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Going on a cruise isn’t like any other trip. It is a much different experience, full of colorful images, moments on board the ship and small excursions to each and every destination along the course. And if you’re thinking something like, “You’re more like a girl up-in-the-air type”, I’ll stop you right there. Because I decided to hop on a cruise ship, experience the trip and get it right back to you.

You already know that my way is the “go for the experience” way, so I’ll share mine by keeping a daily diary (or log as we would say on shipping terms!) from my 4-day cruise around the Aegean along with Celestyal Cruises. Of course, this won’t be it – a few posts will follow after my cruise ends. You can follow my trip in real time through both my Facebook page and Instagram account.

Let’s start from the basics though.

First things first;

Our schedule goes like this; Piraeus-Mykonos-Kusadasi-Patmos-Rhodes-Iraklio-Santorini-Piraeus. 6 wonderful destinations in just 4 days, during the first week of May – and guess what – having the best weather possible, along with the best mood! I’ll post you my daily schedule, every day, all activities and destinations included. This way, you’ll follow me on my cruise, almost in real time, living this cruise experience through my eyes as If you were there.

And it’s an amazing experience, I promise. Totally out of the ordinary.



Monday Morning: Departure from Piraeus

We arrived at the port almost an hour earlier and I must admit it, boarding on a cruise ship is nothing like boarding on every other ship. First of all, there’s a cruise terminal. Hello terminal! Super organized, super service and speed boarding.

We left our bag to the luggage convey, picked up our cabin cards, went through security control (airport style, yeah!) and we were officially ready to begin our trip to the Aegean with Celestyal Olympia.




After checking out our room, seeing all the Celestyal goodies and our window with a view to the sea (oh, yes!), we went straight to Deck N.5 to watch the safety procedures. Lifejackets, lifeboats and all things necessary for a safe trip (and as a flight attendant I’m pretty strict about it, FYI).


And of course, I watched carefully.




Afterwards, we enjoyed our first coffee on the deck and around 12:00 I took my first trip to the restaurant. Tell me about a full stomach!

Salads, fillets, creme soups, pastichio, potatoew, fresh pasta and a large variety of sweets and freshly cut fruits. Coffees, teas, fresh juices and I felt like everything was “dancing” around me. And then, I decided to celebrate my Cruise experience with a delicious and travelicious burger. Yeap, that’s me. 

No regrets.



A noon full of activities followed. 

Where to begin from? I never thought I would take origami lessons on a ship or take salsa classes on a deck – yet I did.

We began with Greek cuisine lesson; tzatziki and sayanaki, and an origami lesson followed. Greek dances came after (okay, not my type but I watched it) and finally, Latin dances and a cocktail show from the ship’s bartenders.


At the Greek Cuisine lesson

With the Sous-Chef of Celestyal Olympia, Mr. Roumeliotis and his assistant, Mr Palasis

Origami lessons

The Origami Square Box -making of-

We made it! The famous Origami Bird is ready to fly (#not)

Greek Dance lessons

It’s Cocktail Time!


Around 18:00 we arrived in Mykonos.

There, we took endless strolls around the picturesque streets of the island –frankly, I’ve never seen it more peaceful and quiet before.

We wandered around Chora, the Windmills and little Venice and we continued up until 22:00 when – let me confess my sin – I devoured lobster cream soup and chocolate crepes at the ship’s restaurant.  

Who said you can’t mix these two? Rumor has it that the best mix & match happens on board!

Edward and Andre made the most delicious chocolate crepes ever! 


Edward and Andre 




I had decided to begin my Cruise Diary shortly after dinner but the plan changed a bit as I passed by the Muses Lounge of the ship. An international extravaganza was taking place on stage. A multi-culture show with songs and dances from all around the world – I just couldn’t miss it! 

Especially when live Greek music followed the show – you can imagine what happened. I was dancing traditional Greek songs with a sweet lady from Japan – such a blast! I hadn’t had so much fun in a long time.




So, after that I was ready to begin writing. I planned on taking my laptop to one of the lounges and begin writing about that first day on this cruise. None of these happened, of course. Because a Disco Party began at the Selene Lounge and I just couldn’t miss that either. 

It’s 1:00 in the morning now and I’m writing this with a glass of martini aside my laptop – we’re heading to Kusadasi, Turkey now. It’s about time I head to sleep. Tomorrow our schedule goes a bit like this; Ephesus, Greek wines, Greek party and so on with all sorts of awesome things planned!


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