Bohol is not identified as a cliff jumping hotspot but as I’ve found all more than the planet, exactly where there is water there are jumps. I’ve visited Bohol twice and each occasions I’ve jumped at numerous places. I didn’t uncover any monster jumps, but I’m positive there would be some with the volume of waterfalls on this gorgeous island. Most of the jumps ranged from three-10 meters and they varied in difficulty and level of danger.

Just before I go into the particulars of every single place it is vital to recall the following when cliff jumping:

  • Often do a depth verify and a debris verify just before jumping. Even if you have study on-line it is secure, the circumstances may possibly have changed. Make positive you verify for any driftwood, reef, loose rocks and of course the depth of the water.
  • Know your limits. Make positive you push oneself but not as well far. If you have never ever performed a backflip just before, naturally start off smaller not when you get to the edge of a 10-meter cliff.
  • Make positive you verify the water circumstances. If you are jumping into the ocean, be positive to have an exit route planned and be cautious of finding stuck out in the ocean waiting for a set to finish if it is in a area of a major swell.
  • Just be clever. If your intuition tells you it is a bit risky, just give it a pass. Do not danger your life for a cliff jump. A lot of people today get hurt or even drop their life about tide pools, rock pools and cliff jumps each year. Play clever.




Alexis Cliff Dive Resort/Molave  Cove

The initial spot on the list is going to be the easiest to get to and almost certainly the safest jump. All round it is almost certainly the most effective and most well-liked cliff jump in Bohol. It is in Panglao which is a good star as 99% of vacationers are staying in Panglao. There is a diving board set up at Alexis Cliff Dive Resort. There is an entry charge of about $1 but you get to appreciate fairly a handful of attractions for the price tag of 1 entry charge. Firstly, you have the sardine balls waiting proper right here at the reef just like in Moalboal. Secondly, you can appreciate the use of the huts, benches and stairs down to the ocean for a swim. Ultimately, you have the diving board for cliff jumping. I would say it is about five-six meters higher and although you have to have to jump out a handful of meters for the deep water it seemed quite secure all day. 


Canawa Cold Spring

The Canawa Cold Spring is in the Candijay area (pronounced ‘Candee-high’). I drove my bike up right here from Panglao (well-liked tourist location) and it took about two hours. I was continuing on to Anda just after so I produced it the cease on the way. If you strategy to return to Panglao it will be a lengthy journey of two-hours driving every single way.

The initial component of the Canawa Cold Springs is incredibly man-produced and not especially gorgeous. It is like a narrow quarry with benches and table on either side. It is set up for neighborhood households to come and swim on the weekends not to be some sort of organic, tropical oasis. Even so, at the finish of the channel, there is a substantial swimming hole, surrounded by gorgeous trees. ‘Cawa’ implies Pan in the neighborhood dialect, which completely describes the shape of this miniature amphitheater. In windy moments the wind would blow some of the leaves off the trees and they would swirl about in the sunlight, gradually floating down to rest on the surface of the water. As light crept in in between the gaps in the foliage, this swimming hole section of the Canawa Cold Spring was gorgeous!

On the far side of the organic pool, I spotted a rope. I checked the depth and then swam more than to the rope and climbed it all the way up to a branch about 10-meters higher. I was there by myself, so there was no-1 to capture a photo, but it was a good cliff-jump and a truly magical spot. I hope to see a photo from right here in the future so let me know if any of you take a look at and jump. Do not be concerned as well considerably about the depth in the middle of the pool. Several of the locals have attempted reaching into the depths but no-1 has ever touched the bottom.



Tambuko Cave Pool

Hidden away from sight in a Barangay of 300 people today deep in the mountains is this unbelievable cave pool. I arrived in the village and the boys led me down inside the caves and when we emerged at this pool I couldn’t think my eyes. They had never ever swum in it but I convinced them to jump in with me and subsequent minute we had been sending backflips from the sides. They forgot to inform me to climb out it would be 15 meters of virtually vertical rock climbing. When we produced it back to the village we shared a beer and just before lengthy, half the village had come to see who the guy with the beard was. We chatted in broken English as cheeky little ones tapped my shoulder and hid asking yourself if I’d chase them down the street or laugh. As I drove off on my bike with 40 little ones and locals waving goodbye, I knew that for me this is the Philippines. Attractive nature but people today that outshine even the most magical watering holes. 


Ingkumhan Falls

When we arrived, there was not a soul in sight. Just a massive pool of remarkably nevertheless, turquoise water. Stalactites hung significantly, blissfully dripping water into the warm water beneath. A substantial waterfall pouring into the pool was the soundtrack of the day. I could inform this was going to be 1 of the most effective cliff jumping spots on Bohol.

We had entered our playground for the day. There was a raft we could use to paddle about the pool and a rope swing hanging from the tallest branch. Virtually 12 feet deep, the pool was excellent for cliff jumping, even the waterfall could be climbed. We spent the initial two hours non-cease exploring, jumping, swinging and just getting substantial little ones as Jammy watched on almost certainly asking yourself why we are so crazy. We did convince her to jump from a 20 footer so she was in on it as well.

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Anda Cave Pools

In the north of Bohol, in a planet away from Panglao is the gorgeous town of Anda. Right here the most important attractions is the good sunset beaches and the peculiar cave pools. Anda has numerous cave pools, which are fairly exceptional to the area. Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, pools of water are identified in sinkholes all all through Anda. The most well-liked cave pool is Cabagnow Cave Pool. When I visited they had been getting some ownership/tourism licensing concerns so they had removed the ladder and fenced it off. Even so, commonly they have a ladder inside so you can jump in and out. With no ladder, you will be stuck in the pool for eternity. Trust me, I regarded it!


Camugao Waterfall

The stroll down to the falls requires about 10-15 minutes and is truly gorgeous. Along the way, we passed some carabao and there had been lots of birds playing in the thick forest. It is fairly steep but incredibly brief so most people today are capable of generating it down to the base of the falls. You can get a very good appear of the falls if you remain at the leading but only if you personal a drone. Otherwise, there is no good vantage point from above that I know of due to the thick trees surrounding the canyon rim.

We set our belongings to the proper of the waterfall exactly where we identified a group of young boys. They had been a cheeky bunch sharing cigarettes, some rum and coke and taking turns to jump into the pool of water. I joined them and they loved when we sent a  handful of backflips into the pool. As a reward, they provided me some Tanduay rum in a half-reduce soda bottle. Welcome to the Philippines. I usually enjoy when the locals are hanging out in the nature of their neighborhood and it is not just overrun by gawking vacationers.


Mag-Aso Falls

I’d never ever heard of this waterfall so I was unsure what to anticipate, which is a good way to enter an adventure. We paid the $1 entrance charge and then started the stroll down to the falls. The cement stairs wound via the gorgeous dense forest of trees. Regardless of the man-produced stairs it actually was a gorgeous stroll down to the falls. It set the tone for the adventure as we immersed in the jungle!

The stairs down take about ten minutes and they are fairly effortless. Most levels of fitness will have no challenge at all reaching the Mag-Aso Falls. At the base, we initial reached a tiny viewpoint that looked out more than the falls. It became incredibly clear, incredibly rapidly that this was a neighborhood hangout on the weekends so if you favor it to be quiet I would take a look at through the early morning on a weekday. We visited on a Sunday and there had been quite a few households hanging out and getting shared lunches. This didn’t bother us but I know some people today want empty organic attractions for images, videos or just a bit far more peace and quiet.

From the viewpoint we stood on, some of the little ones essentially cliff-jump into the water. To be truthful it looked super shallow and I couldn’t think they had been undertaking it. Attempt that 1 at your personal danger. There is yet another cliff jump across the pool, which is not extremely secure but considerably, considerably safer than the viewpoint. I’ve placed a photo of the viewpoint exactly where the boys exactly where jumping beneath.

The waterfall itself comes from fairly a gorgeous tiny canyon. Based on the rainfall,  it can be fairly a potent waterfall but on this day in February, it was a mid-strength. You could stroll up onto the falls with ease. In the previous, I have observed videos of Mag-Aso exactly where it is raging with force. That is why you usually have to strategy a place with caution and appreciate that it can be far more or much less unsafe on distinct days. on our take a look at, Mag-Aso was incredibly calm and everyone was swimming without the need of be concerned. If you take a look at in the rainy season please discover with caution. The jump spot is on the proper-hand side of the photo beneath despite the fact that the locals jumped from exactly where I took this photo and the viewpoint in the second photo.


Keep secure and appreciate guys and recall to clean up at any of the waterfalls you take a look at!


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