For a girl that has made airports, airplanes and lounges a second home to her, this week’s challenges were more like a deja-vu of a wonderful dream than reality.

This girl is me and this week’s experience with Qatar Airways, as a part of the challenges scheduled for the upcoming Marie Claire Blog Awards 2015, felt like a dream. I’m nominated for Best Lifestyle Blog and the experience of a wonderful trip couldn’t be missing from this category – making me feel extra happy. This is literally my ‘lifestyle’, my great passion and as I’ll explain to you below, details do matter – a lot actually.

There’s a theory saying that you can get from one destination to another by any means, in every possible way – although I totally understand it, that’s miles away from the lifestyle I prefer to follow. I do pay attention to details, notice every single difference, I compare and study everything concerning a trip – especially the trips by plane. Customer service experience is my area of expertise from both points of view; as a passenger and as an active flight attendant. 

And this is how you’ll know that my experience is both objective and real.

As always.


Wednesday noon and my travel begins as I board on flight QR202 from Athens to Doha, only to return the next day with flight QR207. I strictly followed Qatar’s grooming guidelines and with my boarding pass on hand, I arrived at the gate, looking forward to the ultimate inflight experience! On both flights – to and from Doha – the menu was exquisite (you’ll see more details following) and the customer service was impeccable! My 10-year experience couldn’t be wrong.


On the sidenotes, let me tell you that the New Airport of Doha is considered one of the best airports in the world – more like an experience of its own. And the ‘wow’ fact to that is getting to see the Über Cool Business Lounge of Qatar Airways.


And guess what? I got that for you!

Αs aviation feels like my natural environment, I’ll try my best to offer you an excellent tour – both up in the air and on the ground; photos, decriptions and travel mood included!




The Business Class of Qatar Airways is an experience worth living.

At least once in your life. If you are a Luxury or Affordable Luxury Traveler this should definitely make it to your Bucket List, as it is worth experiencing a prestigious flight like this. The challenge got even better when I realised that I would have the pleasure to taste the Perfect Treat on Board after hours of flights and miles traveling around the world, not only in large and smaller airplanes but in luxurious travel jets, too.


But this time, I was THE passenger.





Business Class Cuisine

First things first, let me mention that the onboard menu was developed by two internationally acknowledged chefs, Mr. Nobu Matsuhisa, along with Mr. Vineet Bhatia. These two combined, are more than enough to offer you the best FoodHop experience. On air!



Athens – Doha

Cod croquette, roasted pumpkin and lentils soup, Arabic Mezze, spiced cod with oriental rice, white chocolate cake and Sauvignon Blanc Wine from the wonderful New Zealand.





Doha – Athens

Matsuhisa Shrimp, clear soup with mushrooms and leak, Chef Vineet Mango and Chili Prawns, Ladurée Tentation Dessert, accompanied with the same Sauvignon Blanc Wine, since I enjoyed it so much!







If a great menu is the “A” of an excellent flight, then entertainment must be the “Z”. I’m well aware of the fact that passengers are seeking two things whilst flying; tasty food AND onboard entertainment. So, I can guarantee you that these two flights offered me the ultimate pleasure. Over a thousand (1000!) entertainment choices to select from; movies, documentaries, music, gaming and magazines were the perfect company for my 5-star meal!

All I had to do is simply folllow one rule; Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight! I watched ‘Wild’ – and adventure movie – while I was tasting the marvellous dishes by Mr. Matsuhisa. This was the first time I didn’t get to use my very own noise-cancelling Bose headphones, since I found a pair already waiting on my seat, along with Qatar Airways’ beauty kit. I’m wondering how I can even describe you my seat and all its buttons and functions. 

Let me just mention that it featured massage functions! You know what came after!






As I’ve already told you, the new Doha Airport is one of the best, biggest, most expensive and contemporary airports internationally. With more than 70 retail shops and 30 cafe – restaurants, you feel like Tom Hanks in the ‘Terminal’ – unlike him though, you don’t want to leave  this airport!

At the Departures Hall, shortly after the hand luggage security check, you are about to see the imposing figure of the super expensive and super cute Teddy Bear (and Lamp), made by the Swiss artist Urs Fischer. You can check out my Instagram account for more inspiring airport photos.

A shopping wanderlust awaits after that at the Airport’s Duty Free. Good luck with putting an end to that!

My dilemma of the day was; Duty Free or Business Lounge? Business Lounge or Duty Free? I think it’s gonna be both, I thought. Qatar Airways’ Business Lounge at its base in the new Doha Airport is the company’s actual homebase. A very welcoming and luxurious home. I wouldn’t wanna miss that!



The final challenge it’s gonna be all about my Doha experience: The Museum of Islamic Art, the Souq Waqif, the Katara Village as well as all the flavors I tasted in the Emirate of Qatar. Stay tuned, a very interesting and inspiring post will follow in the next days. And you know how much I enjoy this kind of posts, the ones based on my personal experience! 

Read here about my great nomination as well as the process of the challenges! 

Once again, I would like to thank Marie Claire Greece and Qatar Airways for this ultimate experience! 

**All opinions are my own – based on my personal experience – and will always be. 


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