It was a fine Saturday morning of March when I woke up in the beautiful Geneva.

This was it! After nine years of traveling and countless visits in Zurich, I finally had the chance to explore Geneva!


If you’re planning to visit the city or you’re just passing-by, then you should definitely check out this post. Because if you happen to be at Geneva airport and have 4 hours on ground, in-between your flights (or less, if you’re a risky person, a visit to the city centre is a great option to spend your hours of waiting.

And as a matter of fact, I’ll time my stroll to show you it’s risky-free.

Time: 11:00

My wanderlust began at the airport.

I got my free pass for all public transportation from the hotel and I was ready to Hop On the Bus Number 10 – that’s the one going from the airport to the city centre. It departs every 10 minutes and in less than 20 minutes you’ll be downtown. Awesome, isn’t it?



Time: 11:20

My HOP OFF was at Place Bel’Air, right at the heart of the city.

I had two options; Either walk from the Old City towards the river or the other way around. I chose the latter, since it was such a beautiful spring day, I wouldn’t wanna miss the chance to enjoy the incredible scenery by the river.

I walked through picturesque bridges with the Alps all around me – and right before the Mont-Blanc bridge, made a stop to take a few mind-blowing photos! 

Check out my view before the traffic light turns green.

γενεύη, κέντρο
γενευη, γεφυραγενευη, κλασικο αμαξι

I checked I was on the right way and continued towards Jardin Anglais.

Half way through though, I was so mesmerized by the view of the lake, I stopped for a while to enjoy a few moments of beauty. Is it possible I was missing out on Geneva for so long? Is it even possible for a city to be this beautiful? It’s so peaceful, picturesque, clean, quiet, regal.

It’s mostly regal actually.

γενευη, κεντρογενευη, χάρτηςgeneva,-water-fountain


So, I stood there, watching the lake and Jet d’Eau.

A moment was enough to remind me of me my motto; Traveling is one heck of a thing!


γενευη, maryhop


I was planning to walk lakeside all the way until I reach the garden.

I even saw an all-red train parked nearby that reminded me of the tram of Istanbul – the one at Istiklal. I really intended walking all the way to the garden, but as I looked back I saw the National Monument of Geneva; two women hugging – a symbol of the Geneva – Switzerland union.

So the road lead me somewhere else at last.

national-monument-genevaτρενακι, γενευη

Time: 12:05

I was in front of the Flower Clock of Geneva, right behind the National Monument.

The flower-embroidered dial showed 12:05. I started walking towards to the Old Town, while snapping every corner of my way!



Time 12:30

After an interesting wanderlust here and there, I have finally made it to the Old Town.

First stop; Place de la Madeleine and the Terrace Agrippa d’Aubigne with a wonderful view to the lake.





I kept walking till I reached the Place du Bourg-de-Four where I sipped a cup of hot tea – perfect to enjoy under that spring sun. Time to get lost inside the Old City again!

Non-stop wandering!




Time: 13:30

I arrived at the Saint-Pierre Cathedral.

I could hear the wonderful melodies coming from inside the cathedral – lucky me. My feelings were so strong when I entered. It was not about religion or beliefs. It was all about the cathedral – how well-preserved it was  – a fascinating 8th century building.




Αs I’m slowly leaving the Old City behind, I’m snapping everything I meet on my way; doors, windows, alleys and trains!

Oh I’m so deeply in love with those old cities!




Time: 14:30

Ok, now I guess you’re wondering if I walked throughout the whole city without having a bite to eat.

So, take a look at what I bumped into while walking in Place Bel-Air! How could I resist?

I’ve had enough of Switzerland’s food and my pockets knows that too well. This time, I was into a Fast – Street Food Queen mood and with a burger on hand I kept wandering in the city.




A little before 3, my stroll at Geneva was over.

I don’t quite like museums and I won’t make a big, fancy list with must-see sites. Everything I saw at Geneva was whilst walking at its streets, squares and alleys. And that’s how I love spending my time during traveling; simply and spontaneously. Without worries and endless lists. Choose to listen to a local rather than a map.

It’s about time you hop on Bus Number 10 and return to the airport cause as I promised this would be a 4-hours long stroll. I’ll stop for some Skinny Mocha and a few Cartes-Postales writing.

Old habits die hard. Thankfully.



Have you ever visited Geneva?
Give me your tips!


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