Luxury on a budget? 


Does it sound hard to achieve? It’s not. Let me just show you how.


It is common belief among travelers that the Luxury Travel Industry isn’t for everyone or that they won’t be able to travel in luxury even once in their lifetime.This is completely wrong though; there are certain tips and tricks to book the perfect luxury deal on a budget, depending on your lifestyle. Of course, as everything in life, this requires planning your trip carefully. 


All these years of traveling around the globe helped me discover a few tricks to make every single trip a luxurious and comfortable exprience. For me, luxury doesn’t mean expensive hotels or luxury brands. It means a certain amount of perfection in every detail that meets with my standards. Planning helps me achieve the luxury on a budget I mentioned before, as I adjust everything concerning the trip to my preferences and lifestyle – whether I choose a luxury resort or a 3-stars hotel.


After all, it’s YOU, not your money that makes a trip special.

Five ways for luxury travel on a budget. Here they are: 

1. Flights and accommodation.

I’ve already talked to you about my addiction in collecting points and miles from my bonus cards. My Gold Star Alliance, Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott cards allow me to enjoy their luxurious benefits without additional charge; access to airport vip lounges, business class upgrade on my airplane trips, complimentary upgrade to luxury suites in many resorts around the world and extra services such as breakfast, spa, laundry etc. 


If you have watched one of my all-time favorite movies,‘Up in the Air’, you should know what I’m talking about. Frequent travelers or frequent guests get rewarded with extra points and miles that offer them the kind of luxury that makes every trip a unique experience.


If you’re not a bonus card holder and wish to enjoy a few days on a luxury resort, you should consider changing a bit your search criteria; there are a lot of great deals in resorts outside the city – if you’re willing to stay a few miles off the city.


> > Take advantage of your bonus points to travel in luxury around the globe!


2. Travel Accessories 


Luxurious traveling means comfort – I can’t travel without my must-have’s; my forever trusted Bose earphones, a tablet with my favorite movies on, my teeny tiny camera or relaxing music on my smartphone. I got various travel gadgets to keep me occupied whilst traveling, either on long flights or to help me sleep when I’m jet-lagged somewhere in Asia.


My travel accessories list can’t be complete without adding a few things that make my trips fashionably comfy, such as a good quality suitcase to last me through my countless trips – the bread and butter of every traveler – or a middle sized glam pack, scarfs to keep me warm during flights, my beloved espadrilles that fit even in my handbag, my mini sized beauty necessaire, my happy socks for every longhaul flight or even my fave Panama hats for those European summers I love.


> > Pick the right accessories to ensure your trip is fashionable and comfy at the same time.


3. Travel Style


Fashion fades – Style is eternal; you shouldn’t worry about spending a whole lot of money to build your wardrobe, style is a personal matter. Same goes for your on-the-go style, meaning your suitcase. Quality is all that matters when it comes to travel style, from clothing to shoes. Two key pieces to add the element of glam to your attire are more than enough – bag and shoes for instance. Say NO to the ‘Top to Toe’ all-brands outfit and invest in a Luxurious Attire that adds the right amount of luxury in your outfit.


The luxury-on-a -budget traveler would say ‘Put on something fashionably comfy for the trip’ instead of something just comfortable.


> > Invest in one or two key pieces to add a Glam Touch to your travel attire!


4. Luxury Amenities


Even if you’ve planned to stay in an non-expensive hotel at the city centre, there are a few tips to help you add a touch of luxury to your hotel room. By keeping a few amenities in your suitcase, you’ll make yourself feel like home – try packing a mini toiletries station with small bottles filled with your shampoo, body lotion or lavender pillow spray. All those free samples and testers from magazines or beauty stores will  finally come in handy! You can also use a stash of magazines or an air freshener to create a cozy corner in the room.


> > Try cozying up a corner in the room to make you feel like home!





5. Mailing Lists


If you’re constantly looking for smart deals and ideas to get you to your next trip on a budget, you should definitely consider signing up into luxury hotels’ or travel agencies’ mailing lists. This way, you’ll be a click away from the next big deal – who knows, maybe you’ll have a chance to stay in a hotel at Times Square with just $80 including breakfast – not something you find with a simple search around the internet, huh?

> > Check the Super Deals from hotels around the world by signing up in their mailing lists!


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Which are your tips for traveling on a bugdet?


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