Budapest is uncomplicated to really like.

How couldn’t you really like a jewel? That is what they get in touch with her – the Danube jewel – and not devoid of cause. The river is the ornament of the city due to the fact it tends to make the city sparkle, along with its bridges, the Palace, the beautiful architecture, the vegetation, the Castles, and the evening-lights, which are reflected on its waters.


The truth is that beyond the city center, exactly where the lights dim and the river disappears, there are not several attractive areas to see. It is only the city center that you will take pleasure in: all the things inside an imaginary line that begins from the attractive bridges, goes more than the Castle and the Fisherman’s Bastion, down towards Margaret Island and the Hungarian Parliament and ends up someplace towards the Jewish Quarter.


When you take a look at Budapest, the sole dilemma is Buda or Pest. Yes, Budapest in reality is two cities: Buda is situated just under Castle Hill and Pest on the other side of the river.


Whichever side you pick, even so, by no means drop sight of the Danube. It is worth it, even if you have to spend one thing further. I know what you are going to say: that you just want the area for a superior night’s sleep. And however, in Budapest, this view is one thing you need to take pleasure in, and its memory one thing to place in your suitcase to take back house with you. Budapest is this: magical reflections on the Danube waters. If you can, why not encounter these from the comfort of your bed?




Buda is situated on the historical side of the city, under Castle Hill. It need to be your option if you want to really feel the history and favor the pretty. Right here, you will not locate several areas for amusement, for meals, or for purchasing, but do not get discouraged – Pest is just a bridge-crossing away. Distances are quick and walking is a pleasure in this city. Alternatively, there’s normally the tram, the metro, or the bus. If you want to take my assistance, by no means use a taxi, below no situations – unless you do not thoughts a meter that has gone berserk…


View of Buda




Pest is the heart of the city. Shops, restaurants, clubs, plazas they are all right here. If you choose to keep in Pest, and if you pick a hotel with a view of the Danube, the view of Buda across the river will enchant you. The Buda Castle and the Royal Palace make for a memorable image. Pick Pest if you commonly go for the city center. In any case, the distance to Buda is incredibly quick. Plus, public transport is a exceptional encounter in Budapest (I will analyze this in extra depth in a different short article).


View to Pest


Whichever side you pick, even so, normally hold the view of the Danube in your memory. The city itself has various views to give, but your accommodation is an vital aspect of your journey. The “I only want the area for sleeping,” is not a way of considering I agree with. You need to normally pick your accommodation wisely, and with vital criteria in thoughts.


I chose Buda and stayed at a marvelous tiny hotel on the banks of the Danube. If you consider I paid a fortune, you are mistaken. Tiny jewels and clever options are normally uncomplicated to locate, supplied you search for them effectively. 

Translation from Greek to English: Maria Coveou



Have you ever been to Budapest?
Which side of the city did you pick?


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