Iceland's climate is diverse and unpredictable. Regardless of the time of year, you will need waterproof clothing and layers. Here's an awesome packing list for Iceland that works for any time of the year, plus insider tips to help you out with packing and preparing for your trip #Iceland #IcelandPackingList
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Iceland is a nation that can expertise many various sorts of climate inside 1 day, or even inside 1 hour! A single moment the sun will be shining and the subsequent, you will be driving by means of a storm of hail, wind, and rain. In truth, the wind is so robust, it can blow a automobile door suitable off its hinges, seriously!

Regardless of the time of year (I’ve been in October and July), bringing waterproof clothes that can safeguard you from the wind, and potentially snow and hail, is necessary to your comfort whilst traveling by means of Iceland. Fortunately, the Gulf Stream keeps Iceland’s temperatures from plummeting significantly previous freezing in the winter but its latitude also suggests that even in the summer time, temperatures do not get significantly greater than 50°F/10°C.

The good issue about the varied climate is it tends to make Iceland extremely green and stunning. Thanks to the rain, normally followed straight following by sunlight, it is the land of waterfalls and rainbows. Who does not like waterfalls and rainbows? Personally, I’ve never ever met everyone who does not smile at each.

So how do you pack for a location that experiences so several various kinds of climate in 1 day? Bring layers, and make certain your garments are waterproof! Here’s the excellent Iceland packing list for any time of year:

two warm, lightweight undershirts (I also have it in grey)

1 rain jacket (summer time)

1 puffy vest

1 Jacket + alternative (winter)

two pairs fleece-lined leggings (Fall + Winter)

two pairs standard leggings (Summer time)

four-five thin shirts (I suggest this and this as nicely)

two thermal shirts

1-two sweaters

1 bathing suit

1 pack towel

gloves and hat

1-two pairs snow boots (Fall +Winter)

1 pair waterproof boots (Spring + Summer time)

Adequate socks and undies for your complete trip

Camera bag

Let’s dive into the specifics:


Warm, waterproof jacket

iceland packing list
At the Jökulsárlónn Glacier Lagoon

A very good jacket is the most significant issue, apart from very good footwear, that you will pack for your trip to Iceland. If you go any time other than the height of summer time, probabilities are very good that you will expertise freezing temperatures, particularly if you head to the highlands, so a thing warm that keeps out moisture is necessary.

Throughout my initial trip, we encountered practically 48 hours of straight rain and snow, so a jacket that got soaked quickly would have been a actual drag. I was so glad to have my warm jacket along with me, plus, the red was the best colour for standing out against the background!

iceland packing list
In Landmannalaugar – Iceland’s Highlands

I spent €250 on my jacket at a division retailer in Berlin. On the internet, it is only readily available in Sweden, but here’s a jacket that is pretty much specifically the similar and even a bit less costly. It comes in black, as well!

Higher-top quality, waterproof snow boots

iceland packing list
Hanging out in Krýsuvík, Iceland

The other item to allot additional of your packing price range to is snow boots. These will preserve your feet warm and dry, and higher-top quality ones will stand the test of time, as well!

I brought two pairs along with me and was glad I did. Although they kept the water out for the most component, that time I was jumping across freezing rivers of water in Landmannalaugar and couldn’t fairly clear the water, I dunked my complete leg and was pretty glad that I had a dry pair of boots back in the camper van.

My pairs are wool-lined Ugg Brand Elsa boots, and the pair I’m wearing above are a couple of seasons old, but are just like Sorel’s version which comes in tons of adorable colors and sizes.

Warm with fleece-lined leggings

iceland packing list
Appreciate the fleece-lined leggings!

My fleece-lined leggings had been best for maintaining my legs just warm sufficient for the temperature in Iceland, which was suitable about freezing for most of the time that I was there in October. Fortunately, they’re also super low cost, so I got many pairs of vibrant and flashy ones and a couple of black and blue ones and wore them through the complete trip.

You can discover a bunch of alternatives right here and right here.

Spring/Summer time

Rain Jacket

iceland packing list
Fantastic jacket for chasing waterfalls

If you are going in summer time, you could possibly not have to have a super heavy duty snow jacket, but a rain jacket shell is a very good concept, and layers that you can place on or take off underneath. I like vibrant colors, so I brought along a pink shell and wore my thermal layers underneath, which worked out completely.

Packing for your trip to Iceland can be confusing. The climate in Iceland is so diverse, and no matter the time of the year, you will need waterproof clothing and layers. This packing list for Iceland works for anytime of the year, and includes insider tips to help you pack light and comfortably for your trip to Iceland. Click to read now. #Iceland #IcelandPackingList
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Waterproof boots

Considering the fact that you are unlikely to expertise any snow in the summer time months (but you never ever know, of course!), bringing waterproof boots is a very good option. If you are undertaking any hiking, you will undoubtedly want them, but even if you are just walking about the waterfalls, boots that preserve out the moisture and have very good tread are pretty useful for the slippery rocks. I like the Montara boot for all of my hiking trips, but if you want a thing with a bit additional style, Doc Martens would operate nicely, as well.

All Climate

Fleece-lined beanie and gloves

You drop so significantly warmth by means of your head, a fleece-lined beanie is a good way to remain toasty and fortunately, they’re also pretty low cost. You can discover a bunch of good alternatives in each colour right here, and patterned ones right here.

I also preserve a pair of rainbow gloves on hand for when evening falls. They’re lined with fleece and even though I purchased mine in the Himalayas in Nepal, you can get a pair right here for low cost.

Thermal shirt

iceland packing list thermals
Appreciate the Patagonia thermals. They’re thin, but pretty warm and final forever.

The essential to staying warm when you hit cooler temperatures then shedding layers when it gets warmer are cheapie, effortless thermals that you can mix and match and layer underneath your jacket.

Bathing Suit

iceland packing list blue lagoon
Do not neglect a bathing suit!

A single of the coolest issues to do whilst in Iceland is pay a visit to the public swimming pools, which are super well-known with the locals. Just about each town, no matter how little, appears to have 1. They have showers and pools of varying heat up to 104°F/40°C, and are a good way to unwind following a day of adventures.

What’s additional, you will undoubtedly want a suit for your pay a visit to to the Blue Lagoon.

In addition, be certain to bring along a pair of jeans or pants, a thick scarf, lots of warm and thick socks, ample undies, lots of thin, lengthy-sleeved shirts to layer, a couple of pairs of standard leggings to layer or put on on their personal it case it is a bit warmer through the day, and a camera bag with a waterproof sleeve.

To critique, here’s the complete list:

Verify out this kit for effortless ordering:

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