A Quick Guide to Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Hear ye, hear ye! The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is upon us. By no means heard of it? No worries! That is what I’m right here for. 🙂

The Edinburgh (pronounced ed-in-buh-ruh) Fringe Festival is the world’s biggest art festival held for 3 weeks throughout August. In 2018, it lasted 25 days and featured a lot more than 55,000 performances! There’s a purpose it is recognized as “the world’s greatest platform for inventive freedom.”

Intrigued? Very good! Right here is a fast guide to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival that’ll have you booking your flight to Scotland ASAP!

Edinburgh, Scotland

A Short History

Just before the Fringe Festival, there was the Edinburgh International Festival (EIF) which was also a performing arts festival, it was just a bit a lot more formal and acts had to be invited to carry out. In 1947, the Fringe Festival was produced when a huge quantity of performers showed up to host their personal shows.

Ironically it was situated on the “fringe” of EIF and hence the name was produced!

Right now the Edinburgh Fringe is considerably bigger (in terms of performances) than EIF. In truth, it is bigger than any other festival in Edinburgh! The greatest purpose for this is mainly because it is an open-access festival.

That signifies certainly anybody can carry out, no will need for an invitation. This signifies you get a wide wide variety of artists and talent which tends to make it rather the encounter!

edinburgh fringe festival act 1

What’s There to Do?

Far more like what is not there to do?!

Consider a giant artistic street fair with the greatest variety of performers. I’m speaking some that are entirely zany to absolute showstoppers. It is most effective recognized for comedy acts so prepare to laugh. But mainly because it is open-access, you can anticipate every thing from theater to cabaret to opera to classical music!

Exactly where Does it Take Location?

All more than Edinburgh!

There is no precise venue for the Fringe Festival. In truth, there are more than 300 venues that are registered for the festival! These cover a wide wide variety of venues such as street corners, pubs, cafes, and bigger spots like conventional theaters.

While there are only 300, each and every venue has various spots exactly where performers can place on a show so there are in fact more than a thousand functionality areas.

Wanna know just how exceptional this festival is? In the previous, performers have place on a show on the back of a motorbike, a taxi, and even a transportable toilet. Yep, you study that proper! There are also street performers who are mainly discovered on the Royal Mile—a stretch of pedestrian-only space throughout the festival.

If going to for the festival, be prepared for a functionality nearly each and every meter you stroll. It is thrilling however a tiny overwhelming!

edinburgh fringe festival act

What Are the Need to-Sees?

Choosing out which shows to go is rather a challenging job as every person has their personal opinion and their personal taste. And 1 of the most effective strategies to encounter the show is to wander the streets and see what you stumble across.

Nevertheless, the initial spot to appear is the official Edinburgh Fringe Festival web site which is exactly where the show is initial announced. On the web page, you can filter by form of show, save shows to your favorites, and generate your personal Fringe calendar. Otherwise, appear at neighborhood news internet sites, verify out returning shows, or watch the previews that the bigger venues place on.

Do I Require Tickets?

Yes and no.

It definitely depends on the shows you pick out to attend! Some locations call for pre-paid tickets, although there are also no cost shows which give the solution of donating at the finish of the functionality.

How Do You Strategy?

Honestly, the most effective way to program could possibly just be to…not. Make confident you have clothing suited for the climate and a spot to keep, but you could possibly locate that it is superior to see exactly where the day and the activities take you! If you are a planner even though and *will need* to have some sort of outline, figure out a couple of locations you want to consume, possibly get tickets for a show or two and go from there!

Some of the most effective shows are discovered on a whim.

But, note that mainly because the festival is massively preferred, hotel rates have a tendency to raise and book up promptly, so for that component, I’d program ahead!


Going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will have you laughing, crying, gasping, possibly even cringing, and undoubtedly drinking so do not miss this bucket list festival!

So, have you been or are you preparing to go? I’d really like to hear all about it in the comments under!