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Are you a Tourist or a Traveler?

Tourist or Traveler?


If you have not but created the distinction in your thoughts, this post will clear out any confusion. I am particular you have heard of these two notions ahead of, and I am also particular you have belonged to each groups, at a single time or a different. The thought is to be in a position to distinguish, sooner or later, to which group you belong.


This does not imply, of course, you have to necessarily select a single. Nor does it imply that the other group members will kick you out if you stray and join the other group. Exactly where you belong is a matter of ideology and decision. It is one thing you may be in a position to select on your 1st trip, or one thing that may take you time to determine.


In a single way or a different, having said that, you are going to belong to a single of the two groups, sooner or later, and you will stay a member for the rest of your journeys.


At least that is what I consider.


1. You can spot a tourist from miles away. You can’t spot the traveler.


You can spot a tourist promptly and simply: he wanders the cities with unfolded street maps, camera about his neck, going only exactly where the recommended suggestions and itineraries he identified on the web and on tourist guides inform him to go. He does not interact with the locals and hangs out only on tourist spots.


The traveler, on the other hand, disappears in the crowd, becomes a single with the locals, wanders in the most extraordinary and uncommon areas, and tries only neighborhood and regular delicacies. His map is his wherever-the-road-requires-me ideology, and he most possibly does not have a camera with him. He records pictures and maps on his thoughts alone. 



two. The tourist speaks only in the English language. The traveler speaks in all the rest.


The tourist will select to speak only in English, to make certain he got the ideal data. He will not danger speaking in a different language, for he does not locate the cause. He thinks there’s no goal in finding out the neighborhood tongue, due to the fact it will not be of use to him.


The traveler does the precise opposite, adding some English If require be. He chooses to understand the neighborhood language, attempts to communicate with neighborhood expressions, and English is only his security net. His greatest joy is finding out new expressions every single day, variations of ‘good morning’ and ‘your welcome’ that most possibly sound pretty diverse from the English equivalents.


three. The tourist will keep inside his comfort zone. The traveler will go miles beyond. 


It is pretty much not possible to take the tourist out of his comfort zone. He requires no dangers, he does not attempt new factors, he does not attempt to adapt to the neighborhood customs. He experiences his trip as if he had been at dwelling.


The traveler, on the other hand, does something but. Comfort zones are not even element of his vocabulary, let alone his life’s philosophy. Traveling for him is a single far more possibility to additional distance himself from any zone that tries to wall him in and mold him. Molds might be governing his daily life, but when he travels he desires to get away from them.





four. The tourist travels in order to take a break. The traveler does it in order to understand.


Anybody who travels in order to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, or in order to devote his valuable funds, or in order to add a single far more pin to his map of travels, is absolutely a tourist. A trip for him has no additional substance than the enjoyment it provides although it lasts, since for the tourist a trip is primarily getaway, not a journey.


The traveler, on the other hand, is not on getaway. He is truly traveling. He’s roaming the globe since that offers which means to his life, and the trip is not but a different pin on a map, but a life lesson. He trains his thoughts and his physique in new and unfamiliar situations, he adopts new habits, he adapts to new areas and becomes a single with them – and that is the greatest lesson. His journey does not cease on the plane back dwelling his journey by no means ends.

five. The tourist is on a schedule the traveler by no means.


The tourist can only function with a schedule and a list a single list for the morning, a single for the evening, a list for the sights, a list for meals, a list for the complete trip. His schedule starts on day a single of the trip and ends when he gets back dwelling. Arranging, in reality, is what excites him. 


No preparing and no list are linked with a traveler, even though. He, as well, might locate himself below Significant Ben subsequent to a tourist. He is there, having said that, since he desires to get to know the spot and pay a visit to all the crucial landmarks, and not in order to basically testify that he’s observed them.


You might nevertheless be a small confused by all this. You might nevertheless not know in which group you belong, since you might see your self belonging to each groups at the very same time. That is not poor at all. As lengthy as you sooner or later figure it out and assistance your decision.

And when you do, you will locate quite a few like-minded persons about you.


From private encounter, I can inform you I’ve belonged to each groups, at a single time or a different. Progressively, having said that, I consider I’m getting my spot, and journeys have taken on a new which means for me. I am attempting to rid myself from something touristy, and I consider I am managing just fine.


I want to be wandering the globe as a traveler – and not as a tourist.


What about you?
In which group do you belong? 



Maria Kalymnou

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