Dreaming of renting a boat and island hop around some of the spots around Greece? Here's a complete guide to help you out. Renting a boat in Greece turns out to be affordable and pretty easy to organize. In this guide you will find different options including boat charters, the yacht week, and med sailors. #Greece
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Expanding up, a single of my greatest mates would go to Greece each summer season to check out her grandparents. She told me all about how attractive it was and in the years that followed, I saw photographs about the Online that confirmed her stories of brilliant sunsets more than blue waters.

For many years now we’ve been speaking about how dreamy it would be to rent a boat and island hop about some of the spots about Greece. I’d usually assumed that it would be costly or hard to arrange, but this summer season when we decided to make that dream a reality, it was surprisingly cost-effective and fairly simple to organize.

If you are seeking at renting a boat and a skipper in Greece, the following are some of the greatest approaches that you can do it, plus the strategy that we made use of:

Some of the most attractive islands in the globe can be discovered in Greece. The greatest way to discover them: island-hopping! Right after checking out my 7-day itineraries for island-hopping in Greece, the only point left to do is figure out how you will get about. The way you go about sailing among islands will rely on the way you like to travel, as some yachts in the Mediterranean come with expert sailing and pre-planned itineraries, when other folks deliver a lot more of a do-it-oneself encounter. The sailing strategy you pick ought to go hand-in-hand with the Greek encounter you want to have, so to improved aid you discover the beauty of the Greek islands, I explored 4 diverse selections. Right here is what you have to have to know for your subsequent Greek sailing vacation:

Boat Charters

how to rent a boat in greece

If you want to design and style your personal encounter from start out to finish, the greatest way to go is to get a group with each other and rent your personal boat. That is precisely what I did – acquiring 7 mates with each other to rent a boat that could accommodate the eight of us, plus a skipper. If you go this route, you will have to have to aid the skipper a bit with crewing the boat, which we believed was a lot of exciting. We made use of Sailways and spent about $600 per individual for a week on a 50-foot sailboat. 

You can also attempt renting a boat with a web page like Boat Bookings. Decide if you want the boat crewed (operated by a entire group of folks), skippered (sailed by a single expert), or sailed independently (you will have to have a license and encounter to do this), and pick either a motor yacht, a sailing yacht, or a catamaran. The web page fundamentally operates as an Airbnb for boats. Boat Bookings requires pride in that it only operates with reputable boat operators to guarantee consumers that their boat rental encounter is fully secure and genuine. The only downside is that the boats can be pricy (the lowest rentals beginning in the thousands of dollars) as consumers are paying for size and luxury.

how to rent a boat in greece
Loved chilling on our personal boat

The Globe Sailor operates the very same way as Boat Bookings, permitting you to pick your preferences for all selections and detailing the accommodations and attributes of each and every boat. One particular little distinction among the two is that The Globe Sailor delivers six diverse varieties of boats, as opposed to the 3 selections on Boat Bookings. The organization is run by a friendly 15-individual group primarily based in Paris if you pick to rent a skippered boat, you will most likely have a single of these 15 sea professionals as your guide! The web page boasts “boat rentals at the greatest value,” which is essentially correct! I couldn’t uncover decrease rates on any other web page. In reality, a lot of the boats on the web page expense much less than $1,000 per week, with a some beginning as low as a handful of hundred dollars.

The bottom line: Not absolutely everyone desires to orchestrate a entire trip, even though. Right after all, it is no simple activity to program an international trip when each air and water transport are needed! That mentioned, I’ve place with each other a 7-day itinerary in three of the most well-liked sailing spots in Greece to make it less complicated. , Nevertheless, for solo travelers, I know that acquiring a group with each other can be difficult. There are a handful of selections out there if you’d like to join a chartered cruise as properly: 

The Yacht Week

sailing greek islands poros
Beautiful Poros, a single of the Yacht Week stops

The Yacht Week is definitely a single of the most well-liked selections amongst young folks for sailing the Mediterranean. Basically place, this is what you do if you want to celebration.

The organization runs skippered, week-lengthy, pre-planned routes to six diverse destinations. It delivers travelers two selections: either book a complete yacht for a private group of six to 12 folks, or reserve a two-individual cabin or solo spot on a shared yacht. Their route by way of Greece travels among a handful of areas on the Greek mainland and the Greek islands of Poros, Hydra, Spetses, and Dokos. Trip activities involve a regatta, a daytime celebration, bay swims, 4-wheeling, and a sunset dinner, and on all TYW trips, travelers have the perks of expert photographers, international DJs, and access to exclusive events. Even though it is maybe the most glamorous of the Grecian boating selections, it is crucial to note that The Yacht Week has a critical celebration vibe, so if you are seeking for a a lot more relaxed adventure, this could possibly not be the organization for you. Also, a trip is fairly pricy: the Greek itinerary charges among $750 and $1,200, with the less expensive tickets omitting meals. Plus, the sticker value nevertheless does not involve airfare, transportation to and from the port, consuming out, and port charges. 

The bottom line: A trip with The Yacht Week is exciting, glamorous, and geared toward a younger crowd even so, a 7-day trip is costly, delivers small freedom in selecting destinations or activities, and could be improved adapted for solo travelers. 

Med Sailors 

sailing greek islands
attractive Ermioni, a single of the stops

Equivalent to The Yacht Week, Med Sailors runs week-lengthy, skippered, pre-planned sailing trips for a crowd among the ages of 20 and 35. It runs 5 diverse routes, which includes two all through Greece. (One particular Greek route travels by way of the Ionian islands the other, the Saronic.) Guests can pick to travel on an eight-guest or ten-guest yacht or an eight-guest catamaran. What sets Med Sailors apart is its outlook on travel, which is rooted in a mixture of experiences: exploring nature and history, living like a regional, spending some time enjoying the nightlife, and relaxing. Med Sailors also tends to make a point to welcome solo travelers, as they aim to bunk an person with one more traveler of the very same gender and roughly the very same age who is seeking for the very same form of sailing encounter. Med Sailors even cares about the “Leave No Trace” environmental mantra, their web page displaying travelers participating in a beach clean up. 

Med Sailors itineraries are a lot more inclusive than The Yacht Week, as the sticker value, ranging from $600 to $1,100, involves each day breakfast and lunch, snorkeling and paddleboarding gear, and even the chance for sailing lessons from the skipper! Travelers should nevertheless spend for airfare, transportation, and restaurant dinners, even though. 

The bottom line: Even though travelers nevertheless do not get to pick all the specifics of their itineraries, Med Sailors forgoes a robust celebration vibe in favor of cultural authenticity, a comfy setting for solo travelers, environmental duty, and a decrease general expense. That mentioned, they nevertheless like to Celebration on MedSailors, it is just not the center of the trip. 

Vital Prepping Things

greek sailing ionians lefkada
Lefkada in the Ionians’ most renowned view

Whichever route you pick to go, it is crucial to be ready for the trip in a way that differs from other, non water-primarily based trips:

  • If you are going independently: Acquire at least a single night’s worth of emergency rations in case you cannot dock or encounter a storm and cannot move. Pasta and sauce operates fine for this. We also purchased breakfast things and snacks periodically so we wouldn’t have to usually dock for lunch. 
  • The grocery shops can get extremely busy close to the port, specifically Piraeus. Go earlier than you believe you will have to have to in order to get provisions as items have a tendency to take longer in Greece than you could possibly anticipate. 
  • Bring earplugs! Most of the time you will be docking in town, correct subsequent to other boats. Given that boat walls do not deliver any sound proofing, you could possibly not get significantly shuteye with no them. 
  • Look at the water provide: The boat has a restricted water provide, so you will most most likely have to have to spend for water at the dock or use the showers that numerous restaurants deliver to yachters at the ports for three-five euros each and every. 
  • If you want to rent a quad bike: You will have to have an international driver’s license. This is a newish rule that is fairly strictly enforced these days. You can only get this in your dwelling nation. In the US it is out there at AAA. 
A complete guide to renting a boat in Greece that will allow you to sail and island hop. Different options including the yacht week, boat charters, and the med sailors included (with reviews and budget), plus some essential prepping items to help you plan an amazing trip! #Greece #GreeceTravelTips
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I hope this assists you to program an incredible week sailing about Greece. I loved the flexibility, the affordability, and the encounter of acquiring to do this with my mates in attractive waters, consuming good meals. 

For aid on arranging your route, verify out three itineraries I place with each other for the Cyclades, Saronic islands, and the Ionians. 

Delighted sailing!