Last summer I experienced the great adventure of a Roadtrip; Starting from Athens I crossed Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Macedonia and after a total of 8 days, I returned back to my base, filled with incredible memories of this unique trip. That was my inspiration to write this post, listing just 10 – out of the million reasons that came to my mind – why you should plan your roadtrip immediately!
After almost a decade living in-and-out of airplanes, I found the whole roadtrip thing a truly unique experience that can’t be compared to anything else.

Τhe adventures and life-changing experiences this trip will offer you, is what makes a roadtrip so special.


I am pretty sure you will easily find your personal reasons to plan a roadtrip, however I have listed here my Top 10 reasons, all based on my fantastic experience!


1. The Absolute Freedom

Remember the endless hours of waiting inside an airport, long queues, bookings and switching trains and other means of transport to get to your destination? Well, forget it. During a roadtrip you’ll understand the value of freedom; you will get to see places where no pilot ever would be able to stop – all you have to do is switch off the engine and get out of your car. 

The freedom of choosing your next stop whether that is 100km later or just around the corner – is priceless. You will be able to create a trip based on what you and friends imagine as the ideal “how” and “when” – you are going to have the full control of starting points, stops and final destinations.

2. The Endless Adventure 

Υou’ll live some unexpected moments, you ‘ll get face-to-face with difficult situations (like, wandering around Kosovo with a broken GPS), you’ll end up in places you might not like – but you’ll grow to appreciate and you’ll return with your bags filled with memories. Great, adventurous memories.


With an ankle strain on the first day of my road trip. 


3. The Unplanned Accomodation

On-the-go accommodation is the thing you’ll enjoy the most during your roadtrip. It will grant you total freedom to choose whether you’ll stay several days at a place, just spend the night or even get a small taste before you hit the road again. A lot of surprises and changes are on the daily schedule, so consider your accommodation a spontaneous decision, even if you’re feeling a bit insecure about it – it will turn out to be a wise choice.

You’ll remember me when you get that “Let’s spend the night here” feeling. Pure awesomeness.


4. The Spontaneous Detours

Fine, you’ve set your tour. You’ve pinned down on your map your stops, must-see’s as well as the timetable for each destination. Good job. Now you’re on the road, looking outside the window, seeing places totally mind-blowing and you decide to go a bit out of schedule. And you meet new people who suggest new places worth seeing that lead you to new adventures and open a whole new world for you.

These are the spontaneous detours that will make your trip exciting and offer you the chance to skip schedules and plans and live each and every moment right there, on the road.


5. Crossing a country; an one-of-a-kind experience

No one ever will be able to give you the true colors of a country, unless you travel through it yourself. When you travel from one dot of the map to another, you lose all these in-between details that make your journey exciting. When you cross countries and borders and stop at differents places on this route, you get the chance to know each place you visit a lot better. You get to see different landscapes and people during the day, you know what their Sunday habits are and at the end of the day, that’s the real feeling “on the road”.

Living a roadtrip experience is life-changing. After that, you won’t be able to compare it to anything else; it’s not about the destination, it’s about the whole journey.




Crossing Montenegro

6. It’s inexpensive

Ιf you think that going on a roadtrip means you’ll have to spend more money than you would if you traveled by plane or ship, then you’re making a huge mistake. My roadtrip in Montenegro and Croatia was the cheapest 8-days trip I ever had. Just let me mention that we crossed 5 countries, more than 10 cities and almost 3.000 km spending less money per person than we would on a trip on a Greek island. Also note that the more people, the less the cost. And if you worry about the last minute accommodation issue, let me reassure you that you’ll find some pretty inexpensive solutions for that too.

A roadtrip equals with an inexpensive, incredible adventure. Its budget should be the last thing to worry about.

7. The journey begins when you decide

There are no schedules, no timetables, no boarding times, check-in’s, no decks and no gates. There is no waiting too. Should you wake up in the morning and you want to leave – you’re gone in an instant. If you want to stay a bit longer on the other hand, it’s in your hand too.

The journey begins when you decide to. You set the hours, the departures and the destinations.




My start point: Athens

8.The adventure will bind you together

Whoever you choose to take this trip with, you should know that long after your return this will be an experience you’ll share for a long, long time. Whether you choose your significant other, your friends or even your family, one thing’s for certain; this trip will bind you together by living every exciting moment together. Event if you don’t agree on every single detail and desicion to make, at the end of the day you’ll find yourself sitting at a quiet alley in Dubrovnik sharing an ice-cream. And the morning after, you’ll get ready to move on to the next destination.

You travel, decide, enjoy and live this trip together – as one!


That’s my favorite part of a road trip; traveling, meeting new places with great music in the background – music that will always be your link to the memories of your trip. Organising your road trip music should be one of the few things to plan very carefully; after all, this will be your travel companion through the countless kilometers to come.


Last, short and sweet reason; the memories.

Your road trip memories are so unique that they’ll make you wonder why you hadn’t planned a roadtrip ever before. If the lack of the perfect company is the reason then maybe tou should step up and bring the right people together in order to make your dream come true. 


The memories from all the places you’ll visit, the people you’ll meet, the experiences you’ll live, the tastes, colors and pro’s and con’s are worth having in your travel book.



What about you?
Do you love road trips? What’s your favorite?


Maria Kalymnou

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