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La Voyageuse is an online platform devoted to offering solo female travellers with protected and expense-no cost homestays in France, hosted by other females.

Set up by Christina Bioxiere, a veteran solo traveller of 17 years, the Bordeaux-based business aims to connect female travellers across the planet, enabling females to discover protected accommodation in French cities with verified female hosts.

Image credit: Đàm Tướng Quân, by means of Pixabay

The philosophy stems from the very simple reality that females really feel safer when they are hosted by other females.

The business intends to allow females of all ages and backgrounds to travel as freely as their male counterparts, eliminating the hurdle of unsafe accommodation.

Homestays are presently out there in Bordeaux, Marseilles and Paris.

Getting travelled solo from the age of 18, Christina’s concept was born out of her personal experiences and her current expertise of tourism and I.T. industries, which she believed could be combined to accommodate the increasing demands of the female solo travel market place.

“Travel is a tremendous tool for openness and mutual understanding,” she writes on her LinkedIn profile.

The web-site operates upon “an revolutionary safety program” which includes continuous verification which guarantees hosts’ security.

Christina accomplished her crowdfunding target in December 2018, much less than 1 month soon after its launched.

Now, La Voyaguese has over 400 trusted female hosts prepared to acquire guests.

Provided the accomplishment of the web-site so far, the business has plans to create into each Mandarin and English to extend the attain of their contributors.

To develop into a member of La Voyageuse, customers have to confirm themselves by offering ID and undergoing a safety verify by the La Voyageuse group. An annual charge of €119 lets members access the profiles of hosts, speak to them and discover no cost accommodation.

Lead image credit: Đàm Tướng Quân, via Pixabay


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