Simply because the nation of China is so significant, there is not an precise, suitable time to take a look at — it is a vast nation with a wide variety of climates. No matter what season or month you take a look at, you will be capable to soak up each ounce of culture that China has to supply.

When arranging out your trip, consider about the experiences you want to have and the regions you want to take a look at. Do you dream of walking along the Wonderful Wall? Or experiencing the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival? If you are torn, I’ve place with each other a breakdown of the tops festivals and seasons about the nation.

Right here are the greatest occasions to take a look at China!

November to March

Lots of individuals attempt to prevent China in the winter for the worry of it getting also cold. And though it does get chilly (with highs in the mid-40s), there are a lot of locations that are worth seeing. November and December are regarded as the low season, so it is doable to save dollars on travel and accommodation.

Pay a visit to spots like Hong Kong, Macau, Hainan, and Yunnan for warmer climate or practical experience China beneath a blanket of snow in cities like Beijing or Pingyao.

Come January and February, events such as Chinese New Year, the Chinese Lantern Festival, and the Harbin Ice Festival fill the streets with individuals. With that comes greater value tags for travel—so I’d recommend booking in advance so you do not get hit with final-minute charges!

Choi Hung Estate Basketball Court, Hong Kong

April to Could

Spring is arguably 1 of the greatest occasions to take a look at China, particularly if you are a nature lover!

Typical temps variety from 50 to 73 F, melting all the snow that winter brought. In the southern area, rain season begins…but do not let than dampen your trip.

The rain can essentially improve the views!

Plus it brings out the blossoming flowers and fruit trees, painting the nation with colour. The greatest way to deal with the unpredictable climate is to put on light layers that are very easily adaptable for the ever-altering climate.

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June to August

June via August is peak season in China, mainly for the reason that individuals are capable to get the time off of perform and college is out. Having said that, this does not imply that it is necessarily the greatest time to take a look at.

Large cities like Beijing and Shanghai can get really humid and hot which can be downright uncomfortable.

This is, nonetheless, the optimal time to take a look at the mountains and highlands such as Tibet. June is also the time of the Dragon Boat Festival exactly where you will come across locals snacking on rice dumplings and watching dragon boat races.


September to October

General, fall is the greatest time to take a look at China in terms of the climate.

There’s much less rain, extra sunshine, and milder temperatures. Simply because the climate is so fantastic, a lot of locals and expats alike take a look at distinct components of the nation however international vacationers do not take a look at as generally. If going to, you will be met with fall hues and fresh regional fruits.

The largest celebration of the fall season is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. It is celebrated in September or October on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar (so this year, it is on September 13, 2019!).

The festival is symbolic of family members reunion and harmony, and it is celebrated with lots of superior meals and attractive lanterns!

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China is a nation complete of wealthy culture, friendly locals, and meals that will leave you seriously happy.

Whether or not you want to discover the Wonderful Wall of China or thrust oneself into the Chinese markets, you will be capable to do so all year round. If you are seeking for the most excellent climate across the significant cities and tourist websites, take a look at in the spring (April to Could) or the fall (September to October).

You will be met with mild temperatures and spectacular scenery!