My passion for travels, my enjoy for the globe, and my longing to inspire other people to set out and seek modify, had been the most crucial motives for building this weblog. I think about that these of you who have been following me considering that day a single know this currently. As for these of you who have come on board along the way, or these of you who are reading this for the initially time, you may perhaps nonetheless not know the supply of all this inspiration.


This entire time, I have consciously selected not to promote and not to expose my genuine job via this weblog, and I did this for a single explanation only:


So that you are not led to consider, not even for a second, that traveling calls for specialization,
preceding practical experience, expertise, or university degrees.



Journeys demand longing, an appetite, and a soul, and they are not dependent on your line of word, your earnings, your specialization, or your college and university grades. And if you come across any one who believes otherwise, send him off with a “GO AWAY,” as if he had been an apparition (I’m influenced by American Horror Story lately). So turn your back to him and start off packing your suitcase.


So far, so fantastic. But exactly where am I taking this, you should be questioning.


I decided to take back my initial way of pondering and, as of these days, I will start off speaking about my profession this job of mine that produced me fall in enjoy with traveling even extra and which was the most important explanation for beginning this weblog. I decided to open a doorway in order to share with you my expertise, practical experience, and my stories from my life as a flight attendant.


Due to the fact, in the finish, that is my job and my life.


Judging by the emails I am getting, the flight attendant profession should be regarded rather seductive and fascinating, and it tends to make me delighted to be capable to share my practical experience. Considering the fact that, having said that, this profession is not only fascinating, but also rather tricky, it appears like we have a lot to speak about!


And the “FA STORIES” is the weblog-inside-a-weblog that you have to have!





This year I am celebrating 9 (!) years as a flight attendant, and it feels like yesterday when I was flying for to initially time to Heraklion, Crete, to acquire my education. Following that, lots of extra flights followed, lengthy-distance, quick-distance, quick and carefree ones, or tricky and tiresome ones. I bear in mind my beloved Eleni ordering potato salad for me at our hotel in Stockholm, when outdoors it was nonetheless day, although the clock showed midnight (these wondrous white nights). I bear in mind, then, the transition from industrial to corporate flight attendant and the modify in procedures and duties. Various uniforms and scarves, distinctive footwear, distinctive passengers, meals and shifts.


VIP was a new globe for me, but some thing in me knew it from the start off:
This was what I wanted!


With my collegues at the starting of my profession.

It took me only a single year to make the transition from the Swedish Airlines to the organization with the company jets in Athens. And no, I did not have to pull any strings, or use “special” contacts. I just kept my eyes open, day and evening, and for months I in no way stopped searching for job openings in the VIP sector. Till a single job lastly opened, and I had a go. I do not consider I will ever neglect that telephone get in touch with saying, “Maria, we would like you to join our group,” nor my initially day on the company jet. I was caressing the leather seats, feeling like a small girl on the initially day at college.


And what a college!


It is not that easy, soon after all, going from hard evening-flights to Iraq on a packed plane, to a VIP jet with only two passengers. I lived that dream, and am nonetheless living it, eight years soon after that initially flight. With all its troubles, its dangers, and its sacrifices. It didn’t take me lengthy to comprehend, having said that, that VIP may perhaps be a globe shining like a diamond, but it, as well, comes with its dark spots. I will inform you all about that via the FA Stories.


Beginning as a Commerical FA-Nanny on a flight to Iraq, continuing as a Corporate FA on a flight to Milan.


Following a modest pause, I worked as a Individual PA-Flight Attendant for a single household exclusively. I did that for two years and then I continued as a Freelance Flight Attendant, till these days – for the final 3 years, that is. All these years I have flown with Hollywood Stars, Royal Households, CEOs and Prime Ministers, with Super Stars and Football Teams (my Asian Tour with Manchester United in 2009 will quickly be posted on the weblog!). It is not the wealth and luxury, having said that, that produced me fall in enjoy with this job. It is the character I constructed, beginning quite low (operating as a waitress at the unforgettable Social Café in Thessaloniki) and then moving up progressively, year by year.



I have stated this lots of instances just before the appropriate route is from Industrial to Corporate, and not the other way round. I will in no way quit believing that. What you have to have is steady actions, obedience, discipline, respect, discretion, punctuality, prevalent sense, coordination, and, above all, politeness.


We’ve got so substantially to speak about via the FA STORIES!



And if the terms “Commercial,” “Corporate,” “Individual,” or “Freelance” Flight Attendant are unknown to you, I am right here to clarify every little thing. We will speak about procedures, duties, and the nature of the job job openings, providers, possibilities, wages, and difficulties. I will be reading your personal concerns and queries and collectively we will make our personal flight crew and give it wings.

I will assistance you discover your way into the profession and make you enjoy it.


I will assistance you have an understanding of how excellent it is to be capable to say: I am not operating. I am flying!

Get inspired by reading my interviews beneath the category PRESS of my weblog. Send me your concerns and queries, and, if you are currently a flight attendant, send me your pictures and your stories I will make certain they are posted on my weblog alongside mine.


Join the Fabulous FA Club! 


Maria Kalymnou

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