Molo Church and Mass Schedule

Molo Church, Iloilo, and Mass Schedule

Going to Molo Church: The Effectively-recognized Feminist Church

The province of Iloilo undoubtedly is 1 of the most visited locations on the whole archipelago. The spot is commonly recognized for its historical and cultural heritage, as manifested by the distinctive attractions and festivities. Veering away from the mainstream spots to stop by, I would like to function the Molo Church, or also recognized as the Feminist Church.

Molo Church or also recognized as the St. Anne Parish Church is positioned at Molo, Iloilo. It is 1 the UNESCO’s Globe Heritage Web-sites, and that explanation alone is adequate for you to get a glimpse of it. Constructed back in 1831 beneath the supervision of Father Agapito Buenaflor, this church has proved itself when it comes to lasting architectural beauty and strength.

Feminist Church

You could possibly be asking yourself why the Molo Church is known as a “feminist church.” Effectively, aside from the reality that it was named soon after St. Anne, there is also a total of sixteen pillars inside the church, and every post has a statue of the distinctive female saints. So, the spot deserves it nicely-recognized option name or label.

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Architectural Style

Following the European Gothic style, the Molo Church has two red spires that are a pyramid in shape. What is far more awesome about this is that these are created up of actual corals and limestones. When it comes to strength, it is robust and sturdy because they created use of egg white as the cement because the structure cement that we have these days was not but invented in the course of that time. Given that it is created up of limestones, count on that there is a spectacular beauty in it anytime the rays of the sun touch it. The sparkling beauty of it is certainly a beauty to behold.

Going inside, the Molo Church has 5 wooden gothic altars. Every thing beginning from the ceiling down to the displays and foundations is all manifestation of Gothic architecture. It is as if going to an old European church. The most important altar in the middle of the church is created up of gold linings which sparkles far more when the rays of the sun peak by means of the windows.


Molo Plaza

The  Molo Plaza just in front of the Molo Church. It has a combined Spanish theme and Greek architecture as evidenced by the gazebo which has six goddesses. Correct soon after going to the church, taking a stroll in this plaza or merely sitting in a aspect of it and enjoying the serene atmosphere is suggested. The Molo Plaza is even far more gorgeous in the course of the Christmas season because there are lanterns on show, producing each evening appear to be magical and splendid.

The Molo Church is situated in a serene city, and for that aside from the peaceful practical experience of going to the spot, it will also give you the likelihood to reflect and reinvent your self. This enables you to see the beauty amidst the simplicity of life. As you go right here, permit the beauty of the spot and the serenity of the atmosphere to serve as your supply of relaxation.

Molo Church Mass Schedule

Confession Schedule: Wednesdays: five PM | Fridays: five AM and five PM

Weekday Masses ( Mondays to Fridays)  : five:30 AM and five:30 PM

Saturday Masses : five:30 AM and five PM

Sunday Masses : five:30AM | six:30 AM | eight AM | 10 AM | three PM |five PM | six:30 PM

Place: San Pedro st., Bgy. San Pedro, Molo, Iloilo City, Iloilo
Get in touch with No: (6333) 337-2258

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