Of all the waterfalls I’ve visited on Bohol, Camugao Falls is up there with the most impressive purely for the reason that of its large amphitheater and size!



Mag-Aso Falls are in Balilihan on Bohol. Most men and women who stop by Bohol will keep on a tiny island in the south-eastern corner named Panglao. Right here you will locate hundreds of hotels, beaches, and restaurants. Most vacationers only leave Panglao on a day-trip to stop by the Tarsiers or Chocolate hills and other tours. Having said that, there is so considerably to discover Bohol like Camugao Falls and other waterfalls.

To get to Camugao Falls from Panglao requires about an hour and you can access it by car or truck or by motorbike. There may perhaps be tours that consist of Mag-Aso Falls but it wouldn’t be a normally sold solution at the tour offices. I’ve attached a map under that shows the pinned place for you.



When you arrive at Camugao Falls you genuinely will query if you are in the appropriate spot. There are a couple of huts and a gravel parking lot but no true sign of a waterfall. That is for the reason that it is fairly considerably beneath the parking lot in a large canyon. The entrance and parking charge was about $1 USD.

The stroll down to the falls requires about 10-15 minutes and is actually attractive. Along the way, we passed some carabao and there had been lots of birds playing in the thick forest. It is fairly steep but pretty quick so most men and women are capable of generating it down to the base of the falls. You can get a fantastic appear of the falls if you keep at the major but only if you personal a drone. Otherwise, there is no fantastic vantage point from above that I know of due to the thick trees surrounding the canyon rim.


As soon as you attain the cauldron or amphitheater you will understand just how higher the walls of this location are. It is fairly a exclusive spot as you really feel fairly isolated inside the walls in all directions. It was extra than a waterfall it was the whole cauldron that you got to practical experience with various issues to see in every single corner.


We set our belongings to the correct of the waterfall exactly where we located a group of young boys. They had been a cheeky bunch sharing cigarettes, some rum and coke and taking turns to jump into the pool of water. I joined them and they loved when we sent a  couple of backflips into the pool. As a reward, they presented me some Tanduay rum in a half-reduce soda bottle. Welcome to the Philippines. I often appreciate when the locals are hanging out in the nature of their neighborhood and it is not just overrun by gawking vacationers.


The waterfall itself is fairly higher and throughout the rainy season can be pretty impressive. When we visited in February, it was a bit of a dribble but I’ve observed photographs when it has been hammering down into the large pool under. The pool is fantastic for swimming as it gets fairly deep though it can be a bit chilly, a refreshing cool-off from the heat of the Philippines.

There are lots of small huts and locations to sit beneath the falls, which make this spot a fantastic spot to loosen up for a couple of hours just before going to other waterfalls in the area such as Mag-Aso Falls.



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