A Day Trip from Palma de Mallorca with Charming Train from 1912


Train ride to Sóller

If you are staying in Palma de Mallorca, and want to see additional of the island, but are with out vehicle Then I hugely suggest taking the charming old train from Palma to Sóller, northwest of Mallorca in Spain.

Train Raid to Sóller from Palma de Mallorca

Train Station of Sóller next to Plaza Espana in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Acquiring Tickets from the Train Station

Taking the train to Sóller can be carried out subsequent to Plaza España, and it is not exactly where the other trains and buses are. The Sóller train station is subsequent to the normal station and is a historical constructing. Bear in mind to bring revenue! The ticket workplace does not take any cards of something. Money is king! And also the ticket is not affordable! I decided to go for the combo ticket for 32 EUR, that also incorporates the tram down to Sóller Port, which has to be visited as nicely. It is spectacular! Go early and get worth for your revenue!

Sensible Data

The final train goes back at 18:30 from Sóller town. By this travel early in the day and then have sufficient time for Porto Sóller and also Sóller town.

The train journey requires 28 km which is a single-hour trough breathtaking landscape and 13 tunnels carved into the landscape. The old wooden train is linking Sóller with Palma de Mallorca, and opened in 1912.

The Tram to Porto Sóller

If taking the train to Sóller Town, I would also suggest taking the tram down to Porto Sóller, which is exactly where you want to retire when you get old. A fantastic beach promenade with sea breeze and a tasty chilled glass of rose wine. Welcome to heaven in Spain.

The tram to Porto Sóller requires 30 minutes with additional attractive scenery and even additional lemon trees about just about every corner. If shopping for tickets on the tram, it is 7 EUR and only money.

Porto Sóller seen from the tram
Porto Sóller and the famous tram!

About Sóller Town

The attractive town of Sóller is covered in lemon trees and this is how the valley turn into wealthy back in the 19th century. Shipping lemons and orange to France from the west coast of Port de Sóller.

I sadly did not have have substantially time, only 30 minutes that is not providing justice to the location, for the reason that the cathedral is spectacular and the plaza is lively.

Sóller Town and it's church

About Porto Sóller

Porto Sóller is fantastic for a relaxed beach day with divine lunch spots along the complete promenade when you are tired of consuming and sunbathing, you can normally go buying for a classic Spanish bag or perhaps even the fragrance of Palma de Mallorca Bergamot, lemon, orange peels, salvia, lavender, chamomile, coriander nard and jasmine. My new favored perfume.

Consume &amp DRINK

If getting in Sóller you have to have the lemonade or the orange juice of Sóller or if not the ice cream of Sóller oranges which is the most effective.

Lunch at Porto Sóller

I had lunch at Sabarca Restaurant, with grilled squid, salad and a glass of rose, we need to have to take pleasure in all the goods of life. The squid was completely ready, and it was tender and melted on my tongue. Seafood is a ought to when getting at the harbor.

Sabarca Restaurant in Porto Sóller.
Mallorca Island in Spain

Have You been to Sóller or
Are You Going?

Traveling by Auto in Mallorca

Sóller is a ought to do when going to Palma de Mallorca either it is by train, bus or vehicle. If you have a rental vehicle, you can park the vehicle in the smaller town of Bunyola and only have the final most scenic component of the train ride. An additional selection is to drive to Sóller and from there take the tram down to the harbor. The tram and the train have a charm that you do not get in a new vehicle. It is a thing with a block of old wood and the sounds of a 1912 train moving forward in the terrain of Mallorca, Spain.

The household group, yes the youngsters loved this trip on the train and it is only a single hour seeking out the window in scenic landscape.


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