Are you a significant travel planner?

Want to know how to use Pinterest for preparing your subsequent trip?

Rather of making use of Google, Facebook or a guide book, Pinterest is also a good resource for travel information and facts, and of course inspiration!

If you are like me, in the previous you collected travel magazines or brochures from the travel agent and highlighted text and ripped out pictures to pin to a cork board. Did you also generate vision boards or “bucket lists” on huge sheets of cardboard? I did.

Now I use Pinterest.

What I like about Pinterest, and what separates it from say Facebook and Instagram, is that issues keep exactly where I place them and are quick to locate once more, for me and other people.

Also, for the most aspect, pictures are linked back to the weblog or site that they originated from. These pinned pictures can as a result, open up a planet of precious travel information and facts.

By generating my boards into subjects, and then pinning pictures and weblog posts to these boards, I can effortlessly organize and categorize my travel preparing and travel recommendations.

New to Pinterest?

In a nutshell, you generate ‘boards’ on a particular subject and you ‘pin’ pictures to these boards you have discovered on other internet sites, your personal weblog, or uploaded from your personal computer.

You can adhere to other users’ boards, browse by means of their pictures and ‘repin’ the ones you like to your personal boards. How’s that for organization?

See Join Pinterest and Pinterest Fundamentals for enable

Pinterest is such a good platform for dreaming AND travel preparing.

“A picture tells a thousand words” as they say, and there is no greater way to inspire a trip and stir emotion than by means of travel pictures.

For instance, we have constructed up four million followers on our Bucket List board. People today are acquiring inspired to travel one particular photo and pin at a time.

There are basically 4 phases of travel – Dream, Program, Practical experience, Share

Pinterest fits completely not only with the dream phase, but also with the preparing, experiencing and sharing phases. Images are good for inspiring, but it is the linked to information and facts that enables us to take action.

How to Use Pinterest for Travel Organizing

Prior to your subsequent trip, you can get educated and inspired about your future location.

I’m at present on a 1-year road trip about Australia with my wife and youngsters, and Pinterest has been playing a significant function in our travel preparing and inspiration.

STEP 1  – Set up your boards: DREAM

As pointed out, boards are exactly where you organize your Pins (pictures). Feel about your boards meticulously ahead of you go pinning like crazy.

What areas do you want to take a look at? What experiences do you want to have? Brainstorm categories particular to you!

For instance, you could be preparing a trip to New York City. Build boards referred to as:

Or you could generate a board for every single city or nation you program to take a look at. Then repin wonderful pictures and weblog posts to these relevant boards.

See setting up boards for enable

STEP 2  – Stick to boards of areas you want to take a look at

To use Pinterest as a travel preparing tool and to get the finest user practical experience, you have to begin following boards and men and women.

Following a board (or particular person) signifies you will see that person’s pins in your dwelling feed. Just like you see your pals updates in your Facebook news feed.

Each and every time you log in to Pinterest you will land on your dwelling feed.

Click on the significant red Pinterest word to refresh your screen and scroll by means of the pictures repinning to your personal boards and adhere to these men and women who share the similar interest.

How to Use Pinterest for Travel Planning

Locating Good Images to PIN

HOT TIP – when you click on a photo you like, two cool issues will open up for you:

1. To the ideal side of the photo you will see pins from the similar board.

For instance, when I clicked on the Yosemite waterfall photo, on the ideal you see the board “Waterfalls about the World”. Go there to locate other good waterfall pictures:


two. Scroll down to the section exactly where it says Connected Pins.

This is my FAVOURITE way to locate the finest pictures. I do not consider lots of men and women do this. You will see other photos from the similar location or subject as the original photo you clicked on.

For instance, when I clicked on a photo of Hawaii, I scrolled down to see other amazing pictures of Hawaii:


I Usually use this solution to locate greater pictures of a location or subject.

When I’m on the Pinterest homepage and I see a photo from a location I’m interested in, even if it is not the finest photo I can click on it then scroll down to Connected Pins. A complete new planet opens up!

STEP three – Click on the ‘TRAVEL’ category

Not my favourite way to get particular pins as a really broad variety opens up. But, superior travel associated pictures none-the-significantly less.

To get to the travel category, go to the best left of the homepage screen and click on the menu button and a drop down will open up:


STEP four – Use the Search Bar

I like this solution.

Just like you would use particular search phrases to search for issues in Google, you can do the similar on Pinterest. The search bar can enable you locate pins, boards, and pinners on Pinterest.

The search bar is also positioned in the best left of the screen. This is exactly where you form in words of areas you are interested in going to.

As you begin typing in your selected location or subject, recommended terms will seem under the search bar.

For instance, when I typed in the words ‘USA travel‘ these selections opened up:


Narrowing Your Search Final results

After you have clicked on the search term most suitable, you can toggle amongst 3 varieties of outcomes by clicking the Pins, Boards, and Pinners: 


For instance, say you searched the term “Paris”

  • Clicking Pins will show pins about “Paris”.
  • Clicking Boards will show boards with “Paris” in the title.
  • Clicking Pinners will show men and women who have “Paris” in their name.

Other examples you could form in the search bar could be:

  • Hotels in Paris
  • London Restaurants
  • Beaches in Sydney

STEP five – Pin from Tourism Board Web sites and Blogs

You can pin pictures from practically any web-site on the internet.

Located a valuable weblog post on your location you want to bookmark? Pin it. Located an inspiring travel photo? Pin it.

  • Going to Sydney? Go to the Sydney site, adhere to them on Pinterest, then repin pictures and articles to your boards.
Merely add the Pin It button to your browser to pin from other internet sites

STEP six – Stick to Your Buddies

Got pals who travel? Want to locate them on Pinterest?

To locate pals by means of Facebook or Twitter click your name in the best ideal corner then click Discover Buddies from the drop-down menu. Your pals who use Pinterest will seem.


Click the Stick to button for any pals you have a popular interest with.

STEP 7 – Invite People today to a Group Board

Going on a trip with other family members members? Or a group of pals? Bring a tiny communal inspiration to a board.

A group board is a board that you, and other people you invite, can all pin to.

Say you and some pals are road tripping California. Why not set up a group board on “California” exactly where you can all pin issues you learn. Or separate group boards referred to as:

  • Beaches in California
  • Nightlife in California
  • Road trips in California
  • Consuming in California
  • Purchasing in California
  • Theme Parks in California

After you have been on your road trip, these boards can be a good location to share all your trip pictures on with each other!

See invite men and women to a group board for enable

STEP eight – Spot Pins

Pinterest lately brought out this cool new function referred to as Spot Pins.

Generally, Spot Pins allow you to map out the places of all the pictures you share on your boards. This is a new way you can program your trips.

It is a visual guide to obtaining areas to go and issues to see. These Spot Pins rely on Foursquare’s place API.

I see this as a good tool for sharing your trip afterwards, by highlighting points of discovery such as areas you consume, exactly where you stayed, issues you saw, which your followers can then advantage from.

For instance, we are at present pinning our way about Australia, sharing our pictures and travel recommendations on issues to see and do on our Australia Travel board:


We grew up close to Sydney, and have knowledgeable the finest Sydney has to provide from a travel point of view.

So we’ve made a Sydney Australia Spot Pins board sharing our insider recommendations on issues to do, exactly where to consume, areas to keep, cost-free stuff and a great deal additional:



Other superior examples of Spot Pin boards are:

Want to begin your personal Spot Pins board?

See Build a Spot Board for enable

STEP 9 – Practical experience and Share

Pinterest is not only a good location for dreaming and preparing, but for organizing and sharing your memories.

After you are on your trip, use your intelligent telephone and upload your pictures to your boards and share your journey with pals and family members.

Or as soon as you get dwelling, upload your pictures from your personal computer making use of the upload bar by clicking on the “+” button at the best of Pinterest.


You could generate a new board referred to as “My Trip to New York” for instance.

If you have a weblog, add your pictures and recommendations to your weblog posts and share to your relevant boards.

Are you on Pinterest?

Share a hyperlink to your boards in the comments and any recommendations on how you use it for travel.

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How to Use Pinterest for Travel Planning