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The initial subject of the 30 days weblog challenge is to introduce myself. It is a bit odd to create an introduction about myself following I have written about 300 posts on my weblog &#x1f600 . But in the spirit of the challenge, I am writing my introduction beneath.

My name is Raksha and I am Indian girl living in Sydney.

My profession:

I have a complete-time job exactly where I function as an IT Business enterprise Analyst. My job largely revolves about speaking to consumers in understanding what is essential to automate their small business processes. I am passionate about my job and I enjoy what I have been undertaking throughout my knowledge as a Business enterprise Analyst. Even even though I commence off as a Business enterprise Analyst, most occasions I finish up project managing my project.

My passion:

As most of you are conscious, I am quite passionate about traveling. I am a self-acclaimed adventurous particular person even even though I most likely really feel I am not as adventurous as some of the men and women I have identified. I enjoy undertaking something that provides me the adrenaline rush. Okay, not most likely jumping off from a cliff or bunjee jumping (even even though I have attempted each). There are lots of points I enjoy undertaking – such as backpacking across nations, hiking and scuba diving.

Wearing my bragging cap on, these are some of the wonderful points I have carried out so far, and I have been proud of them:

  • Sleeping below the Milky Way
  • Scuba diving – I am now a certified open water scuba diver
  • Spotted two leopards and a sloth bear in the wild
  • Spotted humpback and sperm whales
  • Hiked Everest Base Camp and Inca trail to Machu Picchu
  • Noticed Jupiter and its 4 moons
  • Swam with seals and dolphins
  • Watched Australian Open female finals reside

My character:

I am an overthinker and I match as a excellent instance for “I even overthink my overthinking” bucket. I am sensitive due to the fact of which I hardly have as well lots of pals. And I do not take any non-sense from any individual. I am a feminist and I am proud of becoming referred to as that.

I assume I must cease myself right here and thank you for reading my initial post that is component of the 30 days weblog challenge.



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