How to Have Smoother and Tangle Free Hair


Having smooth, tangle-free and shiny hair always gives off a good impression and oozes sophistication and class. However, not all individuals can achieve a polished, silky, and smooth hair. Causes leading to this problem include nutrient deficiency, age, excessive stress, and overexposure to the sun. Other factors causing this problem include the usage of harsh hair care products, excessive use of heating tools, and high chlorine content in swimming pools, among others.

Therefore, to achieve a soft and shiny hair requires a bit of effort, which is achievable only through proper care. This article outlines three effective tips in this regard. These are:

1) Use the Right Brush Every Day and Every Time You Need To Comb Your Hairs

It is crucial to design a combing schedule, which will help in detangling the hair every day. Excessive combing causes friction, which makes the hair frizzy. Along with this, never comb the hair while it is wet because in this state it is prone to breakage. Also, always try to untangle the hair before stepping into the shower.

In case the of hair wet, use the hands to comb it or choosing a wide-toothed comb helps in this regard. Https:// explains in detail the various types of combs and brushes and the advantages inherent in each one of them. Remember; start combing your hair from the ends rather than from the base. Approaching the process of combing the hair this way prevents breakages and reduces the pain associated with untangling the hair. Also, endeavor to always brush your hair before hitting the bed, including either tying it up in braids or bunching it on top of your head before sleeping. Doing this minimizes the entanglement when you wake up.

2) Try Using Hair Masks Weekly

Using homemade organic recipes as hair masks tremendously improve hair condition. Two main advantages come with using such natural hair mask since they are inexpensive and have no side effects. However, they do not have a long-lasting effect like chemical conditioners. This article does not condemn all chemical conditioners. However, individuals should conduct due diligence on chemical products and choose the ones that suit them without causing a negative effect. Chemical products containing ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium laureth sulfate are very harsh on your hair as they are industrial cleansers.

Recipes include examples such as Aloe Vera Gel, Egg Pack, Banana Pack, Vinegar Rinse, and Mayonnaise Mask. Using hair masks weekly can drastically improve the hair texture and smoothen dry cuticles. The result is hair that is silky and soft.

3) Minimize the Use of Hot Tools

Using hot tools to blow-dry and straighten curls is a habit quite hard to overcome. Thinking about the process enables us to understand the amount of heat the hair strands absorb during this procedure. The inevitability of this process causes dry and dull hair prone to breakage. Setting the temperature to a range between low and medium before styling is recommended if individuals MUST use these hot tools. Also, applying heat protectants helps in avoiding damage to the hairs.

When using a hot shower, the hair opens up the cuticle, which leads to frizzing and tangling when the hair dries. However, before leaving the shower, rinse the hair with cold water to close to seal the cuticles, which ensures a smooth drying process and preventing tangling.



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