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For our next Reader Challenge, we are looking for photos of watering cans.

The one you photograph can be functional or purely decorative. It can be new and shiny – or old and rustic. You can photograph it solo, as part of a collection, in a garden setting – anything eye-catching.

It doesn’t have to have flowers in it, like the one in the photo above, but it can.

Email your photo to [email protected] A phone number is helpful. Also please give us a few details about it and tell us who took the photo.

We plan to have readers vote for their favorite.

A few details: If we publish the photo online, we would like to include your name. We will not print your phone number or street name, but we would like to indicate the town, village or city where you live.

There is a deadline: We need the photos by 6 p.m. May 27 – you have the entire holiday weekend to do it!


In case you missed the winning photo for our last Reader Challenge:

Readers picked these pink rain boots as their No. 1 choice in our latest Reader Challenge. (Photo courtesy Annette Martell)


The above photo received more than 80 percent of the votes in our latest Reader Challenge. This was the chance for people to send in photos of their stylish rain boots.

(We figured people wouldn’t even have to dig them out from the back of a closet. They’ve probably been wearing them a lot this spring.)

The pink boots belong to Annette Martell, who moved to Florida eight years ago but calls Buffalo “my beautiful hometown.”

As for her rain boots?

“They travel with me where ever I go! Rain or shine! I wear them here in Florida all the time! I love them!” she wrote in an email.

She took the photo while visiting the Lincoln Memorial on a trip to Washington D.C.

Thank you to all who participated.


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