Paradise lost.

A tiny island, hidden on the suitable leg of the Peloponnese, was the excuse for a two-day escapade. I kept hearing of a specific Simos beach, but I had by no means set eyes on it. I kept reading about the international awards that the beach had received, I kept spotting it amongst the ideal beaches of the Mediterranean, but I had by no means created it there. All this melodrama, nevertheless, belongs to the previous. I ultimately went.


Very good enterprise, combined with beautiful beaches and the fresh sea breeze, had been sufficient to make me leave with the ideal impressions. When it comes to locations, I do not will need a lot of time to fall in like with it takes place in the speed of light. And if you are asking yourself how I located the time, I can inform you that these compact escapes are my favored ones. I’ve by no means been one particular to will need lots of time, and I do not like to invest a lot of time in one particular location.


I saw it, I liked it, it won me more than, so I fell in like quickly and basic.


Friday afternoon, departure from Athens. Driving to Neapoli (with a compact tour in the villages nearby) and from there on, a ferryboat ride across to Elafonisos. Arrival at evening, dinner, ice cream, drink, and what additional could I want? The island is compact, the options are handful of, and we all finish up hanging out in the very same spots.


Yes, but you cannot go anyplace with an empty gas tank. You undoubtedly do not get across, considering that the only gas station in the village is by now closed. And the one particular just ahead of the compact port has been turned into a café, and the gas pumps will quickly be spitting out Mars bars. Did you know that currently? Perhaps you did. For these of you who didn’t, nevertheless, try to remember what I am telling you. And they say the island’s gas station will re-open beneath new management. Inshallah!


We didn’t know, so we had been out of luck.


Also, let me not overlook to mention the following paradox. In the port of Neapoli, there are two businesses that manage the ferry trips across to Pounta, in Elafonisos. That suggests two various ferries. I am emphasizing this mainly because if you go to the initial enterprise and there’s no ferry scheduled for the subsequent hour, or if the one particular you just missed was their final for the day, they will not inform you, “Go subsequent door.” Absurd, no?


I imply, I fully grasp and respect the absolutely free competitors, but it wouldn’t hurt them to accommodate the travelers every single after in a when, in particular if they have to wait for a lengthy time, or if they are in desperate will need of gas and they have to make it on time for the gas station. I imply, how significantly will these businesses drop? Let it be an exception, at least. Immediately after all, your selection of ferry is accidental and impartial, and the only cause you finish up picking out one particular ferry more than the other is their availability.


I have currently provided you the most standard Guidelines.


Now I’m about to give you some visuals, a small sea, boats, some carelessness. 




As I’ve currently told you in some older, summer time post about the five+1 Incredible Greek Beaches, Simos beach is named following the sponge diver Simos, from Kalymnos. It is not by accident, then, that I was so impressed. The compact Elafonisos has managed to acquire a reputation mainly because of one particular beach. Thin, golden sand, marvelous crystal clear waters, and a surrounding desert scenery.


The beach consists of two bays, Sarakiniko and Fragos. Do you will need some quiet? An umbrella? A deck chair? Some noise perhaps? Take your choose and lay your beach towel! These waters will need your focus. They earned mine for positive.


If Heaven was by the sea, I believe it would in all probability appear like this.

Crossing a desert to locate your oasis, acquiring scorched by the sun and the sand, in order to attain your moment of happiness.




I grew up subsequent to the sea, subsequent to a lake to be precise. As a kid, I employed to play in the water, and I would drop track of time on the beach. Presently, I seldom drop time on a beach, considering that the sun and I have not been pals for years now. In Elafonisos, nevertheless, I could not quit myself from rushing out to the beach and acquiring lost in the sand. I even got on the sun’s nerves, for the initial time this summer time.


But how could I resist THIS beach, you inform me that!



Life has two doors and Simos has two paths. The major Simos, that is, mainly because the compact one particular is much easier to tread. This path created me half hour late I kept taking photographs, gazing at the surrounding scenery, feeling like Lawrence of Arabia. I have seasoned anything related in a true desert in Dubai (do not inform me you have been to Dubai and not been to the desert, I’ll go crazy!)


No camel came to choose me up right here, although. I walked up on foot mainly because I was acquiring hungry, and I was craving some spaghetti al mare.



So this is how MaryHop left her trace there also.



Have you ever been to Elafonisos?
Give me your suggestions! 

**Translation from Greek to English: Maria Coveou


Maria Kalymnou

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