“Where are you from?”

Usually in any social interaction, there is a query about exactly where I am from. The other particular person desires to create my story in their thoughts, they want to spot me, far better recognize my cultural context and so on.

Fair adequate. Exactly where am I from?

For these of us who have travelled intensely there is a point beyond which our ‘feeling of home’ shifts. I delved into this feeling and the a variety of locations exactly where I have felt at house in my earlier weblog post – ‘feeling of home’.

These thoughts can be written out in detail in a weblog post. But when persons ask me casually, ‘where are you from?’,

Mumbai, is the answer.

I could go with an ephemeral, “I am a international citizen” or some such. But, I get why they are asking me. They want to recognize exactly where my thoughts, upbringing et al is coming from. Certainly the locations we devote most of our time in, shape us. So that way it is Mumbai.

But I ordinarily add a line about, “but I travel a lot and do not especially determine with the Mumbai lifestyle”.

It is critical for me to make this differentiation, simply because just saying ‘Mumbai’ would be misleading.

Quite a few a occasions in the previous couple of years, I have wondered about it. Am I definitely a ‘Mumbaikar’?

When I appear deeper into my heart, I uncover a familiarity with my Mumbai locality, which also occurs to be a single of the prime actual estates in the nation. When I return from my travels and sit at Marine Drive, I appreciate the ensuing familiarity. I could travel a lot about the planet, but no spot will have this familiarity for me unless I spent this a great deal time there. So it is a meaningful spot for me.

Quite a few a private turbulences, endeavours, friendships, comic books and walks have occurred at the Marine Drive. Similarly, the connections with a couple of persons, buildings, shops and other spaces.

But at the finish of the day Mumbai is also a crowded cosmopolitan city. And metro cities have a way of lowering a single to insignificance. Just a single amongst the several. A fantastic leveller in several strategies. I have absorbed this. In smaller sized towns, the conspicuousness of every single act tends to make me pretty uncomfortable.

My time in Mumbai has been a substantial contributor in the sort of particular person I have shaped up to be at the moment. But I have had some pretty impactful experiences elsewhere also. And therefore, my identification with getting a ‘Mumbaikar’ appears to be extra factual than emotional.

In a couple of days, I strategy to shift my house base to a diverse city. Will create on that later. Now, I want to create a piece on Mumbai.

Will I miss this region?

This was a query that came up lately when my relatives came house to bid me farewell (sort of).

Parsi Fire temple at the finish of a random lane as I go about my chores in Mumbai.

For a lot of persons, the region I reside in, is a dream. As I described just before it is a single of the prime actual estates in the nation. The poshest corner of Mumbai – old town and most likely a single of the most sorted places with pedestrian signals and some sort of footpaths. Comparatively wide roads. And a wonderful, several kilometres extended seaside promenade. Iconic beaches, heritage buildings and slightly slower life than the bustling suburbs. Police officers and other government servants normally treat us nicely, as several persons are influential. Commuting in the city is ordinarily not a hassle, extra generally than not we are moving in the opposite path to the website traffic.

So will I miss this region?

I do not know. I haven’t missed it in all my travels.

Although it does create some habits. For instance, I like to go watch the sunset. Sitting on the Marine Drive parapet and gazing into the horizons is some thing I entirely unwind into. So if the new spot does not have any spot to watch the sunset it will be weird. But in most locations if you search correctly, ordinarily you can uncover a spot to watch the sunset. From a creating terrace or a park or a temple.

here’s a twitter thread I began to share my a variety of marine drive observations

I have also accomplished a fair bit of exploration of the city. From Mumbai’s Kashi – Banganga and Bhuleshwar to East Indian village of Khotachiwadi. Bandra Fort and its little villages with intriguing homes. Heritage walks in Byculla and Fort to extended strolls down random lanes about my residence. Although surprisingly couple of weblog posts got written.

This sort of exploration will continue exactly where ever I am.

And undoubtedly the new spot will have to offer you me some excellent perks. 🙂

Let’s see how that is.

Also, note, I will have my residence in Mumbai lead to my parents keep right here. So it is not like I have left Mumbai for excellent. Technically, all my alternatives are open. I could just come back and keep in Mumbai following a couple of months if I want. For the reason that function is anyway remote – I can do it from Mumbai or from anyplace else. And I will assure that my function remains remote.

But in the heart this shift feels like a bit extra than the usual three month trip.

Is ‘home’ just the spot we devote a lot of time in? Or is it the spot exactly where all our stuff is?

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