With more than 1200 kilometres of coastline and 300 days of sunshine each and every year, it is hardly surprising that Portugal has some of the very best coastal activities you could hope for on a vacation.

No matter whether you are on mainland Portugal or one particular of the archipelagos (the Azores and Madeira) there will be anything to suit all tastes. Activities such as boat trips, whale/dolphin watching, surfing, fishing, diving or just relaxing on a private yacht watching the sunset in Lisbon are just some activities you can expertise.

Portugal is the spot to take pleasure in these coastal activities.

The decision is substantial, but we have compiled a list of the best activities to attempt, covering all of Portugal.

Boat trips

Boat trips are accessible from all places of the Coastline, ranging from tiny intimate cruises along the coast to bigger celebration boats.

The concept of a boat celebration normally brings to thoughts, rowdy crowds and excessive drinking, but in Portugal you can take pleasure in your trip any way you opt for, with quite a few operators providing the chance to charter the whole boat for the trip, which means you will be capable to take pleasure in the enterprise of close friends with fantastic meals, wine and music while going to some of the most amazing coves, caves and secluded beaches that Portugal has to provide.

There are boat trips in the Algarve that provide the chance to discover the caves along the coast with the solution to use SUP’s (stand up paddle boards) to completely discover the places exactly where boats can’t attain.

Typically these trips consist of the solution of consuming lunch on a deserted beach, then relaxing on your trip property with the sun setting in the background.

The boat trips are not just accessible from coastal vacation resorts. Porto and Lisbon also provide a quantity of unique boat trips. Seabookings provide the chance to charter a private sailing yacht, exactly where you and your companion can watch the sunset, sip wine and even make that wedding proposal you have been pondering of.

A trip to Portugal is not comprehensive without the need of taking a boat trip!

Whale/dolphin watching

There are quite a few selections accessible for dolphin and whale watching in Portugal. The Azores is one particular of the very best locations to expertise this. Positioned in the the Atlantic Ocean, an archipelago of nine islands, The Azores are a best ‘green’ vacation location, so you are capable to take pleasure in an eco-vacation in luxury, inside organic surroundings, being aware of that your carbon footprint is getting offset.

But in addition to the organic beauty that is preserved in the location, it is at present one particular of the world’s biggest whale sanctuaries thanks to the eco program identified there, this along with the exclusive traits of the location, tends to make the Azores so specific.

In the Azores you can see far more than 20 cetacean (whales and dolphins) species.

You can simply commit the day watching these magnificent mammals in their organic atmosphere, rather than in captivity.

On the Islands you will obtain quite a few corporations prepared to deliver boat tours and swimming possibilities along with a commentary on the location, so you will leave feeling uplifted and with a higher understanding of the species that you are interested in.


Portugal is the excellent place for surfing, situated on the Atlantic coast with offshore breezes. The coastline is becoming one particular of the worlds top surf areas.

There are possibilities for comprehensive novices by means of to the elite of the surfing globe, thanks to the wide variety of waves and swell sizes.

Though most places along the coast deliver the chance to surf, it is advised that you study the location appropriate to your level of competency or speak to a surf college in the location.

Nazaré on the Silver Coast is Portugal’s quantity one particular major wave spot, even on a sunny summers day you will obtain a swell, but at the peak there are monster waves, with the worlds biggest wave ever surfed recorded at this town. The major wave season is October by means of to March, through this time, it is advised that only seasoned surfers take to the waters. There are normally waves up to 30 metres in height.

Supertubos, close to to Peniche has beach break waves that deliver amazing barrels in the appropriate situations. Once again for far more seasoned surfers, as the wave breaks more than sand and can deliver left or appropriate hand waves based on the situations.

For these that would like to find out surfing with out the crowds, Amado, situated in the Lagos location of the Algarve is excellent.

With some of the warmest water temperatures in Portugal and surrounded by the Vicentina Park, it is a great learners beach break, and the park protects the beach from the more than populated tourist areas, so you can find out in peace and retain the gorgeous views.


Fish and fishing are so intertwined with Portugal that it is virtually not possible not to attempt one particular or other. Personally, I obtain consuming the fish far far more satisfying, but for these wanting to attempt fishing, Portugal has some of the very best on provide.

After once again the wide variety accessible is virtually endless, from fishing off cliffs in a secluded component of the coast line by means of to attempting to catch the 460kg (1000lb) marlin, tuna and other major predators.

Deciding upon your style of fishing is significant, as there are unique seasons for unique sorts of fish.

There are also quite a few unique places to fish. If you opt for the Lisbon location, you can attempt major game and shark fishing.  If Marlin is your decision, you could enter the annual tournaments that run from Vilamoura Marina and Tavira on the Algarve.

If major game fishing is not for you, there are also trips accessible for reef fishing, sea bass, mackerel, sole and other smaller sized fish.

There are also lots of selections with your craft, as quite a few corporations will organise fishing trips that you can join.

But if you are searching for anything far more private, you could charter a boat for a group of close friends with an seasoned crew to guarantee your day is prosperous.

The major guidance is to study the seasons the place is not as significant as travelling from the Lisbon area to the Algarve or vice versa is not a tough journey.


There are three major places on Mainland Portugal, North and Porto, the Silver Coast and the Algarve.

Each and every location can provide pretty unique experiences.

The North and Porto

Identified for getting the coldest and most sombre water, but do not let this place you off as the dive in very good situations can be a spectacular expertise. This is the only spot in the nation exactly where you can dive into a Planet War II submarine, which is one particular of Portugal’s national diving icons and one particular of the most intriguing wreck websites at more than 25 metres deep.

The Silver Coast

The Silver Coast has many shipwrecks at different depths, along with caves and tunnels.

The water varies significantly in depth, from shallow water, with caves and tunnels about the Berlingas Islands by means of to the Nazaré Canon, which supplies the awesome surf situations at Nazaré, at up to 4km deep. This location has quite a few currents and organic whirlpools providing clear water for fantastic diving.

The Algarve

There are quite a few possibilities for diving in the Algarve, but most notable is the Ocean Revival Underwater Park, (an artificial reef).

Consisting of 4 vessels that have been deliberately sunk in the identical spot it now serves as an artificial reef (this is the biggest artificial reef in the globe) with a minimum clearance of 15 metres. There are other artificial reefs in the location so that diving right here is assured to give you an awesome expertise.

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