We are moving to London.

Typing out these 5, wild words assists the reality sink deeper into my bones (a touch). It is proof that there is some thing far higher than us pulling strings on fate. (Or, the universe is desperately attempting to manifest getting most effective pals with the Duchess of Sussex and JK Rowling.)

This move was definitively not in our plans. We just moved into our attractive (!!!) bungalow cottage in Charleston, just established a living balance among NYC and the south — but some thing felt extraordinarily off. I’m a notorious kind-A planner and outline anything important months in advance. Each and every time I would create in a program for fall or 2020, it felt not definitive, somehow. When the London chance was presented on the final trip…the puzzle pieces instantaneously fell into location. The aha moment, as Oprah would say. Meant to be.

I’ve discovered so considerably about moving and geographical happiness. In my early 20s, When I lived in Germany, I nevertheless craved New York but turned to traveling the globe. When I lived in New York, I felt the city merely wasn’t sufficient right after living in Europe. As soon as travel became a portion of my life, I discovered that property is merely an inside job. It is about your routine. The profession you wake up passionate for every single AM. The particular person you wake up subsequent to in the morning. Fur young children (or human young children). The coffee shop exactly where men and women know your name. Whether or not that is a little German village, a sprawling city or a southern gem like Charleston, you can construct a life of fulfillment no matter exactly where you are. The rest of the globe is generally a plane ride away. My message to jet-setters: do not wait to be satisfied if you do not reside exactly where you want to reside start out now. The best bridge to exactly where you want to be will present itself. For us, that bridge was our time in the U.S. unbeknownst to us, our roadway to our life in England. Life is something but linear. It is anything but smooth. But it is in these speed bumps, mastering curves and treacherous slopes that prepare us for what we’re meant for. The timing, situations and surprises of life are under no circumstances off they are orchestrated.

What I’m most thankful for is the lessons about myself I took from each and every city we lived each and every was a vital setting for my greatest moments of individual development, and each and every have been pivotal in producing me the lady I am nowadays.

Germany chapter… Exactly where my skin grew thick. I gained yet another language. Exactly where I married my the like of my life. My gateway to traveling Europe, and falling madly in like with it. Exactly where I began my profession right after college. Exactly where I sooner or later began my personal small business. Exactly where I knowledgeable loss, and survived. Exactly where I discovered how to navigate culture variations. Exactly where I realized my soul is far more European than I ever could have recognized. Exactly where I became a jet-setter, in heart and soul.

New York City chapter…taught me that my strength is immeasurable, and that my heart is gold. Exactly where I discovered to trust myself. Exactly where I discovered following my heart is generally the correct instinct (even when it brings difficulty). Exactly where I discovered to have boundaries. Exactly where I discovered how to surround myself with the correct men and women. Exactly where I discovered the value of a wonderful bagel. I discovered what I wanted in life, and specifically what I didn’t. I discovered to marvel at the energy of like. Exactly where I discovered that every single final aspect of life is an art to be curated. 80% of my character bloomed for the improved in New York, and I’ll carry that with me for the rest of my life.

Charleston chapter…showed me deep, limitless happiness and clarity. Taught me the good quality is far more than quantity, with anything in life. Showed me that my sole present is inspiring other people by means of my stories, my words. Exactly where I discovered to appreciate the spectacularity of nature, of the sea. Exactly where I created time for the men and women who matter. Exactly where I knowledgeable immense joy of seeing my husband obtain himself. Taught me that productivity is essential getting busy is not. Exactly where I unapologetically walked away from anything not serving me in my life. Exactly where I located glory in simplicity. Exactly where I discovered that searching out across the Atlantic, my heart was anchored irrevocably to the continent on the other side.

Going into our new chapter in London…I know in my gut this is exactly where we will settle and celebrate the story of our life we’re prepared for reside-oak-level roots. I see us walking our young children to college in their plaid college uniforms. I see romantic nation escapes on the weekend. I see us celebrating my very first book deal by hopping on a train to Paris. I see spontaneous flights to Spain, for the sole objective of my Paella cravings. I see myself recklessly investing far also considerably into Burberry accessories (and any Dachshund garb they may well manufacture). I see our loved ones traditions: attending Ascot, Austrian Alps for the holidays and weekly afternoon tea dates. I see us becoming English citizens. London is the best soil, the best bowl of porridge, the sweetest nook in the globe for each individual, qualified and group dreams, and we’re immensely excited for it.