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When I told my good friends and loved ones I would be travelling to Pakistan there have been mixed reactions. There are lots of motives why you ought to travel to Pakistan – the epic landscapes, the friendly locals, the remarkable meals and so significantly much more to be named right here.

Pakistan has amassed a adverse perception in the media for getting unsafe or unready for travellers to go to. Positive, there is a tough previous that warrants such a cautious perception from outsiders but I would argue this perception is outdated and unfair on the Pakistan that exists right now. A lot of the nation is secure to travel to and Pakistani people today are eager to show their nation and culture to travellers. For just about every explanation *not* to travel to Pakistan, there are a lots of much more motives to go to Pakistan.

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The Epic Landscapes

When I began publishing photographs of my trip to Pakistan on Instagram, lots of of the comments have been of disbelief: “This is in Pakistan???” was a popular sentiment. Certainly, this is Pakistan. Epic landscapes with higher mountains, plateau plains, deserts and diversity make up the landscapes of Pakistan. The Karakoram mountain ranges bordering Pakistan, India and China in the north are some of the most spectacular scenes I have noticed the globe more than.

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Pakistani Tea Culture

If there’s a single point I know I will in no way tire of it is chai tea and if you are on the very same side of the fence, Pakistan is the location for you. Chai tea is an institution in itself in Pakistan and I hardly ever completed a meal exactly where I wasn’t supplied chai, specially when dining with locals. Pakistan is ranked #7 in the world’s highest tea consuming nations so you can be confident to come across chai in just about every eatery.

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The Himalayas

If you ever fancied climbing the Himalayas but would choose to go to a significantly less populated region of the mountain variety, then Pakistan is the great decision for climbers who choose solitude. Of course Mount Everest is the highest point of the Himalayas, nonetheless in Pakistan the glorious Nanga Parbat sits in the west of the mountain variety and is a single of the most well-known climbs in the nation. The trek to Nanga Parbat’s base camp can be completed in a day or two, following initial producing your way to Fairy Meadows and then finishing the four hour trek to base camp.

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The Adventure of a Lifetime

If there’s a single point I will bear in mind about Pakistan it is how adventurous it forces you to turn out to be. There wasn’t a single day exactly where every little thing went according to program – but the much more time you devote in Pakistan the much more you realise that is half the enjoyable of it. On the day we drove in jeeps on the side of a sheer cliff drop off en route to Fairy Meadows, I bear in mind hunting up to the sky and really actually saying a prayer to arrive secure. It was a single of these “how did I agree to this?” moments. But just about every single thrill, just about every rush of adrenaline, paid off in dividends as each and every day you are willingly but possibly unknowingly taking element in the adventure of a lifetime. I actually think it will be tough if not not possible to top rated my expertise in Pakistan for that explanation alone.

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The Friendly Locals

You have heard it just before about lots of nations just before Pakistan, but I imply it complete heartedly when I say Pakistan is house to some of the most welcoming, humble and satisfied humans I have encountered. Of all the faces I asked to photograph I was in no way after asked for revenue in return. Of all the occasions we have been stuck in website traffic with out meals or water, there was usually an individual prepared to present a totally free meal or chai tea and welcome us in to their residences like loved ones.

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Get an Understanding for Islam

Simply because Pakistan was made as the “global centre for political Islam” it is a single of the most effective locations to understand about Islam and the history of the religion in this area and in the globe. In spite of your personal beliefs (mine getting Christian), understanding and educating oneself on a religion so misunderstood by the West can in no way be a undesirable point and I was regularly asking my guide Atta for clarification as we created our way by means of the nation. He was much more than satisfied to answer my (endless) queries and I discovered a lot about each Islam and the troubled history of Pakistan by getting inside the nation and speaking to locals myself.X

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The jeep journey to Fairy Meadows

Adventure Travel the way it applied to be

Adventure travel has changed a lot more than the final decade and what would be thought of unlawful in Western nations is normally the norm in Pakistan. Exactly where you would anticipate to see a barrier (generally just before a steep cliff drop off), you will not come across a single. Exactly where you would anticipate a road that will comfortably match two vehicles (once more normally on the side of a steep cliff drop off) you will normally come across a road barely wide adequate for a single automobile. Somehow, it all performs out.

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Disconnecting from the world

I imply it really actually when I say I disconnected from the globe all through my time in Northern Pakistan simply because not only is there subsequent-to-no-wi-fi, but there is also such restricted cell service that even if you do handle to get your hands on a sim card (really the arduous activity, forewarning) you will barely be connected on the road. I would encourage you to embrace the chance to genuinely disconnect from the rest of the globe and heighten your senses to love the present – following all, this genuinely is an adventure of a lifetime.

Northern Pakistan itinerary | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Heritage Hotels

I wasn’t expecting significantly by way of accommodation when arriving in Pakistan but I was pleasantly shocked by how lots of attractive heritage hotels we stayed at along the way. This is a nation exactly where you can assure your revenue will stretch additional so if you are hunting for economical luxury, Pakistan is a terrific nation to splurge. Serena Hotels are as luxurious as it gets and you will come across them all more than the nation (my favourite was Khaplu Palace in Gilgit-Baltistan).


Influence from other eras

Pakistan feels like a passage by means of time and regardless of the nation only getting founded in 1947, the geographic positioning of Pakistan indicates it was influenced by Iran, Turkey, Tibet, and you can even come across proof of Buddhism in what is now an virtually exclusively Islamic state.


Central Asia with out the Crowds

In spite of the current rise in recognition of neighbouring India, Pakistan with its’ adverse image in the media has remained a significantly less desirable travel location for vacationers and is as a result nonetheless extremely undiscovered by Westerners. With the political scenario now beneath manage, Pakistan is gaining traction as an adventure travel location but for now, remains a way to see and expertise central Asia with out the crowds.


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