My blog, the travelawesome Maryhop, is nominated at Marie Claire Blog Awards 2015!

It’s a nomination that takes me back to those wonderful days I spent in Sao Paulo when – just 2 years ago – I made a huge decision to start this blog. A decision lead by my belief that real stories are worth sharing – no matter how they are made, whoever lies behind them, whatever the mood. I remember myself searching onlne things like “how to blog”, “what is blogging”, “how to run a succesful blog” or even “why you need to start a blog”.

Come time, all my questions have been answered and I evolved through practice, endless work, love and devotion to the desicion I made that day. A blog is alive and breathing – and it takes a lot of care, attention and above all, selfless love to sustain. And when it comes to travel blogging, it takes something more; the ability to adapt. I was ready to take the risk, since my years of traveling have trained me well, providing me everything I needed in order to begin. All I had to do was devote to the cause. My nomination brought back memories and here I am, writing about blogging although I had promised myself I wouldn’t.

This nomination came as a wonderful gift for Maryhop’s 2nd anniversary!



Marie Claire addresses to all the well-informed, tech-savvy women out there, who need to stay up-to-date with everything happening in the world of fashion and lifestyle. That lead to their launching of the Marie Claire Blog Awards – last year for the 1st time – awarding the best Greek beauty and fashion bloggers. The Αwards return this year with 11 categories; more enriched and specialized than before.

Our first meet-up took place at Albion restaurant in Neo Psichiko, on Friday the 15th of May. There, during an amazing kick-off lunch, we had the chance to meet each other as all the bloggers being nominated from every category attended the event. After all, personal contact can’t be compared with any like or share and real smiles build true relationships. All competition put aside, this is a great chance to meet fellow bloggers, people who are part of the same ‘blogoshpere’, people who love the world of technology – and yes, you can call me romantic but that is the ultimate prize one can win.

I’m happy and it shows! After all, “Let’s Socialize” is my motto.




Maryhop is being nominated for Best Lifestyle Blog.

You can visit the official site of Marie Claire Greece and read everything about my nomination. There, you’ll see me talking about magical destinations, tastylicious FoodHops, about packing & travel tips, as well as my fantastic aviation job.

Traveling is a huge part of my life and supposedly you read me long enough, you should know that. You know how thrilled I am to meet new people, live new experiences and of course, you know how madly, deeply in love I am with this lifestyle.

That’s the perfect category for me, I guess.



And just when I thought “This can’t get any better”, a sponsorship came to send me in heaven!


Qatar Airways sponsors my category. Let me just say it again; an AIRLINE company sponsors the category in which I am nominated for. If that’s not life karma, then what? That’s just a dream for someone like me, who has been working for over a decade in aviation, living most of my life literally in an airplane.

Let alone the fact that Qatar Airways is a multi-awarded 5-Star airline, based in Qatar flying to more than 140 destinations. This last sentence has 2 key words; 5-Star Airline and 140 destinations. The perfect combo for someone like me.

Traveling all around the world, enjoying a high-class service on board.

Whoever said that what matters the most is the destination rather than the trip, he was completely wrong, in my opinion. Excellent customer service is a huge part of a great trip and I can assure you of that since my career is based on exactly that; the Very Vip Service. Qatar Airways has succeeded in bringing back the prestige and refined luxury that defined aviation and airline traveling over the glamorous decades of the 60’s and the 70’s. They managed to bring back that same value and I embrace that purpose.

This is why I’m so excited for this collaboration.



Let’s talk about food now; it was pretty amazing too!


FoodHop is an important part of this blog and I couldn’t include one in this post; after the warm welcome of Marie Claire’s editor-in-chief, Galatia Laskaraki, I enjoyed the wonderful lunch along with the rest of the girls sitting around the table.

Yes, it’s true! My category is a “totally for women” one!

Somewhere between all the delicious NomNoms, we learned about the Lifestyle Challenges we were about to take – so exciting that make the whole process even more perfect! Can’t share anything just yet but soon you’ll get to see them online. Make sure you check my Hoppy Channels; my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for more to come.




I saved one of my beloved group photos for last.

I’d like to put aside any competition and wish Good Luck to my girls. It’s gonna be a great ‘trip’, full of wonderful co-traveling experiences! After all, Travelers don’t compete with each other – they share.


Thank you so much Marie Claire! 



Let the Challege Begin! 


Maria Kalymnou

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