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Travel Period: December 2016
Location: Xiamen, Fujian, China

On my final day in Xiamen, I decided to do a bit of joyriding in the nearby bus transportation of Xiamen. My finish location is the business enterprise aspect of Xiamen exactly where the modern day and tall buildings congregate. The bus was absolutely the most effective, easiest and least expensive way to navigate and see Xiamen.

At the business enterprise district, I stopped at Xidi Street, also recognized as the Coffee Street for some coffee and green tea cheesecake. Right here is my post: Xiamen – Checking out Xidi Coffee Street

I also explored the surroundings of Yundang Lake on foot and caught sight of the renowned Bailuzhou Park which is an island on Yundang Lake involving Hubin North and Hubin South roads. I really like, in distinct, walking about and seeing as a great deal of the nearby everyday life scenes.

When it began to get dark, I took the bus back to Siming. I have memorized the quantity of the bus that goes back to Zhongshan Street, but to make confident I struck a conversation with a nearby, even although I am 90% confident the nearby I am going to ask does not speak English. But I was ready anyway.

So I approached this young guy in his early thirties at the bus quit. He smiled at me when I walked to him and stated in Chinese, “Bus Zhongshan Lu?” and pointing to my map the place of Zhongshan. He rapidly understood and told me in broken English that he is also taking the identical bus. Ah, fortunate me hehe. Bus fares in Xiamen are inexpensive. They had been going at 1 Yuan for a single-way inside the city (back in finish 2016).

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All bikes in Xiamen are all electric powered.

The (right) bus arrived and the young Chinese guy urged me to get on the bus. I climbed in and deposited my 1 Yuan on the income box and got seated close to the driver. He followed suit and sat behind me. It was about dusk, probably 18:00 some thing and it was the peak visitors hours in Xiamen.

For a quick distance, the journey took really some time. The bus was going slow which I did not seriously thoughts at all simply because I was sightseeing. I appear back to the Chinese guy and he was sitting silently engrossed with his mobile telephone. He seemed to be conscious of me checking him out and he looked up and gave me a fast nod, as if reassuring me that our quit has not arrived however.

Passengers came and went, and so had been the red and green lights, though we had extra of the red lights all through the bus ride. All of a sudden the Chinese guy stood up and as if on cue I readied myself. He gestured to me that our quit is the subsequent a single. When we alighted from the bus, he told me to adhere to him, so I did. Incredibly obediently, I followed him by means of a couple of streets and then on the subsequent turn, I saw the familiar lights of Zhongshan Lu. I stopped him and thanked him and told him I am okay and we can aspect techniques.

As I walked on Zhongshan Street, I felt really content to be helped by a stranger.

Images of Siming location.

This is in Dongdu location (close to the ferry station) exactly where I got off from the bus.

Moi on the Hubin North Road, attempting to obtain my way to the Yundang Lake and Xidi Street.

North Hubin Road in Xiamen.

Old and new constructing.

So back in downtown Zhongshan, I was searching for a restaurant. It is my final dinner in the city so I want to invest it in a restaurant. No street meals. I want to sit down and consume and order some suitable Chinese meal. I was in reality craving for greens vegetables.

On the corner of Zhongshan and a single of the road crossings ahead of reaching Xinhua Road, I located this standard Chinese restaurant. Almost everything is Chinese so I have no clue on the name of the restaurant. It attracted me so I created a selection to go inside and take a table.

All the interior furnishings had been traditionally Chinese which I liked a lot, even so, the restaurant was an eclectic mix of old and new. A entire wall is lighted with images of the dishes. As opposed to Japan that is well-liked with replicas of the dishes displayed in a glass shelf, right here in China, they do it with a lighted billboard. It is comparable to order at a western rapid meals joint, it really is just that all the dishes are on the big wall. I am just going to point which a single I am taking.

I was craving for my greens so I ordered some bokchoy cabbage in an oyster sauce I think, some sauteed clams and a cup of rice. The service was really fast. My meals arrived in just a handful of minutes! Despite the fact that the meals was slightly saltier than I am utilized to, this was an outstanding meal. 1 of the most effective meals I have had in Xiamen.

Superior decision I reckon to finish my final evening and dinner in the city.

Fortunate quantity 7, my dinner arrived so rapid!

Sauteed clams Fujian style with nearby vegetables.

Bokchoy cabbage in oyster sauce and fried garlic.

The restaurant from Zhongshan Lu. It is positioned at the finish aspect close to Xinhua Road.

Right here are some extra shots of Xiamen in the Siming location:

Lujiang Road at evening.

The International Bank constructing.

Starting of Zhongshan Lu from Lujiang Road side.

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