I am a Sushi Lover. Yes, I am.


In Tokyo I located my paradise. My greatest want was to go to Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant, a compact jewel, owned and operated by sushi master Jiro Ono, positioned in a metro station in Ginza, and in a position to accommodate only a handful of. The film Jiro dreams of Sushi was sufficient to make me enjoy sushi even much more, and it is a pity I didn’t get to go to Sukiyabashi Jiro and meet Mister Jiro in individual.


Just to get an thought, to consume there, you need to have to book a month ahead of time, and the minimum you will have to spend is 300 euro. But I’ll inform you this: I feel it is a special expertise, and if you enjoy sushi, you will want to understand the art behind it, and a sushi master can teach you a lot.


Wandering about the ancient district of Asakusa on the 1st day, and about Kinky and Excellent Shibuya on the second dayI tasted lots of nearby delicacies (fried chickens, soups, crab salads and so on), but my want for sushi was unquenchable. It was challenging to swallow that Sukiyabashi Jiro was not readily available, but I located an additional small jewel alternatively. Smaller, fresh, delicate, super hospitable, and with a crazy sushi chef, who proved to be the greatest teacher.

You can see that, anyway, appropriate?

I imply, he did give me his knife…



Amongst all the crazy and awesome issues I knowledgeable inside that small sushi diamond, I also learnt the 12 Commandments of Sushi. Do you know them? Due to the fact sushi is an art – each in its generating and in its consumption. So place down the soya sauce and turn into a Sushi Professional. Let the other people cast sideway glances in the subsequent sushi restaurant you go to. As if they know better…


(I practically lost a hand when I dared let the rice touch the soya sauce)





1. Do not drown the sushi 

Do not dip the sushi in soya sauce mainly because you spoil the taste of the fish, which is a pity, specifically if the fish is fresh. As for the rice, In no way consume it with soya sauce (I uncover this rule challenging to adhere to, although).

two. Gimme Ginger

Yes, that awesome mountain of ginger in the corner of your plate is there to use just after each and every sushi bite, mainly because it cleanses your palate prior to your subsequent bite. Not to mention, it is the no.1 detox meals.

three. 1 sushi – 1 Bite.

Do not dismantle it, do not reduce it (lord, that takes place also), and do not splice it. What ever you grab, you must consume in 1 bite.


four. Consume Rolls Initial.

Your maki rolls, your dragon rolls, your California rolls, and almost everything that comes wrapped up in seaweed, will have to be eaten 1st. Consider of them like starters, and generally reserve the ‘good’ dish for the finish.

five. Keep away from ‘all-you-can-eat’ restaurants

Due to the fact you will not consume true sushi there, and you will not see the art behind it. Genuine sushi is not to be bargained with, and it would greatest if you didn’t get stingy.                                                                               

six. Bye Wasabi, Bye.

Do not add wasabi in your soya dish. Correct sushi currently has wasabi in it, and, if you want much more, it is far better to place it straight on the fish.




7. Use Chopsticks. Not.

Right here opinions diverge. Some lists will inform you to use your hands, whilst other people will urge you to grab the chopsticks. I’ve noticed each, specifically in Tokyo, and my sushi chef place the chopsticks on the side.

eight. Αmerican Sushi.

The California rolls, the dragon rolls, the Philadelphia rolls, and so on, are not Genuine SUSHI. They are American contraptions produced to match their personal diet plan. Even although they are awesome, they are not deemed true Japanese sushi. Cheese and ketchup on the sushi? Please, no.

9. And On The 7th Day, He Did Not Consume Sushi.

Most sushi restaurants in Japan are closed on Mondays, mainly because there is no fresh fish on Sundays. Antony Bourdain, himself, in truth, has mentioned, “No fish on Mondays” (I guess this holds accurate only in Japan, although).

10. Beware of Freshwater Fish.

It is far better to know who tends to make the sushi and how excellent the fish is, specifically considering that you consume it raw. 


11. Take-Out Sushi is a Sin.

In just a handful of words, take-out sushi is a sin!

12. Enrich Your Order.
The rolls are good, I enjoy them myself, and they are generally a protected and tasty decision. Nonetheless, I feel 1 must differ one’s order, from time to time.

And I’ll add my personal commandment as properly:


13. Consume Edamame Βeans, with lots of salt, like there’s no tomorrow!




At Sushi-Arisugawa I had awesome sushi and went beyond my private limits. I commonly cease someplace about the rolls, but this time I varied my order and attempted some good fresh fish, for a modify. I did not dip it in soya sauce, I utilised my hand to choose up a shrimp, and stayed away from the chopsticks. 


I met some beautiful, polite, and hospitable persons, I widened my horizons, and, when once more, I mentioned YES to one thing new.


Let me say it once more, travels are the world’s greatest University.



Are you a Sushi Lover?

**Translation from Greek to English: Maria Coveou


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