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In Las Vegas you shed your head, you shed your sense of time, and you dematerialize. In a magical way, you are teleported to one more dimension, 1 I under no circumstances fairly got employed to, to inform you the truth. Las Vegas lies in an endless desert, but it is as if it has turned its back on its sandy origins, and has decided to come to be cosmopolitan alternatively. Sand and water had been turned into luxurious hotels, when determination and a sense of dissatisfaction have filled the city with casinos, shows, phantasmagoric water fountains, and gigantic neon indicators.  



A location for entertainment, for celebration frenzy, for gambling, and for sleepless nights – with numerous possibilities, what ever your explanation for going. Every single respectable hotel boasts a multicolored – or rather a large – casino in its lobby. The front desks under no circumstances cease assisting buyers, credit cards come and go by the dozens, the hotel bars serve non-cease, and the concept, of course, is to shed your sense of time, and disappear in there for days and days. It does not matter if it is 3 in the afternoon outdoors, or 42 degrees centigrade.

You are at the bar, with flashy evening-lights, drinking your cocktail, and asking yourself if the roulette should really be your subsequent stop…


…or possibly Black Jack.


You hesitate, all puzzled, you pick out the roulette, and you shed only a little quantity, fortunately. You acted sensible. Subsequent day, you win a tiny, and now you are asking yourself exactly where should really you invest your earnings. And because anything is interconnected in a uniquely industrial way, and due to the fact subsequent to each and every hotel there is a buying mall, you recognize you shouldn’t have been so pleased with your self for winning, due to the fact now your earnings will turn into a purse, or a pair of footwear. If you move wisely, although, you could invest, alternatively, in a great dinner at Reduce in the Venetian Hotel, or you could go to a strip show at the Atrium Theater in the Luxor Hotel. You are craving for much more, nevertheless, so you could do a checkmate and purchase a ticket for the most effective seat, necessarily, at the Cirque du Soleil-The O.

Alternatively, you could take pleasure in the girls of the Fantasy, who are nothing at all quick of fantastical, and your jaw will drop.




Las Vegas holds lots of good surprises for you.

For starters, with only 1 ticket and with just a handful of stopovers (which you know are going to be inexpensive) you can come across your self in 5 other planet cities. You can come across your self walking in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the London Eye in London, the Pyramids in Egypt, the Excalibur, and the magnificent canals in Venice. You can have a gondolier sing opera to you, and you will not think your eyes when you come across your self facing the luxury of the Venetian Hotel. Then 1 evening, you will stand in front of the Bellagio Hotel, staring in wonderment at the Dancing Waters, when exclaiming with an American accent:

“Oh, Mama, Mama!
 What occurs in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.


No concept what I left behind some dollars for positive. But I did bring lots of points with me back to Greece – mainly mixed feelings.

I really feel fortunate that I got to knowledge all that Las Vegas has to present, and I did rub my eyes when I saw Venice, but I do not assume Las Vegas had much more to present. It is a entertaining location, worth going to at some point in your life, but that is all. Of course I am not referring to the Grand Canyon and to all the other activities you could engage in. Las Vegas quite substantially resembles a videogame. You hit get started, you play, you get crazy, but at a particular point you run out of coins – in just about every single sense. 


Beneath, you will come across an album with some of the sights of Las Vegas.

Excalibur, London Eye, Eiffel Tower, Pyramids, Venetian Canals.


In the finish, you can also watch a video of the Dancing Waters in front of the Bellagio Hotel. I abandoned my scrumptious Black Cod to make the fountain show. Rub your eyes and commence. And please take pleasure in!


VENICE / The Venetian Hotel





EGYPT / Luxor Hotel











Las Vegas, Bellagio Dancing Waters from Maria Kalymnou on Vimeo.

**Translation from Greek to English: Maria Coveou


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