Shopping; the act of hopping around in a fashionable and cool way. 

See, it’s not a coincidence I love shopping. It’s just hopping with an extra -s! I love shopping as much as I love hopping, so I thought why not combine both in one post, presenting you my favorite shopping spots around the globe. The streets i visit first when in one city or another. I have to admit I’ve spent way more shopping abroad than I did when in Greece. I guess wearing clothes and accessories I’ve bought from 3 or 4 different cities makes me kinda like a walking souvenir sometimes.

It’s just that I’ve grown out of my usual memorabilia and began a new collection of my own.


9+1 Favorite Shopping Streets


1.Fifth Avenue, New York

One of the most famous shopping districts of the world – but that’s not the reason why it’s number 1 on this list. It’s mostly because that’s where I’ve invested a fortune, literally; from gadgets of all kinds to handbags and Tiffany’s goodies. Is it even possible to be at NY and resist shopping? Whatever the reason you’re there, be it business or pleasure or whatever, you have to shop.

Both the exchange rate (for the EU people) and lower prices are tempting but what’s more tempting is a simple statement like this; You’re in Manhattan!


2. Oscar Freire, São Paulo

Oscar Freire is located at Jardins, one of my favorite districts in Brazil. In contrary with New York and USA in general, currency isn’t much of a help when it comes to shopping. The excellent taste and aesthetics almost all shops and luxury boutiques have though, is irresistible. Brazil does have its own brands and boutiques and they promote them instead of the worlwide-known ones – take the amazing Osklen for instance. That’s one thing I admire them for.

When in Oscar Freire, I always start my stroll from its end going up. That’s where a huge Havaianas store is (I own 9 pairs and keep counting..). 


3. Via Montenapoleone, Milan

To be honest, Milan isn’t one of my favorite cities in Italy (maybe it’s too industrial for my taste). If I had to pick a reason why you should love it, then it would have to be its shopping delirium – it gets a 10 out of 10. Italian finesse, refined taste, excellent styling and the Italian’s passion for fashion, nominate Milan as one of the top fashion capitals of the world.


Via Montenapoleone looks like a walk-by museum. It’s really an exhibition that hosts the most in-style and luxurious fashion items; handbags, shoes (oh, my – shoes!), accessories, pret-a-porter pieces, tailor-made orders and whatever you can think of. Legend has it that you can’t leave Milan without shopping a luxurious something!

Well, at least that’s my legend. I invented it once, when strolling up and down mesmerized by everything I saw.


4. Bahnhofstrasse, Zürich

One of the most famous and expensive districts in the world. Bahnhofstrasse, at the heart of Zürich is living proof that the world keeps moving – even after the economic crisis. Zürich of course, is well-known for its high-profile lifestyle at all aspects of everyday life.


Who cares though? Even the very fact that you walk past the luxurious entrances of some of the most famous boutiques, is special. I mean, even walking down the street, past Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior or the elegant Cartier boutique gives you that WOW feeling.

It’ll be worth walking – don’t forget to taste the famous Luxemburgerli from Sprüngli.


5. Grand Canal Shoppes, Las Vegas

You may have heard it – everything in Vegas happens indoors. Due to the heat, when it comes to dining, coffee or shopping the only option is to head indoors; inside the luxurious hotels and shopping malls – with everything connecting through bridges, tunnels, staircases. 


So, this isn’t actually my favorite street – more of a fave shopping spot. It’s the amazing and super luxurious Venetian Hotel. The Grand Canal Shoppes is a part of the vast hotel. The most famous designers combine with some of the best restaurants and live concerts at Saint’s Marks square in a feast of the eyes you won’t believe it’s even real.


6. Old Bond Street, London

It’s not easy to get used to such luxury and elegance, even if you’ve walked a million times down the street. Old Bond Street is located in dowtown London – at the oh-so-wonderful Maryfair district. Haute couture, expensive jewelry stores, sophisticated cafes unite, making this street a piece of art.

New Bond Street is also great for shopping, but I find it difficult to resist to La Perla’s window at the Old Bond Street – so unique and stunning each time I visit London. When I crave diamonds on the other hand, I stand in front of De Beers for some moments of day-dreaming.


7. Dubai Mall, Dubai

Same as Las Vegas, life in Dubai mostly happens indoors due to the extreme heat. Dubai never seizes to amaze the entire world with its flair for incredible buildings and services.  Every new Mall, Hotel or Terminal built has one purpose and one purpose only; to surpass in excellence, luxury and facilities all the previous ones. And they really do.


So, while wiriting these lines I’m pretty certain that somewhere in Dubai there’s a new mall – better, more luxurious and stunning than the latter. At Dubai Mall I’ve found almost everything; almost every designer, all kinds of accessories, shoes, handbags, sunglasses, clothing, perfumes and honestly, everything you ask.

Let alone the many restaurants and the worldwide-known Dancing Waters with the Burj Khalifa overlooking.


Have a taste of the Dancing Waters:

8. Avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris

I know you’re thinking that’s a cliché but excusez-moi; Champs-élysées is where all my trips to Paris begin. Feeling the romance filling the Parisian atmosphere brings back memories of black & white images of another era and walking down the most famous avenue in France, if not in the whole world, feels just like that. A stop at the Louis Vuitton boutique is obligatory – think of it as the 2nd Tower of Paris, it’s a fashion landmark of the City of Lights. 


Same goes for Galeries Lafayette during Christmas; a show takes place every 10 minutes at the incredibly decorated Christmas tree – you wouldn’t wanna miss it. I’m still processing whether Paris is indeed, the place-to-be at Christmas time but all evidence indicates so. 

9. The “Golden Triangle”, Nice

Monaco and Cannes do share the Royal Crown of Shopping in the French Riviera but none of these cities can compete Nice at both quality and quantity – luxury is taken for granted. There’s nothing you won’t find there.


And by there, I mean at the Golden Triangle; Rue Paradis, Avenue de Suede and Avenue de Verdun. Almost every fashion designer has a boutique at the Golden Triangle and there’s a reason for that; Nice is considered to be one of the Top Luxurious Shopping destinations.

Galeries Lafayette is a must there too, as it is located at the Central Place Massena and it’s definitely worth visiting.


nice, francenice, france

10. Shibuya, Tokyo

Shibuya isn’t as fancy and luxurious as all the above, but I saved it for last as it is one of the most interesting districts I’ve visited lately. It is definitely the most crowded place in Tokyo, while the Shibuya crossroad also known as Scramble, makes it also the busiest. You can’t even imagine the hundreds of people passing by every minute while neon signs shine over your head non-stop as a reminder that everything in Japan is over-the-top eccentric.


Shibuya didn’t make it at the top 10 as a shopping destination alone – of course, you can do your shopping but the reason why I loved it so much was its flair for originality and coolness. One of those places where dragon-style slippers make it to the shopping list without a second thought!
I’ve missed Japan so much by the way!



Which are your favorite shopping spots?


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