5 Vacation Planning Tips-How to Pack to Avoid Fees


5 Vacation Planning Tips-How to Pack to Avoid Fees: The cost of airfare constantly rise as service declines. Single travelers still find too many high single supplements and other penalties for traveling the world alone. As a result, travel for singles always requires some strategic planning.

  • Past reports have shown that airlines earned 20% more over their prior year.
  • How did they do it? They earned the extra revenues from so-called “ancillary” or add-on fees.
  • Baggage fees are a substantial part of those charges.
  • As the size of permitted carry-on’s shrink, it has become a real challenge.


How has this happened?

  • Current carry-on restrictions are not only as to the length, width and depth of each bag. They include weight limits often of 15 pounds.  However, I have found on one of my flights to Asia, the carry-on limit was 11 pounds. Bear in mind that includes the suitcase weight not just the contents! As a result, when you purchase a new carry-on, be sure to both check its dimensions and its weight.
  • Since my student days, I have opted to travel light. My reason? I wanted to avoid carrying heavy bags up and down steps in train stations abroad and  through multiple airports.
  • Roller-bags are an improvement from traditional suitcases. However, I have had a fellow traveler’s bag break so that the wheels did not work. “Rolling” a broken roller bag through a large airport is almost impossible.
  • What is the solution? Get packing down to a science. Take so little that you avoid fees but have enough for  a comfortable trip.  As I head out once again on a 17 day trip abroad, I have come up with the following five updated packing tips:

5 Vacation Planning Tips-How to Pack to Avoid Fees:

Tip One:

  • Only pack clothes that serve multiple functions.
  • Possible exception? A bathing suit. Although you might be able to pair it with shorts it or an exercise outfit.
  • Take workout pants and tops that can get by on the street.
  • Also use workout outfits for sleeping. The reason? You may need them if there is a fire in the night or you have to fetch your coffee from the hotel lobby or coffee shop.
  • Focus on only two colors. Be sure they work together to m ix and match.

5 Vacation Planning Tips-How to Pack to Avoid Fees:

Tip Two:

  • Shoes, especially women’s heels, are a real menace when it comes to packing light. They take up too much space and weigh more than most other items.
  • One solution is to wear your heaviest, bulkiest shoes on the flight.
  • Pack lighter, smaller pairs. Split them up so that one fits on each side of the carry-on.
  • Save space by tucking socks and other small items like battery-chargers inside each shoe.
  • If at all possible, avoid packing sneakers as they are “Space Stealers”.
  • Women’s shoes are harder since they vary in color, comfort and type.
  • I have found it possible to sight see in flats. For real trekking, I have used lighter boating shoes rather than sneakers.

5 Vacation Planning Tips-How to Pack to Avoid Fees:

Tip three:

  • Pack clothes that easily move from day into evening. Again this is more of a challenge for women. The reason? Our type and style of dress can vary markedly at night.
  • I recommend traveling with gold or silver flats. Be sure they are comfortable enough for urban daytime wear but look dressy enough after hours.
  • Pants can still work at night when dressed up with accessories.

5 Vacation Planning Tips-How to Pack to Avoid Fees:

Tip Four:

  • Be careful about taking duplicative electronics.
  • Remember each may need a separate charger and even a converter-adapter.
  • A tablet may easily replace your laptop and even phone. That will quickly reduce your carry-on’s total weight.

5 Vacation Planning Tips-How to Pack to Avoid Fees:

Tip Five:

  • Bottles add bulk and weight even if they individually meet the 3 oz. maximum allowed.
  • You may have found as I have that under pressure liquids may leak.
  • Flat packs of shampoo and other samples take up less room. An added benefit? They avoiding leaking out on your favorite outfits!
  • Take dual-use products like shampoo/conditioner.
  • Buy local brands at your destination as needed. Avoid expensive imports.

As I head out once again, I will likely find at least one item in my bag that I could have left at home!  Go to our Contacts Page and let us know your own tips to packing light and avoiding baggage fees.

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