Castles are wonderful.


It is the roughness of the stone that gets hold of your thoughts and sends it back to instances extended gone, in eras that you haven’t lived in, but you have dreamt about, some time, extended ago. It is these Medieval edifices, these pirate fortresses and hide-outs, the rocks and the sea, that all with each other combine to kind mysterious and exclusive photos in the mind’s eye. When history unfolds a map ahead of you and urges you to spot your pin, you basically can not resist you have to go.

The old town of Monemvasia was beckoning to me, so one particular Sunday afternoon, on my way back from Elafonisos, I produced a cease.


We greeted every single other and fell in adore.





I could inform you lots about Monemvasia. I could devote hours writing about the amazing synthesis of the stone with each other with the blue of the sea, about the mysterious cobblestone paths, and about the romance that this Castle Town exudes.


The Greek poet Yiannis Ritsos known as it a “wooden ship,” and it is such an precise description. Monuments, churches, old mansions, stone homes, arches, Byzantine thrones, all of them gathered right here in this ship, which stands imperious by way of the ages, in a Greek blue ocean.




Monemvasia derives from the Greek words mone and emvasi, which means ‘single entrance.’

A single single way inside the castle walls by way of the major gate. A single single, Byzantine trail to lead you to the heart of the Old Town, at the central square, with the looming Church of Christos Elkomenos and the old cannon. From there on, from the edge of the square, your eyes wander off to the vast sea, even though behind you stands an old town, so exclusive in character. 


Extremely higher up, on the northern tip of the town stands the church of Aghia Sophia, and even although I did not handle to get up (due to building operates), I believe the way there will have to be a exclusive knowledge. They say that up there you can watch the town disappear inside the sea. They say you in no way want to come down once again, and I think that. 




My meandering about this town was brief but complete of these components that make me fall in adore with a spot: beauty, uniqueness, hospitality, calm, history, character, aromas, colors, and strange, although wonderful, visual compositions.


Monemvasia had all the things, but I will emphasize the hospitality simply because this is what normally connects me to a spot. You can come across hospitality in a single ‘good morning,’ in a smile, in benevolent gestures, in a family’s want to cater to your wants, and in conversations which are straightforward, however heartfelt. In this land, hospitality will duel with beauty for a spot in your heart. Let this duel unfold ahead of you and rest assured that, one particular way or the other, you will leave this town content material and delighted.




In closing, let me inform you that, right here, I ate the greatest stuffed vegetables (soon after my mom’s of course – I wouldn’t want her to complain). In Matoula restaurant, the oldest in the castle, I tasted the greatest regional delicacies and I am mentioning this simply because you will believe of meals nearly promptly. If you are in luck and it is unoccupied, take a seat at the single table, top rated ideal, and the view will reward you.


What can you do?

In Greece we have this excellent luxury of combining flavors with photos. It is a luxury, but also a way of life, and in Monemvasia you can combine each wonderfully.


Translation from Greek to English: Maria Coveou




Maryhop got hooked on the rocky Monemvasia
and she feels like she in no way left.

The exploration continues.


Have you ever been in Monvemvasia?


Maria Kalymnou

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