The Morgenberghorn Hike is a difficult trail with 1300m of incline but the panorama point has the very best view in the area view on Lake Thun!


Hike Distance: The total hike distance was 19km kilometers, which incorporates the summit of Morgenberghorn and then continuing on all the way to Wilderswil. That is the route I took but you can make it shorter in distance by returning to Aescherid or other nearby descents. You then add on 1.five hours of transit back to Interlaken if you are staying there so timewise it is comparable. 

Hike Duration: The hike took me a total time of six hours and 51 minutes in total but only just four hours and 22 minutes of moving time. The rest of the time I was taking photographs or hanging out at the summit. I essentially produced it to the summit from Aescherid Schulhaus in 1hr 51 minutes. If you are up for a challenge attempt and beat that and bear in mind I had my camera backpack with a drone, camera, lenses, jackets, meals, and water! 

Hike Difficulty: This route is a small difficult and there are a quantity of components exactly where you have to have to use your hands to climb. Chains are installed in most sections of the trail exactly where you have to have to use your hands. I by no means felt unsafe or exposed. All of the climbing on chains was on an incline with walls on either side. Other than the chain sections the hike is steep but not also hazardous. There are a handful of regions along the ridge and generally the trail is marked as ‘alpine’ by the blue and white flags as an alternative of red and white. I’d only go for this hike if you are up for a bit of a challenge. In addition to the chains and rocky path, it is also 1300m of incline more than 7km so you are performing some considerable incline to attain the summit.

Hike Incline: Total incline for the day was about 1,309m, which was mainly performed on the climb up to Morgenberghorn. Just after that, it was all downhill all the way back to Wilderswil which was a 1,662m decline. Strong day on the legs.



 Below you can see the route I took when I did the hike. I caught the train from Interlaken to Spiez then the bus to Aescherid Schulhaus. Right here I started the hike to Morgenberghorn. I then descended down the ridge into the valley and hiked down towards Saxeten and on to Wilderswil exactly where I caught the train back to Interlaken. You could reduce the hike down by five kilometers if you returned the very same way you can in an complete loop but I uncover that boring so when there is an option I take that as I get to see a new section of trail and you by no means know what you will uncover. I’ve attached my GPX map beneath, which you can download here for use on your Garmin, smartwatch or yet another app.



I was staying in Interlaken so my directions will be from there. Nevertheless, the most critical point to know is that you have to have to commence the hike from Aescherid Schulhaus. I took the train from Interlaken West to Spiez and then the bus from Spiex to Aescherid Schulhaus. That journey took me virtually two hours mainly because the 1st train was late, which meant I missed the bus that comes hourly. No dramas as I wasn’t in a rush but just so you know to leave a small further time for delays like that if you are going for a sunset. As soon as you arrive at Aescherid Schulhaus, there is a large set of yellow indicators. Stick to the 1 that says Morgenberg and you are 1 your way as the rest of the trail is signed incredibly nicely. There is water readily available along this trail at various points but no water, drinks or meals are at the summit as you can see from the photographs. Just a flag.







My journey started in Interlaken exactly where I caught the train to Spiez from Interlaken West. I then had to wait virtually an hour (I have to have just missed the hourly bus) to Aescherid Schulhaus. The bus drops you proper at the trailhead, which is marked by the yellow signpost I posted a photo of in the above section of this weblog post.

The sign at the trailhead says 4hrs and 25 mins (with 1300m incline) but I decided to have a crack at performing it at a great pace the entire way. For that reason I do not have also lots of common trail photographs to show you along the route except for 1 critical photo of the chains.

The hike starts on a road for a handful of hundred meters just before veering off to the left into a field, most likely complete of cows. There is not also a lot to note for the 1st aspect of the trail except that it is consistently uphill and rather steep. I believe in the 1st handful of kilometers you will do a lot more than 600m of incline so be prepared to go from the get started.

Make confident to constantly appear more than your shoulder as the view of Lake Thun and Mount Niesen get much better and much better as you climb up the hill. 

About halfway by way of the hike, you attain a bit of a plateau. Right here you can see up to your proper exactly where the Morgenberghorn looms more than the trail. You can also spot the compact mountain hut among your self and the climb up Morgenberghorn. At the mountain hut, you can get coffee and some meals but I didn’t cease about to taste-test, I was on a mission. At the mountain hut, my watch stated 1:08 and the sign stated it was nonetheless 2hrs till I reached the summit of Morgenberghorn. I believed it would be not possible to go beneath two hours but I guess the indicators are meant for people today casually walking up.

From this point on the trail is incredibly steep and you are generally walking up rocks with odd-sized stairs. It becomes increasingly tough to use hiking poles but they do nonetheless support you all through the climb. 

There are various sections of the climb exactly where you use chains to haul your self up. You are not exposed on either side and to be sincere, I do not believe the chains have been 100% important but they unquestionably helped and I did use them. There are a couple of sections to navigate like this and I took a photo so you can assess whether or not this is inside your capabilities or not just before you get that far and are unsure if you want to continue.


Just after the chains, it is a final push to the summit, which I powered up to in a time of 1hr and 51 minutes. Not poor contemplating I was carrying my drone, camera gear, water, meals, jackets, and batteries. Let me know in the comment beneath if you beat that with your hiking bag on!


At the summit, I lastly took a moment to unwind and had my lunch and some water. I also lastly took some photographs of this gorgeous panoramic view. You can see all the way down to Lake Brienz and of course Interlaken. Nevertheless, the prime view is of Lake Thun, which is in complete view in front of you!


Behind you can get a glimpse of ‘The Massive Three’ when the clouds clear. These are Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. In all directions, the view was just outstanding and I essentially stayed at the summit taking it all in and flying the drone for 1.five hours. 

Heading down there are various solutions. Of course you can turn about and loop back along the very same route that you began on. Or you can take 1 of the ridges to Darligen or Leissigen, which I can’t comment on as I didn’t do it that way. I decided to head down towards Wilderswil, which was about 11km away and ended up becoming rather a journey.

It was scenic to commence with on a good ridge down from the summit but halfway by way of the return to Wilderswil I reached Saxeten and from that point on I was actually walking on the road for five-6km, which is not genuinely the hike dwelling I had in thoughts. I’m not confident what the very best choice down is but I nonetheless preferred some thing new than returning on the very same track to Aeschirid.

I reached Wilderswil right after 19km of hiking for the day and genuinely enjoyed the challenge of 1300m incline to the major and of course the outstanding panoramic views I was rewarded with at the summit.