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Going solo for a trip? Go surfing!

 The Earth, that attractive planet exactly where extra than 70% is ocean, with about 620,000 kilometers of coastline, provides us an infinite quantity of possibilities to travel, and browsing for waves is a fantastic motivation.

The extended distances have by no means been shorter and, thanks to the net, new surfing destinations have been found, with new spots appearing usually.

Matching surf vacation dates or destinations with your companion, loved ones or pals is at times hard, and if you actually want to find out a new paradise, we have to do it by ourselves.

Solo trips are, from a logistical point of view, considerably easier than in other sports: there is no require to go as a group to practice this sport: Surfing is uncomplicated, your board, the sea and you.

Traveling alone is a superb adventure that provides a further point of view of issues: the get in touch with with individuals, cultures and experiences, are considerably extra intense and at times simple and direct to be a single particular person who comes to that new spot, these neighborhood surfers or that distinct human neighborhood. Constantly observing the simple security guidelines and some logical precautions, avoiding moving with excessive or luxurious luggage, frequenting potentially unsafe places or risking our wellness in places far from health-related help.

Surfing in Morocco is a fantastic solo choice and amongst the most trendy water sports thanks to the powerful winds that permit you to execute acrobatics in the air and ride endless waves, and then rest on the white beaches.

What is the greatest time to surf in Morocco? Undoubtedly from October to March when the winds will drag your table on the crest of the waves!

Exactly where and when to surf?

The areas in Morocco that are excellent for practicing this sport are Agadir, Essaouira, Oualidia and Taghazout not far from Agadir.

Morocco surfing places

Agadir, with its beach of about 10 km is the most popular seaside resort in southern Morocco and is pretty nicely equipped. Prepared to slip on the waves? The bay is reached by a lot of surfers but also by vacationers who basically want to loosen up on the shore.

In Essaouira, the breeze that regularly comes from the ocean, tends to make the sea fantastic for this sport. But right here do not just quit at the surf: stop by the characteristic fish industry and the medina, declared Globe Heritage by UNESCO. In the fortress you can stroll in between craft shops and historic buildings someplace in between European style and Arab-Muslim architecture.

In Essaouira you can also go with the entire loved ones: the beach is at least 80 meters wide and the water is pretty low even up to 60 meters. The fine sand bottom also enables you to swim devoid of the footwear. Right here you can also take surf or kitesurf courses at the a lot of schools present as nicely as in Agadir.

Oualidia, a lagoon, about 200 km from Marrakech and 158 km from Casablanca. With its beach of fine sand, it lends itself to a lot of sorts of water sports and definitely also to this.


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