ve been all more than the planet and signed to labels and discovered a lot of challenging lessons. It is thrilling to me that I can teach that to an individual else, sort of guide them. Yeah, it is a cool factor that goes on right here. We’ll all sort of create with every single other and play in every single other’s bands, play on every single other’s records. It seriously is a cool neighborhood and it is increasing a lot. We seriously encourage and foster that.

303: It appears like a seriously cool neighborhood.

AR: Yeah, it is. And I feel it is sort of exceptional in Denver as well simply because there’s these labels and studios and stuff, but practically nothing rather like what’s going on right here. I’m seriously proud of it.

303: Properly, you are playing your 1st solo show on September 15th at the Larimer Lounge, that is super thrilling. What else do we have to appear forward to for MOVES?

AR: I’m in the performs on a bunch of new music. So that is going to be the subsequent course of action. I’m excited to just play the show. I imply, I know I’m going to enjoy it. I’m excited for it. Plus extra music, extra than ever. I haven’t been wonderful about releasing music rapidly, so I’m gonna get on that. I’m sort of just taking it a single factor at a time. Finding prepared to seriously launch it.

MOVES will be at The Larimer Lounge on September 15. You can invest in tickets right here.

All photography by Nick Annis.