Some say fairies developed this dramatic, and uncommon, landscape. They even say the fairies nonetheless reside right here, hiding in the crevices…

The Isle of Skye is absolutely wealthy in faerie lore. And the miniature landscape of grassy, cone-shaped hills and whimsical rock spirals at Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye, is absolutely magical-hunting – you can simply image the fairy-folk feeling suitable at residence right here. In this distinct instance, having said that, there is no documented folklore linking the land right here to the realm of myth and magic. There have been no actual sightings of fairies. However.

In a far additional sensible explanation of the rock formations identified at Fairy Glen, these distinctive geological formations are essentially the outcome of a landslip, triggered by volcanic activity on northern Skye about 60 million years ago. Authorities estimate that at 1 time the lava that covered northern Skye was additional than 1,200m thick. The finish outcome of all this flow of geological material? This otherworldly landscape, very in contrast to any other.

The finest vantage point to view Fairy Glen and its a lot of magical rock spirals, or appear for fairies if you really feel so inclined, is from the top rated of Castle Ewan, a organic rock formation with a basalt topping that resembles an ancient ruin. A steep, narrow trail, which includes a wee bit of scrambling, leads straight to the top rated. Take in the views, then head back down to wander in and out of the knobby hills, bumps, ridges and rocky fairy-houses which make up this fantastical wonderland.

What ever you do, even though, do not fall prey to the current tourist tendency of moving the rocks about to build their personal rock spirals. (Some bus tour guides are even mentioned to be encouraging non-fairy-authorized rituals that involve making your personal spirals then leaving a coin or token in the centre as a great luck providing to the fairies.) Not only do the locals disapprove – we’re told they invest the winters removing any man-produced stone spirals in order to retain the Glen in its organic state, we can all but assure the fairies like it even significantly less.

Positioned on the Trotternish Peninsula, close to the tiny coastal town of Uig, there are no indicators to direct you to Fairy Glen, but receiving there is simple sufficient if you know exactly where to go. From Portree, take the A87 north towards Uig. Just just before the Uig Hotel, turn suitable onto the tiny single track road – there will be a road sign right here to Sheader and Balnaknock. Stick to this (pot-holed) road for about five minutes, roughly two.5km. The Fairy Glen will be visible from the road. An additional alternative is to stroll from Uig – it is a beautiful gentle 30-minute stroll that is effectively worth the work. Or you can book a regional shuttle bus in town. Nonetheless you get there, bear in mind to leave Fairy Glen as you identified it: the fairies are watching you.

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