I like getting a travel blogger! I’m a single of the fortunate ones who in fact get to do what they really love carrying out. So yes, I’m grateful. I cannot think that I have been capable to build this life that I’m living! Currently, as I total 7 years of travel blogging, I’d like to celebrate this moment by seeking back at all these years, which created Voyager For Life what it is. And, this is really a milestone! I’m proud of the reality that I continued to do what I began really casually on 14th of August, 2012. I had no thought back then that I’d turn it into a significant vocation.

Voyager For Life is a single of the top rated solo female travel blogs in India. Becoming recognized as a single of the top rated solo female travel bloggers occurred without the need of any work from my finish, due to the fact that is my all-natural travel style – I had been traveling solo even prior to I began blogging. So I guess you should really do what you want to do, and individuals will honor you for your individuality. There’s no have to have to do what other folks are carrying out, due to the fact imitating other folks keeps you from discovering your personal uniqueness.

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7 Outstanding Years of Travel Blogging

So, how has Voyager For Life come this far? Nicely, it has grown with each and every passing year. Here’s my journey –

The ‘enthusiastic’ 1st year

My 1st year as a travel blogger was completely my personal, which indicates I was blogging for myself. I had no stress of updating my weblog frequently, advertising it or worrying about Search engine optimization. I had a bank of travel pictures and stories from my previous travels, which I enjoyed sharing on a public platform. Due to the fact I had began blogging along with a complete-time job, I utilised to perform on my weblog just after dinner and would keep up till two am. Was it enjoyable? Certainly!

Apart from enthusiasm, my 1st year was also about a lot of mastering. I utilised to study a lot about blogging, networking and social media. Nicely, social media was not so major at that time. I was active only on Facebook. I had no thought about Twitter or Instagram.  

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The ‘diligent’ second year

When I realized that my partnership with blogging wasn’t casual any longer and it is receiving significant with time, I started to devote far more time into writing fantastic weblog posts. I consciously steered towards producing valuable content material. And, when I was in the middle of my second year as a blogger, I had quit my job and got into complete-time blogging and freelance writing.

IMG-Travel Blogging

The ‘determined’ third year

Nicely, by the time I touched the third year of my blogging journey, I had come a lengthy way. I had learnt to create far better posts, connect with individuals, travel deeper and be far more determined about what I was carrying out. I gradually got introduced to items like press trips, sponsored posts and brand collaborations. I have a funny story to inform you: “When I got my 1st FAM (familiarization trip) invite, I believed it was a joke.” But, it was accurate.

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The ‘prolific’ fourth year    

I’d say my fourth year of travel blogging was just a far better version of the earlier year. I’d like to contact it prolific due to the fact I got to travel back to back for a when, and I managed to get freelance assignments alongside. I had turned into a digital nomad, who had the liberty to perform from anyplace!

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The ‘laid-back’ fifth year

Then came a time when I had to slow down as a blogger. I was receiving into an additional adventure of life named marriage, moving into a new city, settling into a new residence, receiving to know a new particular person and mastering to be a far more domesticated person. So, blogging took a backseat, which, I feel, was typical. But, I nevertheless traveled really a bit that year, each personally and professionally. Also, I got listed and featured in a number of publications and web-sites.

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The ‘challenging’ sixth year

Blogging has evolved more than the years. It is not so very simple any longer. I imply it wasn’t so very simple back then either. But, it was just about blogging, which came out of passion, obsession and expertise. Points changed just after 2015-16. Social media just got larger and far more relevant. I have to admit that I began really late on Instagram, which I had no thought would play a important part in weighing my clout as a blogger.

My sixth year was also difficult in terms of producing some major adjustments, such as moving my weblog from blogger to WordPress, purchasing my personal digital space, producing my web page https, correcting all the broken hyperlinks, redesigning my web page, understanding and dealing with all the technical stuff. Phew!

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The ‘hopeful’ seventh year

I have come to comprehend that my weblog is my voice, my brand. I have understood that far more than tough perform and consistency, I have to have to perform strategically. I have been exploring new approaches of monetizing my weblog – affiliate advertising and travel consultancy. There’s so a great deal of valuable travel content material on my weblog, which I have produced with years of travel encounter. Therefore, what ever solution or service I propose is my belief, as well. It is my joy and self-confidence to build travel itineraries for individuals who would like to travel like me. So, I’m hoping to aid far more and far more individuals with their travel plans.

Would you nevertheless study a travel weblog or just scroll by means of a Facebook and Instagram feed?

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