3 Things You Need to See on Your Trip to Phuket, Thailand


3 Things You Need to See on Your Trip to Phuket, Thailand

Going to work and raising a family is something most people do without much thought. While a steady paycheck and spending time with your children are positive things, there is a lot of stressed involved in modern adult life. Instead of letting the stress of life overwhelm you, finding a way to relax is vital.

One of the main things you need to do when trying to get a break from work is taking a vacation. Each year, Americans spend about $135 billion on traveling abroad. Choosing the right destination is something that will require time and research.

For years, people have flocked to Phuket, Thailand due to the relaxing tropical atmosphere. If you are planning a trip to this island paradise, consider checking out some of the attractions mentioned in this article.

1. The Big Buddha is a Popular Phuket Attraction

One of the first things you will probably notice when landing in Phuket is the large Buddha statue known by the locals as Phra Phuttha Mingmongkhon Akenakkhiri. This statue is nearly 150 feet tall and is definitely a site to see.

The tour of the temple complex is free of charge. There is also a monk present who will bless each of the visitors entering this sacred temple. Donation buckets are scattered throughout this shrine, which makes it easy to contribute to the fund designated to pay for the upkeep of this monument.

If you are unsure about how to reach this staple of Phuket culture, then taking a car from PhuketWheels.com is a good idea. With the help of Phuket locals, getting to and from attractions around the area will be a breeze.

2. Check in For Some Rest and Relaxation on Laem Ka Beach

What would a trip to Phuket be without some time at the beach? If you are looking for a beach that has less traffic, then Laem Ka Beach is definitely a great option. This beach does not have a sign indicating where it is, and you can’t see it from the street. This means that there is extremely low traffic in this area.

While this beach is smaller than some of the more popular beaches in Phuket, it has some great views and crystal-clear water. This beach is technically located in Rawai. This is an area just south of Phuket. Most locals know right where to find Laem Ka Beach, which is another reason why hiring a driver is a good idea.

3. The Naka Weekend Market

Once you have spent a full day at the beach, you will probably be ready for some good food and shopping opportunities. The best way to get both of these things is by taking a trip to the Naka Weekend Market. Every Saturday and Sunday, this market takes place for a few hours just outside Phuket Town.

There are a variety of food vendors and plenty of shopping opportunities to satisfy your need for cool merchandise. Generally, this market will take a few hours to explore, so be sure to plan accordingly. Once you get a taste of the sights and sounds of this market, it will quickly become one of your favorite attractions in Phuket.

Planning Your Trips With the Help of Professionals

Are you confused about how to start the process of planning a vacation to Phuket? If so, consulting with an experienced travel agent is a good idea. These professionals can plan this trip in detail for a reasonable price.


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