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Hi there!

I was asking yourself if I could get some support on my itinerary. I created a tentative schedule for my 24-day solo trip in August but I am hesitant that I am becoming as well ambitious in the quantity of areas I have on my list. I land in Barcelona at Noon on Aug 12th, and I chose to fly in there just simply because it was the least expensive place, which is why I only allocated it three days (I know this is not sufficient to see anything). From Barcelona, I fly into Vienna. From Prague, I fly into London, exactly where I will be staying with relatives so I will not have to spend for accommodations. I fly out from London, so that is exactly where I have to finish up.

My inquiries are:

  • am I becoming as well ambitious in getting these several areas? If so, which do you recommend I take out? [I don’t enjoy crowded places too much, I’m on a student budget, I only enjoy partying in moderation, I love nature/hiking, I like the old architecture rather than modern architecture].

  • Are the allocation of days to each and every city superior?

  • I wanted 1 evening in Cesky Krumlov simply because I assume I’d seriously really like the tiny town really feel, but is this a superior option or must I make it a day trip?

  • I am also open to ideas of altering cities simply because nothing at all is set in stone. I initially wanted to go to Berlin as well but I never assume I would have sufficient time.

I appreciate any tips/ideas that men and women can give me, thank you so significantly!


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